Why I Hate My Blog


That's right, I said it. Sometimes I just hate my blog.


I realize this is a controversial statement to make amongst a community of devoted and talented style bloggers, but I bet that you often feel the same way. I certainly don't know, but I would imagine perhaps it's similar to a loving wife that is occasionally driven absolutely  bananas by her husband.  The core of the relationship is nothing but love, of course. However, I never hesitate to remind myself of the sacrifices I make on behalf of my blog, and then try to make my blog feel guilty about it.


Here are a few of the reasons I hate my blog:
  • I hate my blog because it demands even more attention than my most needy human friends.
  • I hate my blog because even when I think I don't have the energy to write or post anything, it forces me to come up with something.
  • I've lost more sleep staying up late working on a post than I have staying out partying with my friends.
  • I hate my blog because when I need to be thinking about work or my family or my friends, I'm often plotting my next post.
  • I hate my blog because it causes me to write things like this, and then realize that they're true.
  • My blog is what gets me out of bed when I could sleep in, so I can put together an outfit worth sharing with people.
  • When I want to curl up on the couch with a movie and my red wine, my blog puts me in a cab to a fabulous event in 4 inch heels.
  • My blog forces me to approach strangers at social events in the hopes of building my network.
  • I hate when my family has more questions about my blog than they do about my actual life.
  • I hate the way my blog sometimes just deletes a post I've been working on for an hour.
  • I hate that my blog has turned me into an unapologetic Twitter addict.
  • I hate that my blog makes me feel like I have to scroll through every story in my Google Reader.
  • My blog occasionally makes me view purchases as potential posts, not fabulous additions to my wardrobe.
  • My blog forces me to be much better at time management than I would be otherwise.
  • I hate my blog for causing me to nerd-out about things like traffic counts, SEO, HTML code, widgets, referring URLs and retweets.
  • I hate my blog for pulling me into this crazy, fashion-and-internet obsessed community that I'll probably never be able to leave.

Basically, my blog doesn't allow me to be the lazy, sleepy, anti-social person that I could definitely become. My blog keeps me on my toes, keeps me dressing sharp and introduces me to new people constantly. Does that make it my better half? Am I once again referring to ways in which my blog takes the place of a human man? This seems to be a running theme in my digital life. Ultimately though, my blog has allowed me to tap into and explore a part of myself that I may never have known otherwise, and for that, I love it!


Do you ever hate your blog? Does it drive you crazy sometimes? Commiserate with me in the comments below, won't you?

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  1. Jasmine

    well if this is the criteria then i hate mine too!…takes all my time, but i wouldn’t trade it for the world…i’m happy that i am not alone out there!!!

  2. Michaella

    I love my blog! I think it’s great that it keeps you looking your best at all times and it gives you great opportunities to meet new people. It’s also great for becoming a better writer and photographer!

  3. Sorren

    Oh definitely. I found this article amazing because it voiced all the things that I feel about my blog but don’t complain about for fear of upsetting other bloggers.. even though we probably all feel this way.

    I think a few of my worst ones (although I definitely nodded at every point made) are – viewing purchases as posts, always plotting posts rather than being a good listener and becoming a twitter addict and crazy person. I also covet more than I ever did before and I hate it because I have a perfectly fine closet that I should appreciate!

  4. Taylor

    I have to agree. Most days Posts are fun, but then comes the weekend and I want to run errands in sweats and then do- only to kick myself bc no fun outfit shots!

  5. MJ

    LOL!! This is too funny! Every one of those things is true. I sometimes resent my blog when I’m supposed to be on vacation and all I can think about is how I can make my vacation a great blog post! LOL

  6. Madeleine Gallay

    “the core of the relationship is nothing but love, of course”

    this is an amusing long list but I think there are frustrations and a balance between commitment and down time

    it is like a petulant person in your life with its needs, even with spellcheck

    very nicely written

  7. Liz

    This is hysterical and very true. A blog is like a child, you love it, but you also get annoyed at it, frustrated with it and sometimes want to drop it off at grandmas house and go party without photos and writing down tidbits and notes into your phone

  8. Daniel Dunt

    This made me laugh, aha. I definitely have the occasional feeling of hate towards my blog and primarily for one of the reasons you said! – My friends have now become more interested in finding out about my blog or “website” as they refer to it, than my actual life. Instead of the casual “Hey, how are you? Did you do anything nice at the weekend?” I get “Hey, how is the website going? Has anything cool popped up recently?” – Okay, I will not deny the fact that it does make me feel kinda “special” to think that I have something “special” yet seriously, sometimes I wish people wanted to know about me! Aha. – Daniel 😀

  9. Abby

    OMG I LOVE this!!!!!!!!! I can totally relate to everything you said, most of all that your blog has let you explore a part of yourself that you would have never known otherwise. I think I’m still in the honeymoon phase- where I annoyingly love my blog too much, want to be with it and talk about it all the time, but I’m anticipating having our first fight in the very near future… 🙂

  10. Bela Monstro

    Great article. I’m not in that phase of hating my blog yet but i think i’ll definitely will experience that feeling sometime.

