IFB Project #20: What’s Your Sign?


Are any of you into astrology? I wouldn't consider myself a big astro freak, but I enjoy reading the stuff and do believe it to a certain extent. I'm a February baby, an Aquarius.  They say Aquariuses are eccentric, smart, out-going, kind, full of energy, big thinkers, etc. Naturally I love that description and I do all of the above. Do you agree with what your sign says?


IFB Project #20: What's your sign?

Tell us a little bit about your zodiac sign and if you agree with what it says.  Do you read your horoscope every morning?  Has there been a time when your horoscope came true?  Do you think the characteristics of your sign are reflected on your blog? How so?



*Remember the project deadline is Tuesday at 12 p.m. EST*

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15 Responses

  1. Charlie

    I read a lot of zodiac traits about my sign (Capricorn), but none of them had anything close to who I am. Until I read your article I found another one that is TOTALLY accurate! Thanks for making me look for it.

  2. Diana

    Actually… yes, I do. But I only will do this with astrologer Susan Miller, as she has been wickedly accurate in the past. There’s a pay program on my Droid that brings up my daily horoscope as written by her; while certainly I don’t base my entire life on it, it has been helpful in knowing what to watch for.

  3. Natalie

    I am fascinated by horoscopes. I think a good one can be very accurate and prove useful. But even more interestingly, whenever astrologer, Susan Miller predicts that something absolutely wonderful will happen, she is always wrong and the exact opposite thing that she says happens and its horrible and devastating. Her wrongness is actually so accurate and consistent that I keep reading every month in order to watch out and get a heads up for anything bad coming, haha!

  4. Emmy

    It’s great reading about people and their respective signs. I kinda tend to fluctuate with my belief in astrology, meaning I only believe the good stuff and ignore the bad:P

  5. Kat

    I never fully agreed with the descsription of my sign, Aquarius, until my mother mentioned something to me a about rising signs. I somehow knew I must be a Pisces rising, though didn’t look it up for some years. I was correct!

  6. River Sun

    I’m a lioness,I have all the characteristics of a lioness,the sun and light are my parents names,so i’m a sun in my own galaxy, i love lights and colors to no limits.

  7. jill

    Yes! I always had a casual interest, but after a reading – that was dead on – I’ve become a bit of an armchair astrologer. I definitely feel I am very similar to my chart and have had many things happen related to astrology that ring true.

    First, if you are only talking about sun signs, you are just scratching the surface. I find it much more helpful to read for my rising sign. Horoscopes are written on how the current positions of the planets are affecting us. You need to look at your chart to know specifically – otherwise it is more general. Except if you read for the rising sign, at least the house placement being discussed is generally accurate. Anything affecting your sun would be told in your sun sign horoscope. But your rising, moon, mercury, venus and mars all are dimensions of you. The sun is the essence…

    I wrote a little bit about it doing Kim Hastreiter and Diane Von Furstenberg’s general charts…



    It might make more sense related to a person. I also read sometimes for my clients. Style and home I think can be influenced by what your 2nd house (possessions) and 4th house (home) are like. It can get kind of complex, but I find it super interesting.

    I am a Gemini, with mercury in Gemini, not surprising given my looong comment!