IFB Project Roundup #18: What’s Your Fall Uniform?


Thanks to all of you who participated in the IFB Project this week. It was great to see how you all gave your fall outfits a unique twist. I was also able to see a couple of items I believe are going to be trending which is always inspirational. Fall is such a lovely season, we have to cherish it before it becomes full blown winter. Layering is such a perk of styling and you do it so well!


Enjoy the roundup and make sure to check out all of this week's entries HERE.



IFB Project #18: What’s Your Fall Uniform?

  1. What Wendy Wore: Vintage Peplum Jacket:”The look brings back fond memories of a structured black cotton jacket with a peplum that I wore in the early ’90s.”
  2. What’s your fall uniform?: A turban and leather? I'm liking this look.
  3. Trend of the Month: Capes: I've always been a big fan of capes, check this one out!
  4. Colors, Capes, and Puppies: I guess capes are going to come back with a vengeance. Click, click.
  5. Dressing for fall in hot Singapore: “For me this is a fun outfit, that is unique. It’s versatile as it will allow me to layer as much as I like”
  6. Hats off: Nothing like a cute floppy hat for a great fall accessory.
  7. Beating Hearts: Well looks like I decided to join the roundup again. Check out my leather and combat boots I love for Fall.
  8. Fall Uniform: There's something about the combination of a plaid skirt and a biker jacket I very much enjoy in this look.
  9. IFB PROJECT #18: WHAT’S YOUR FALL UNIFORM L'Automne: Besides outfit post, check out these fancy collages.
  10. Childish behaviour: The raccoon sweater had me at hello.
  11. IFB Project #18: Street Chic Fall Uniform: “It's all about the structured suits and monochromatic colors but I can't help a hint of red everywhere.”
  12. Shifting forward: Not only is this a lovely fall outfit, but it happens to be beautiful fall scenery.




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  1. Tina

    I am so excited to be a part of this roundup with so many talented bloggers. Thank you for including me!

  2. Camille

    So cool that I got to be part of this. Everyone looks amazing! I’ll take note of it for some fall inspiration.

  3. Aly

    Thanks so much for including my post! So many lovely entries, I enjoyed reading them all! 🙂

    -Aly @ therosealley.com