    We have to sacrifice a lot for the blog, that’s true.

    But do you know those times you’re eager to do a creative partnership with someone who’s blogging for a longer time than you and because the person has more features and followers than you, she clearly behaves has she was some VIP, so she just gives you a cold excuse not to do it? I could hate my blog those times. In my country people haven’t yet realize the importance of working together.

  11. Paula

    I laughed all the way through this! so true! and might I add? I hate my blog because I just get sick of myself!

  12. L. Figment

    “My blog occasionally makes me view purchases as potential posts, not fabulous additions to my wardrobe.”
    So me.
    I haven’t come to hate my blog yet, but is fast becoming the thing I spend most of my time on.

  13. Chelsey

    “My blog occasionally makes me view purchases as potential posts, not fabulous additions to my wardrobe.”

    I completely relate to that one the most. I often find myself trying on things out of my comfort zone because I think of what a great post it would make. It’s a positive in that it helps me see new trends that I normally wouldn’t bat an eyelash to, but it also causes a bigger dent in my wallet.

  14. jane

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve just recently started my blog and I’m already finding it hard to come up with great ideas etc. Hopefully my blog with become as successful as yours sounds 🙂

  15. Tina

    First 3 points hit the nail right on the head! Great post…glad I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes.

  16. Tyler Ward Is-Bored

    This is so true. Another point would be that you hate it because you couldn’t stop if you wanted to. Starting a blog is the metaphorical equivalent of taking the red pill on the internet.

  17. jojostyling

    I really enjoyed reading this post. As a relatively new blogger (make that a very new blogger) I find my thoughts are consumed by my blog and I don’t that I ever turn off but I guess that is because I have found a passion and when we are passionate about something or someone it does consume us. This post was a light hearted, well written reality check. Thank you.

  18. Wardrobes and Handbags

    I love how you relate your blog to a boyfriend or husband! It’s definitely true. Probably why I don’t have a boyfriend; the blog takes up possibly all of my thoughts and time. Anything else would be cheating, LOL!

  19. nesha

    every single word of this is true and i’m just glad you all feel the same as i do!

    i feel like giving up on bloging sometimes, it takes up so much time and is so stressful!

  20. PenelopiF

    Well i have to admit that sometimes i hate my blog too or i feel dissapointed with it… but its not only a “work” i have to do… i mean i love posting things and actually since school started i kind of miss it…

  21. BlitzAndGlam

    I LOVE my blog, but I can agree with all the points on the list. I would just change the statements to “My blog…” and drop the “I hate my blog” part. Lol.

  22. Bun Bun Makeup Tips

    I must agree with so many points there! The sacrifices I’ve made for my blog shock me sometimes too! Can’t believe I could ever be so devoted to one thing in my life.

  23. Nakia Durant

    Great post! I hate my blog because now I am a new mom and i feel like i have to choose between the two. Of course i choice my daughter and than i feel guilty about neglecting the blog. This post hit home.

  24. Melissa

    this post is hilarious and so true, I can especially relate to “My blog occasionally makes me view purchases as potential posts, not fabulous additions to my wardrobe” haha

  25. JayMarie

    I only hate it because I haven’t been giving it as much time so it doesn’t seem so fun when i’m busy and tired with the little responses from readers that I’m getting. I think if I worked at it full time I’d have more followers, comments and would deff make room for it.

  26. River Sun

    I’m so passionate about my blog, but Editing photos for long hours on a daily basis which coz me neck and shoulder pains that’s what i dont like.

  27. melina bee

    of course, most of these negatives are actually positives… or am I so type A I genuinely didn’t get your point? : )
    I actually love my blog, maybe b/c I don’t take it too seriously (maybe I am a bad blogger,tho) and it helps me talk to other people about clothes and share how much I love my outfits. My real life friends don’t really care about that stuff so…

  28. Kat Skull

    More or less I love my blog! I haven’t gotten to those experiences that you have. I get made fun of by my group of friends for actually blogging…

    My sister thought I was conceited for posting outfit pictures!

    I enjoy it and I love to discuss it with others. Where is my fashion blogging community in Milwaukee?? I need to network!

