Blogging Secrets Nobody Tells You!


Have you ever sat there at your computer, browsing your favorite blogs and thought to yourself, “How do they do it!?”


I know I have. Succeeding in the style blogging world can be tough these days! There are so many factors to consider – from social networking, to ad networks to brand partnerships to original content – and it all matters. You can read countless articles about tips and tricks for, you know, blogging your way to the top or whatever, but I think the best advice really comes from those who know from experience.


I reached out to some of my favorite (and super-savvy) style bloggers to find out their “secrets” to successful blogging. These are their best tips, and we'd like to know yours… Tell us your best and brightest tips and tricks and we may just feature you in an upcoming IFB post!


Meghan Donovan, Wit & Whimsy:

Network, network, network. But do it for the right reasons. Not because you expect anything from those you meet, but because you're passionate about the industry and want to learn as much, do as much and see as much as you can and be able to share it with your readers. Go to events, tweet thoughtfully, write passionately and always remember to follow up. Some of the best opportunities for blogging will come your way as a result of the people you know.

Ashley Robinson, Dramatis Personae:

My one secret would be: stats really don't matter as much as people think they do.  I've never lost an opportunity that was worthwhile because I have no pagerank, because my stats are low, or because my klout wasn't high enough.  If a brand REALLY wants to work with you, they're willing to work around those things.  Those brands and companies that say no because of your stats? They're really not worth working with.  Let go of your obsession with stats–it's so freeing!

Grace Atwood, Stripes & Sequins:

Remember that most people who read blogs read dozens (probably more) of blogs.  For that reason, it's especially important to be unique and stand out.  Right from the start, establish your point of view, and stick to it.  Scour the internet for interesting and original content.  You'd be surprised by how many cool things are out there that no one else is writing about.

Christine White, Court & Hudson:

Networking matters, but relationships matter more. The more people who know you as an actual person outside of what you post on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare (you get the picture) the faster the “seed” you planted will grow. You never know who has an opportunity, large or small, just waiting for the perfect blogger to partner with.

Alicia Lund, Cheetah Is The New Black:

My advice is: Invest in a great camera lens (you will see a world of a difference). Also, for the best photographs of still objects – it's all about the natural lighting. I take most of my photos for my blog on my window sill (very glamorous)



Leave your best tips, tricks & advice in the comments below!


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  1. MJ

    This was really good, especially the tip about networking with people because you share the same passion as them. You never know when an opportunity with them may arise!

    If I had to offer a tip it would be this:
    Just when you get comfortable in your blogging zone, step out and do something even more creative and ambitious like doing a Vlog if you’ve never done one or ask that blogger you’ve been admiring forever for an interview. You should always keep challenging yourself because you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try!

  2. BlitzAndGlam

    My tip is to study blogs that you love. There is a reason that you love them. But remember: study does not mean copy. You still have to find your own style and your own voice.

  3. iisforisabel

    Great article and I loved reading this. I’ll be retweeting this as I found it very useful.

    Working on the camera lens, hope to get it soon, ha ha.

    Isabel x

    “I” is for Isabel

  4. Neka - Cherry Monster Fashion

    My tip is to not think about it too much. Do what makes you happy! Try to create a certain vibe from your blog. A lot of the time, people gravitate to what makes them happy, inspired, or enlightened. Do what you do best and have fun, because people can tell when your being genuine. 🙂

  5. Lia

    Great tips! Love reading what everyone has to say! Thanks to everyone for sharing their secrets 🙂

  6. Christy Lorio

    Great advice here, especially not worrying about stats and networking in real life. I’ve made so many great friends and have formed some great partnerships even just from popping into a boutique and handing someone my business card. While attending big networking events is great you aren’t limited to just that.

  7. Felicia

    Wow – not only were there great tips in the article but there are great tips in the Comments section. Thank you, all! Blogging is much more challenging (and fun) than I realized before I jumped in. But other bloggers have been ridiculously generous with info and support.

  8. Sabrina

    These are really great tips! Ashley has a good point about not worrying too much about stats.
    The best advice I can offer is finding your voice and be original.

  9. Ainslee

    Very useful. I really like the tips written here and also tips from the readers. My heart sank a little though when I read about the camera lens tip. I still have long hours to work to be able to afford a really good one. It’s probably going to be my motivation.

  10. Eva

    If you have a Canon DSLR camera, the EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens is great and costs about $100.

