IFB Project Roundup #20: What’s Your Sign?

Thanks to all of you who participated in this week's project. As I mentioned prior, I'm not a horoscope junkie but I love reading the stuff and I'm not ashamed to say I agree with a lot that my sign says about me. I may be crazy and all over the place but I'm a great thinker, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and I have a great heart.


“There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” -Oscar Levant


Enjoy this week's roundup and make sure to check out all the entries by clicking HERE.


IFB Project #20 Roundup: What's Your Sign?

  1. My Zodiac, My Fashion: Cancer “If I may be completely honest, my instability lies in my emotions. It’s extremely easy to make me happy and make me laugh; it’s even easier to make me infuriated.”
  2. Tropic of Capricorn: Down to earth, hardworking and a bit of pessimism is also there.
    Being brutally honest, pessimism is definitely true.
  3. IFB PROJECT #20: My Step Zodiac: LEO: Check out what this “natural born character” has to say about her sign.
  4. Can't you read the sign?: This Sagittarian doesn't believe in horoscopes. Click, click, and find out more!
  5. Gemini Girl…Two sides of me: Gemini's can be interesting. These ladies are known for having two sides. Read more.
  6. What's in a sign???: “Here is what Ive found… as a Taurus baby, I am supposed to have the following traits… strength, stamina, and will (sometimes I have these). I am supposed to be stubborn by nature (I am and and am using this as my defense!)”
  7. Lady Leo -A love Story: This lady isn't into astrology but LOVES her sign. Check out the cool images featured in this post and learn more about Leos.
  8. Hey Baby, Whats your Sign?: “I quite like the dreamy, watery Pisces descriptions. One foot in reality, another foot in fantasy, wishy washy and prone to indulgence. Yep, that pretty much sounds like me.”
  9. “Perfection is Almost Good Enough” I hear Virgos are quite the perfectionist. Find out more by reading this post.




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    Thank you!!! I’m really appreciated. Can’t wait for another IFB Project. Love all the participant’s posts thought.