  29. Call me M

    Hilarious article, as was the “How blogging became my boyfriend” one.
    I can relate to many of its points.
    Especially with those two:
    “# I hate that my blog makes me feel like I have to scroll through every story in my Google Reader.
    # My blog occasionally makes me view purchases as potential posts, not fabulous additions to my wardrobe.”

  30. bravoerunway

    I am not the only who was wondering if I am taking things too far with my blog! Yes, I buy things that are blog worthy, and don’t view it as an addition to my closet. So how far is too far, lately I feel like maybe this is consuming a lot of my time, not just during the week but weekends too.

  31. Rachel

    I do feel that blogging can take up personal time and do accept invites to events in hopes of finding blog worthy post ideas…what I do now is I write my M-F posts on the weekend…leaving me more time to relax during the week. If I want to add anything during the week, I do but only because I want to not because I have to. This had made blogging so much easier for me and I can sleep earlier ..lol!!

  32. Lollie Shopping

    What a fabulous article with great inspiration. This wonderfully written piece made me smile and added something special to my morning. Thank you for writing it.

  33. Pamada

    hahaha omg, this is beyond true. as i sit here and drink my coffee because i’m sleep deprived from staying up late going thru outfit shots.

  34. mavie

    wow, there are people out there, feeling the same way as i do! i hate my blog so much right now and i’m thinking about closing my blog, i was working on for 2 years..

  35. Fashion-isha

    I my gosh, I hear ya!! What I hate the most is how it brings out this anxiety causing competitive streak in me and that is SO against my nature!! The whole point of blogging is about sharing and caring and being kind so when I get too catty and feel the evil eye of jealousy overtaking me I just take a deep breath and decided to love everyone and wish everyone success. There’s enough to go around and it’s good karma. What you put out there comes back at you!


  36. Marie

    I do take my blog too seriously all of the time, and plan far too much around it! But I also love the creative outlet too much to stay away too long! Fabulous post.

  37. jennifer

    I’ve only been blogging for 4 months and I’ve already experienced some of this! Me: Oh crap, I didn’t take a picture of this outfit. My 6-year-old: Do you have to take everything SERIOUS?!

  38. Style Streetstalker

    Haha amazing post.. And yes of course I tweeted it! This post is hilarious because it’s spot on.. It’s not a literal I hate my blog it’s an amusing undertone… I of course loooove my blog, but do stay awake at night thinking about potentials posts, tweet like a robin and go into terrified sweats if I forget my camera or have to leave it at home!
    Haha I love it, couldn’t live without it but want to strangle it sometimes!!!!
    SSS xx

  39. Cynthia

    Heh… sometimes I don’t like my blog because I should be getting more hits than it’s getting! Is it just bad marketing??

  40. Nicole

    I hate that my blog makes me look like a self absorbed person who only thinks about fashion. I am working on ways to incorporate my non fashion life but it’s not easy. But I love that my blog keeps me from wearing sweats or wearing the same outfit of jeans, tees and sneakers everyday.

  41. anita

    yeah i deffinitely know this feeling. I am going through it right now. It seems like no matter how hard i work on it it only pays off minimal. Seems like people whove blogged for a shorter period of time are more successful i just dont know what im doing wrong or not doing wrong? hm :/ great article i can really relate 🙂



    I really love blogging. But yes, lately I’ve been so busy with other stuff that I wish I could have a blog assistant and post all the ideas I have in mi head and can’t put in to words because I don’t have enough time to sit and concret them.

  43. Ingrid Mida

    What an amusing post! There have been times when I’ve hated blogging too but in general it has brought so many wonderful people and opportunities into my life that I’m glad I took it on. It is a good idea to take a break once in a while and refocus on your family and friends. Life is short!

  44. Marie-Claire

    Yes! Totally agree – I am a reasonably new blogger and recently had a blog hate experience. It got to me so bad that I didn’t post in 2 weeks and thought of ditching it altogether because I ran out of inspiration. But I’m slowly growing to like it again haha.

  45. sarah {raving fashionista}

    Wow. Just, wow. It’s like you took every thought I’ve been having and perfectly articulated it. I’ve been hating my blog a lot lately, and it’s so great to know I’m not alone in these feelings. I just read this to my boyfriend and he actually thought I wrote it because I’ve been expressing all of these exact reasons why I’m so frustrated with my blog to him. Thank you! 🙂

  46. peng

    Woah oh woah! People ussually don’t quite get it when I say I don’t feel like writing my blog anymore. It’s not because I have fallen out of love with fashion blogging, but because it’s so all time consuming and there always seems to be so many things that need to be improved on all the time.

  47. Christina Daniels

    I LOVE THIS!! Here’s me thinking I’m alone in this! Great voice for the people!! I can truly say a weight has been lifted knowing others go through the same…!

