IFB Project #19: How do you Personalize your Cell Phone?

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Do you live on your cell phone? I know I do. It's sad, I know, I know, stop lecturing me! But fact of the matter is I'm a fashion and style blogger and I need my apps. Most of the people I know have iPhones or at least smartphones. It's kind of funny when I go out with people who don't personalize their phones and can't even tell which phone they're picking up, which leads me to this.


IFB Project #19: How do you personalize your cell phone?

What kind of case or gel do you have on your cell phone?  Do you have a charm hanging off it? Do you care about personalizing it at all? Does your fashion sense inspire what's on your phone? What do you have on your phone right now? Take a picture and explain!


*Remember the deadline for this project is Tuesday at 12 a.m. EST*


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  1. Eve Batory

    I personalize my cell in a number of ways but it is hard as I have a series of cracks down my screen :/.
    I start off by selecting a very sexy cover, for my iPhone I have this woven cover from Sportsgirl. Then I set my backgrounds, right now I have a very indie Ying Yang as my lock screen wallpaper and I have a screen shot of my tumblr as my booth background.

  2. Faye

    This is a great idea and I’d love to take part, but my phone is so battered and damaged its embarrassing haha!
    Nothing ‘chic’ about my nokia, in fact its lucky to be still fully functioning – thank god it’s made of strong metal!

    can’t wait to see these posts.

    f XO

  3. Olnuzola

    I like the idea of personalizing your cellphone a bit, although I do not like the childish ‘blinged&kawaiied’ ones.. I do like nice cases and maybe I’ll search for a nice unique one on the net sometimes.. although at this moment I only have a basic black/sheered one

  4. Hannah

    I have a bamboo case from Grove on my iPhone. I love it! I get compliments on it all the time. After six months it is still in pretty good shape, despite a few hard falls.