Professional Blogger Spotlight: Advanced Style


If ever there were a fashion niche blog with a special, and very specific aesthetic; it would be Advanced Style. Ari Seth Cohen's brilliant blog captures the unique character and style of women (and men) over sixty. He also includes videos and other special features that highlight the wisdom and sartorial flare of a demographic fashion often overlooks. We interviewed Ari to find out what's coming up next for him and pick his brain for advice for bloggers.


Tell us a little bit about Advanced Style?


Advanced Style is a street style blog dedicated to featuring the sartorial savvy of stylish seniors. It is a forum for sharing the insight and wisdom that come with age and experience.


How do you monetize Advanced Style?


I monetize Advanced Style through my partnership with AOL's Stylelist network. The blog also serves as a resume for my creative work and has allowed me the opportunity to take freelance writing, photography, and production projects.


How has blogging affected your career?


I always wanted to do something creative and I used Advanced Style as a means to develop my writing and and photography skills. What started out as a hobby has led to me to be able to be work full time on creative projects. Blogging has given me the platform to share my work and passion.


What are you working on now?


I am working on my book with PowerHouse, which will be out next Spring, but can be preordered on Amazon. I am also developing some products related to Advanced Style and have some exciting creative projects in the works as well. I have to shoot almost everyday to keep the blog up, so that is still a full time commitment.


What is the most important advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?


Create a community and have a strong voice. People will respond to a genuine and unique point of view. Don't be afraid to take inspiration from other people, but make sure you stay true to yourself. Use blogging as a means to communicate with a wide network of people who share your same interests.Most importantly develop and  create great content and you will always have an audience.


You can follow Ari on Twitter here.



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8 Responses

  1. Slow Southern Style

    Advanced Style is without a doubt one of my favorite blogs. I gain so much inspiration from these older gals and it is refreshing to see true personal style vs. bloggers who just trend hop. Thanks for sharing this interview with us!

  2. Bella Q

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ARI AND THE ADVANCED STYLE BLOG! He has created a blog that not only resonates with the “sterling set” but with people who love creative individual expression of dress! All ages respond to his street style blog and the stylish gents and ladies who fill its pages. The folks on his blog inspire me daily, and Ari truly shares himself as well as these stellar folks of eternal style!

    I am pre-ordering 2 copies of his book- one for me and one for my mom- who is now also a big fan of Ari and Advanced Style.

    Thank you for putting Ari in the Blogger’s Spotlight!

  3. Paula

    All of us in the over __ age love the fact that Ari has paid attention to our age group–which is forgotten it seems, in every other fashion medium. Kudos to Ari!

  4. Tamia

    Just last week I spent about 3 hours browsing Advanced Style and trying to figure out the best way to work jeweled turbans and velvet opera-length gloves into my everyday wardrobe. Love the women featured on that site!

  5. Lovebrown

    What a great idea! I love that this is about true beauty and style, and all that we can learn from the generation that has gone before us.

  6. Tish Grier

    Wow! There’s a point in time when “fashion” does turn into “style” and Ari’s showing us that we don’t have to chase trends our whole lives to be beautiful stylish women. It’s achievable at any age. Thanks so much for spotlighting Ari and Advanced Style!