  48. Best Of Palm Beach

    Oh I simply love this post. Obviously I could relate to the title which is why I clicked on it. And I could also related to most of the reasons listed. What I did not expect is to read why my blog has made me a better person. The line about not being lazy and anti-social made me smile.

  49. Karina

    haha all of this can be so true sometimes. I feel that the reason why I hate my blog the most is because of the lack of followers. I’ve been blogging for a year now, and it seems like so many other bloggers that have blogged less have more traffic. It just makes me sad sometimes, and makes me want to quit. But then I can’t… It’s a love-hate relationship. I just wish I could talk to a successful blogger that would want to give me an honest feedback.
    Sorry for my whining, guys… 🙂

  50. Spring Flowerchild

    My blog is still in its infancy and this is the reason why I hate it. I haven’t even come close to posting outfits consistently. I feel like maybe I was way in over my head, but it has made me more conscious of how I dress and the things I buy.
    In my eyes, your list tells me what I need to do to produce a quality blog. Then I’ll have other, more noble reasons, to hate my blog 🙂

  51. BeLighter

    OMG! I can actually relate to some reasons up there! I had never thought of it in these terms…

    But to tell you the truth, I’m still in the “discovery” phase of the wonderful world of blogging, and I’m still in love with my blog, which I feel is still, very much, at it’s beginning and growth and evolving, but it can become consuming at times and mind consuming specially!

    But for the moment I’m just having fun with it, and it’s still a work in progress, yes, still adding new features that I’ve just found out how much I love doing them! Taking other features out, because they were extra pressure and I wasn’t enjoying them or simply they were taking me into a direction that basically wasn’t what I wanted….

    So the list goes on, but bottom line is, for me, yes, it’s consuming, but yes, I’m loving it as well!

    But thanks for this enlightening post, which actually made smile several times, lift my eyebrows at times, and mostly laugh!

    And I agree, blogging is making me more aware of myself, of what I do and how I present myself to the world!

    Thanks for sharing!!! 😉

  52. Meredith

    Your article is hilariously true. However, you summed up the good points in the final paragraph. It is time consuming, but my blog does force me to dress better than I would otherwise and talk to A LOT of people I would have never met. I’ve learned so much through this experience that if it ended tomorrow, I would be fine.

    – Meredith

  53. PositivelyRaeshelle

    you have such a good point! it is so very easy to become too attached to blogging that we begin to spend every free minute trying to do “post worth” in our lives instead of remembering that our lives by themselves were the reason we started blogging! they are already interesting! like sex and the city, how many times did we see carrie sitting at the computer or the girls at home doing mundane things?? not everything has to be spectacular! we as humans already are!!

    glitteringly and positively,

  54. madfashionista

    Wonderful article!

    I confess, as my interests change and there are other topics I want to write about, it’s hard to keep the focus of my blog. I’m less interested in fashion (except for the plus-size issues therein) than I used to be. Esp. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which seems more to be a huge corporate event each time. It IS, but where is the fun?

    This has definitely affected the content and quality of my blog. The Mad Fashionista is a character, which limits what I can write about.

  55. Raquel Fernandes

    There is just one thing you didn’t say: I hate my blog for making me so tough to myself, hating to see my photos and thinking I’m ugly under the pressure of other beautiful, young bloggers and makes me feel like delete it forever 🙂

  56. Villy K

    I honestly wish I had more time for my blog. I just started mine and i can`t get enough of it! I enjoy every minute!

  57. Chantal

    I am a noob at fashion blogging but I’ve been a graphic artist and web nerd for years. I’ve already been compelled to get sucked in and “take things overboard” by obsessing about quick and immediate saturation, exposure, popularity. I look dishearteningly at all the thin and beautiful woman and the time and budget that others are working with. And then…I remember why I started my blog: to share thrifty fashion with my community, and to work through my own negative self-image issues. I’m glad to read this post, because it is a reality check for me. I’m NOT going to this place with my blog. I want to enjoy it instead. 🙂 *Backs away, repeating mantra….

  58. CurvyCEO

    This post is RIGHT on time . . . right now I’m feeling icky, my house is in disarray, I’ve got phone calls to return . . . but what am I doing? Blogging . . . lol!

  59. Nastya

    Oh yeah! I hate my blog because it takes so many time to post anything, to find a moment to shoot your outfit, and more than anything I hate it because you depend on other people when it comes to taking photos or buying clothes (I’m a teen so it depends on many things). It’s just so hard to find time on everything, and when you finally have photos and stuff you realize that you have nothing to say! That’s sooo annoying! But I still love my blog for making me go further and do something in my life.