  11. Style Maniac

    As always, wonderful tips. Especially love Meghan’s phrase “tweet thoughtfully, write passionately” and Ashley’s tip that stats don’t matter.

    I would also add a tip from Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” We all write about similar topics but it’s our own perspective, personality and style that make the difference.

  12. Stephanie Anyadike

    Put 110% in each posts. I’m an anal blogger and still find myself going back and editing posts from months ago. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This attention to detail shows in your work.

    Aldo try covering topics that haven’t been devoured already. How many people want to hear and read 50 different opinion on Beyonce’s pregnancy?! There is news-worthy news, it up to you to put in the work to find it.

    Find your unique writing style. But try to write coherently. I’ve went on some great blogs and have stopped reading mid-article because the over excessive use of ‘Heyyyyy Guyz, wassuppp!! sometimes is harder to read, than the simple ‘Hello”. Just keep it simple and consistent. Imagine your blog almost like a magazine editorial.

    Network! Use Twitter, Facebook, Your blog and your email to your advantage.

    Get Organized! I can;t tell you how many networking events/blogger-meetups/conferences/shopping parties/fashion shows that enter my email. Get a calendar and organized this information, because it quite easy to get over-welmed.

    Don’t compare yourself to others. The stats, page views, follower counts. To this day I still sometimes get frustrated at my numbers. Numbers will come eventually. Appreciate the followship you have. And understand it take a lot for an individual to actually follow a blog. I remember reading Karla’s Closet for YEARS before I actually decided to follow her blog.

    You want something? Go out of your way and get it! Want those seats at the most saught-after fashion shows? Want that company to send you that new beauty product to review? Sometimes as a blogger, you have to be the one to make the first initial contact rather than sitting around waiting for things to just happen. Nothing hurts in asking

    …Not where I want to be, but definitely better than when I started


  13. Katarina - La Kat

    I cannot agree more with trying to find and stick with your own voice, relationship building is a key as well but I would emphasize couple of more things, as I am currently on both sides, working for one large global company in PR and being a fashion blogger out of passion – in no way professional yet 🙂
    1. Be genuine
    2. Do it out of passion nor with focus on income
    3.Be your own strict editor (this is hard for me)
    4. Always give credits
    5.Be transparent with sponsorships and paid posts
    6. If you want to do it as a profession, try to build a unique and recognizable brand

  14. sally.travelpoll

    It’s important that the readers get a “Uh-huh” when reading a blog, you know what I mean? Make them respond to your what you write. And always grab their their attention to read more. Note that there are several blogs to read.

  15. Aly

    My house is falling down around me but I am an avid blogger and obsessed about learning more- thanks for the tips!!

  16. Jaspe

    I think you need to find a good balance between having good content and having good images – preferably your own – because not all people like to read. Not all people are focused on the images, so what I try to do is bring both. Sometimes it takes me forever to have a good post due to that, but in the end I am proud of what I bring.

    I think that’s another thing : I see my blog as my baby. I continuously care for it, look for better ways to bring content and I always want to be proud of my blog. Since it took me FOREVER to get the layout, niche, etc… right, I am more than proud of the result (Even though I’m still developing)

    I guess that just keeps me going, rather than being frustrated for not having sponsors etc.

  17. Natashka

    Thank you for this wonderful and very informative post, IFB! As well, I’d like to thank all the commenters for their great tips.

  18. L. Figment

    This is actually an inredibly useful and inspiring article. Short but sweet. Thank you! I will definitely keep those things in mind – especially the stats thing, I can get a little obsessed with checking my stats.

  19. creativefashionglee

    I SO agree with the tip let go of stats. I used to have alexa toolbar installed in my cp so I can always monitor my rank, however, I realized that the tool caused me more disappointments and frustrations than an inspiration. Whenever my rank goes down, my motivation also goes down with it. As a solution, removed all stat tolbars that were installed and very ocassionally do I check my googleanalytic stat and feedburner. I found myself able to focus more on writing than monitoring nuumbers.

    I´ve written the 6 Tips to Help You Survive Your First 3 Months of Pro Blogging as a guest post at Problogger and they´re very useful even beyond 3 mos. until you become a successful pro fashion blogger.

  20. Rheannia

    This was a really great post! It was really inspiring and helpful for me. As a blogger that is pretty much just starting out it has great tips for me to keep going!..A lot of things to keep in mind.

