Professional Blogger Spotlight: Eat.Sleep.Wear

Eat.Sleep.Wear. was one of the first personal style blogs I began reading regularly when I first got into blogging. Kimberly Pesch has a truly original sense of style and perspective on dressing. Warby Parker eyeglasses and topknot have become something of a signature for Kim, but it's her ever-inspiring whimsical-meets-modern wardrobe that sets her apart from the pack. IFB caught up with Kim recently to get inspired and find out a little more about how she runs her popular blog.


Tell us a little bit about eat.sleep.wear?


Eat.sleep.wear is a place that celebrates personal style, photography, and everyday inspirations of fashion as well as the occasional cupcake. I am a graphic designer who is passionate about modern clean designs both on the computer and in my closet. I am a self proclaimed foodie and love to share my passion for life, art, and all things style. It’s important for me to show my readers that its not about what you wear, but how you wear it that matters.


How do you monetize eat.sleep.wear?



I monetize eat.sleep.wear. in a few different ways. I offer ad space on my blog to brands I believe fit my own style and aesthetic and enjoy working with. Another way I monetize my blog is by collaborating with brands and creating partnerships that are authentic to me. It creates a unique opportunity to grow ideas and spark serious creativity between both parties.


What role does social media play in your blogging life?



Social media to me is HUGE. HUGE. HUGE. I am one of those people whom you would call “hyper connected.” I tweet, facebook, tumblr, and instagram all day everyday. Having a presence in this social world is so important to gain credibility as well as being a great way to connect with your audience.


How has blogging affected your career?



When I was at the Lucky FABB conference this past fall, Scott Galloway, clinical professor of marketing at NYU said, “You’re entrepreneurs, with cute shoes.” That line completely resonated with me. Being a graphic designer, I have always been an artist, a marketer, a problem solver, a communicator and many other things. Blogging has added entrepreneur to that list.


What is the most important advice you would give to aspiring bloggers?



Be authentic. Be passionate. Be supportive.
Be authentic to yourself and your audience.
Be passionate about what you love and go after it.
Be supportive of your fellow bloggers and they will support you back.
One of the best things that has come out of my experience blogging has been meeting the people that make up this community. It’s a truly unique place that I like to call home for eat.sleep.wear. and everyday, I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such inspiration!

You can also follow eat.sleep.wear. on Twitter here.

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12 Responses

  1. sabina

    Thanks for a good advice;-)*
    P.S. anybody wants to give me a job? ??ha..ha.. I am now ready to follow my dreams…and go to fashion world;-)*

  2. Daisy

    This was a really good read, I really like the quote from Scott Galloway “You’re entrepreneurs, with cute shoes.”

  3. melmo

    what an amazing interview. i love her advice about being authentic and passionate. that’s the only way 😉

  4. mediamarmalade

    Wow, her style is fab. Love the design of her blog too. really good to see tips for other bloggers. I am fairly new to the community so love hearing everyones advice and experiences xx

  5. Annamie Cureteyz

    I have actually already came across with Kim’s blog before I got here. Indeed, Kim is very fashionable, she has her own style and it is undeniable that she’s already a success in her field that a lot of people look up to her already.