The IFB Project Roundup #19: How do you Personalize your Cell Phone?

Thanks to all of you who participated in the IFB project roundup. It was great to see how you dress your phones up. I always pay attention to cell phone cases because I feel like they secretly define the person's character a bit. I usually have an intense bright color or something fashion or comic book related. If you saw me walking around with that, it would say a lot about me. Perhaps I pay too much attention to detail? Anyway….


Here are the top 8 choices for this week. Please make sure to check out all the entries HERE.

IFB Project Roundup#19: How do you Personalize your Cell Phone?


  1. For the luv of the phone sake…: kawaii! Check out this cute sparkly pink cell phone case.
  2. Til death do us part…: Hello Kitty is always a boss.
  3. For Lack of a Better Cell Phone: Sure it's not a smart phone, but you make up for it with this case!
  4. Make every call personal: Check out this cool case made of recycled plastic.
  5. Sartorial Scientist: A great pattern from a company in Oregon.
  6. How I personalize my cell phone IFB project 19: This phone case looks a little groovy.
  7. Hello! My name is Mr. Geeky: This might have to be my favorite one… it's only because I grew up playing the games.
  8. Porcupine Phone: This phone case looks fun and dangerous.



*Make sure to check back in Friday at 3p.m. EST to participate in the next IFB Project.

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  1. Prae

    Wow! Thank you ^^ This is the first time that I was participated in IFB’s project. Can’t wait for the next to come. I really adore all the phone of participants.