  21. Daisy Simpson

    Really great article – thanks for sharing your tips!

    I definitely feel that original content and primary photos with a definite and unique standpoint/point of view works best! x

  22. Josephine

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    We provide bloggers with fashion photos ready to grab from our site to your blog.

    It’s doing exactly what you love: blogging about fashion, and making some money while you’re at it!

  23. laura

    Thank you for this article! I sincerely agree with building relationships! It’s more important than stats! and much more rewarding!

  24. Karen Ussene

    In a way I kinda do what Grace Atwood, Stripes & Sequins says. I know my Blog Followers, follow other duzens or hundreds of other Blogs. So I kinda try to build a relationship with the followers, like replying to their comments, or comment back to them, on their Blog, and by doing this, they will hopefully remember me and my Blog. I can not count the times, that I have someone that is already following my Blog, and I’m following them, and they come to my Blog like “I great post/Blog, please follow my Blog…” And I go to their Blog and tell them “Hi there…. I already follow you and you follow me…” that just shows that some people are just “into” Blogging for the number of Followers :/

  25. Corinne

    Very appreciative of the different pov’s. There are gems in the comment section too. My personal experience has been different than most of the ones I am reading here, but I agree that the networking and finding a voice that isn’t repetitive is key.

  26. Kira

    Great post! I’m in my first year of style blogging. A baby to The blogging world. I felt so much pressure about stats and ad stats. I found this post to give me some relief. It feels good just to focus on myself 🙂

  27. JJ Acuna

    Correct. The network thing is absolutely correct. You’ll get more stories, collaborations, and product leads than you can write about. You have to be out there. Blogging is 25% about the computer. 75% about the world around you.

  28. Rachel

    love the tips…especially developing personal relationships outside of media social networks. I’m actually attending a bloggers event next month and cant wait to meet other bloggers there.

    Another thing I found helpful was taking one day out to do my daily posts. Usually on Sunday…I will work on my posts for M- F…that way there is a post up everyday. Sometimes I get so busy with my day job and life in general that I cant post daily so doing it that way helps a lot.

  29. Javicia Leslie

    A lot of times, I go all the way to the beginning of my favorite blogs and watch how they developed into what they are now. An example is ‘karla’s Closet’. Since her blog’s conception, she has chosen better scenery, nicer cameras, and cleaner looks. Her blog sings simplicity, which makes it easier for readers to browse. So try going to the beginning then all the way to present time of your fav blogs!
    Javicia Leslie from

  30. AVON Representative

    It’s all about being consistent with your blogging, no one likes reading a blog which is unpredictable with its post submissions. If you blog once a week, stick to it…and if you blog every day, stick to it…don’t go letting your readers down or they will take off and find something else to read.

  31. Danah

    I definitely 100% agree with networking. I feel it’s crucial more than it even is beneficial because it’s pretty much one of the strongest features in society right now to get yourself noticed. Businesses in almost every industry are trying to reach out with social media and networking whether in person or via the web. Always keep it passionate, genuine, and exciting – nobody wants someone who is forceful or trying too hard. There’s a difference between wanting something and doing your best to get there, and faking it the whole way through.

    Thanks for the tips!


  32. Pearl Westwood

    The best thing I ever did was hide the Google followers count, not seeing it everday means I dont stress over the number, leaving me more time to actually concentration on what I am writing.

  33. Fashion-isha

    I found when I stopped pressuring myself to ‘keep up’ and I just let my blog be an organic expression of my creativity the popularity soared. People can ‘feel’ your personality through your blog and a happy, positive and generous feeling is a lot more attractive than any gorgeous fashion outfit! (But why not have both?)

    PS Don’t ask to be followed please…too desperate sounding!

  34. Maggie

    That is amazing thank you for sharing all these tips 🙂 I was/am one of those who think stats are everything also I. Have a focus for my blog is just a matter of really being able to pull the focus on exactly that :/

  35. Shauna

    I love the advice about letting go of stats. Being a beginner blogger, I have been obsessed with figuring out ranking.

  36. Yusri Big

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  37. Jacqueline Jax

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  38. Taylor Van Slett

    As a new blogger, I found this advice really helpful! I don’t know many bloggers, so broadening my friendships was definitely a great idea!

    If I had one tip to contribute, it would be this: let your passions run wild and free! Your blog is a place to spill your thoughts and express yourself!~ People always love genuine passion.:)