IFB TV Video #3: Turning Blog Content into Vlog Content

Check out this week's episode of IFBtv for an idea on how to get video content. We know it can be hard and we all get stumped sometimes but there are endless opportunities we promise! And we'll teach you a bit more every week.



How would you turn one of your blog posts into a video post?  What kind of post would it be?  Is there anything that makes you still nervous to vlog?  Leave your thoughts and let's get a good conversation going! Don't be shy.


Remember to tune in next Thursday for a new episode of IFBtv and subscribe to your YouTube HERE.


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11 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    And when you start posting and there’s this amazingly awfull group that makes endless fun of your video ? How do you react then ?

  2. Courtney

    I’ll be honest and say I would like IFB TV a lot more if there were articles to accompany it because I can’t watch the videos during work.

  3. Rafaella

    I would love to vlog on youtube and do a lot of tutorials, how to., hauls and stuff but I will say the truth .. I get a little nervous of the people of my school to watch my videos, they would make fun of me all the time !!!

  4. Nuccia Ardagna

    Hi! Nice video…good tips!
    My blog is http://www.hotblogsforwomen.com and when it comes to reviews I specialize in doing almost soley ‘video’ reviews….I will say that you have to be in the right frame of mind and for me preparation is key…I never did a ‘spontaneous’ video review however I want it to appear that way and that’s where preparation comes in.
    Thanks IFB!