How to Handle Negative Comments


Welcome back to IFBtv episode #4. I got a comment on last weeks video post about turning a blog into video content from Alexandra and it said the following:



And when you start posting and there’s this amazingly awfull group that makes endless fun of your video ? How do you react then ?”


Watch this episode of IFBtv: How To Handle Negative Comments



Watch me read cruel comments I found on YouTube (funny stuff) and I'll also provide you with tips I find helpful.




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  1. Donatella

    AH!! thanks!! so far (so good) I only had one or two negative comments on my blog, but I’ll keep these rules on mind !

  2. Samar

    I totally agree with your point about the negative folks just being another hit. I always laugh at those who go around making negative and nasty comments on blogs/vids whatever to people the “don’t like” without realizing most of these spaces are monetized and they are just helping those they “despise” make money. As you said brush it off, obviously you’re doing something right if people are jealous and mean spirited enough to take time out to say nasty things.

    • Nubia Mejia

      Absolutely! When I say I feel bad for them I’m not trying to be harsh But… truth is I do feel bad for them. Why don’t you take that negative energy and go do something positive with yourself #truth

  3. Daniel Dunt

    This is a really great video and the advice is some of the best I’ve heard in a while. I spend a lot of my time of Youtube and I have to say, when you see a “youtuber” with millions of fans and views on their feed and then have the delight of seeing a “youtuber” with just one or two feed views and no fans/subscriptions whatsoever sending abuse anonymously to a someone who is clearly more popular than them, all you can do is feel sorry for them in my opinion (plus, they can almost never spell or punctuate their sentences, which is laughable the majority of the time.)

    I think that your comment stating “bad press is better than none at all” is the best thing to take away from video blogging and your blog in general, as every hit is a hit; no matter whether it’s good or bad! – Daniel 😀

  4. Emmy

    Great (and funny) tips. As they say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. Just look at the Kardashians:P No matter how much negative comments and press they get, those girls are laughing their way to the bank.
    I also agree with the first about developing thick skin. At the end of the day, the bad comments (often made anonymous) are just words from sad sad people.

  5. Courtney

    I think YouTube is much different from blogging. The age demographics of YouTube is very much 13-17 while blogging is older. And, yes, high schoolers will be high schoolers. Take it all with a grain of salt.

    • Denise @ Swelle

      Courtney – I was going to say something along those lines as well. I would expect idiocy on Youtube! And I would let it go far more easily than if a nasty comment landed on my blog. Or just don’t allow comments!

  6. Cherry Monster Fashion

    LOL what is really wrong with those people! You didn’t do anything to them, but they decided to spew negativity on YOUR channel? Sometimes you just have to laugh because whether those people realize it or not, they are your biggest fans 🙂

  7. Moe

    Depending on the comment it usually takes me a few days to get past it. I try to shrug it off but I’m a analyzer. I make a point of not reading comments on anyone’s channel because of the team of hate traffickers who enjoy being a total downer.

    Great video and tips I loved, “Anonymity breeds stupidity” or something like that.

  8. Alannah Jones

    This really helped me!I just got a really nasty message about a photo set that I just posted.

  9. Elodie

    Thanks for the advice. So far I only had one negative comment, a racist one, which I have to say, I found a bit awkward. I am white, with a white background, so I didn’t really understand why they left such a comment. It might not be hurting me, but it sure is hurting a whole other community and I won’t tolerate this on my blog.

  10. Bec

    I can’t fathom the time these people have to say such nasty things. It’s sad for them. And you are far from ugly so good on ignoring them.

  11. Charlotte

    I’m lucky enough never to have received a negative comment… yet! But actually I’d view it as a sign that I’ve “made it” if I ever do – if someone considers me important enough to troll, I’ll consider it an achievement – I certainly won’t let it get me down.

    Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage

  12. Liz

    I remember one of the first negative comments I received- I was so new to blogging and everything was beautiful and everyone was so sweet and then boom, it was like a slap in the face. Developing thick skin is a must. It really does sometimes feel it can’t even be real, like who are these people and then you realize oh yeah, the internet is filled with a lot of cowardly immature people who love the fact that they can hide behind this thin veil of anonymity and say the most hurtful disgusting things. sad but true

  13. River Sun

    Thanks for the video, I like the way you pronounce words, is so special and individual, simply it’s you, and I respect every body’s individuality, I’m waiting for your next video 🙂