IFB Project #21: What’s your Favorite Style Decade?


When you read thousands of blogs a week like I do, (yes, I said thousands), I quickly pick up on peoples general style. I think it's what I enjoy the most from reading style blogs, getting my own inspiration from the blogger.


IFB Project #21: What's your favorite style decade?

Below I've listed a few decades and what style I thought fell under them. Which do you relate to? I definitely think I fall somewhere between the 80's and 90's. I have a very grungy/urban hip hop flare to me. I always switch it up but I would have to say those are the decades I stick to the most. Which are you? Feel free to post an outfit or make a collage.


  • 20's: Flapper girl.
  • 30's: Introduction to nylon and zippers.  Art deco.
  • 40's: Old Hollywood Glam.
  • 50's: Rockabilly/housewife/sweater sets.
  • 60's: 60's mod/mad men.
  • 70's: Hippie/Bohemian.
  • 80's: Neon, shoulder pads, electro-chic.
  • 90's: Flannel, doc Martens, denim, grunge.


Have fun with this project! I will try to participate in it and make some sort fun collage.

*Make sure to have your post in by the deadline Tuesday at 12 am EST.

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23 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    I love love LOVEEEEE the 60’s! I think this will make for a wonderful blog post. i will gather some things and post an outfit for this theme as soon as i can. I love IFB! 🙂

  2. Ana

    20’s and 30’s, 50’s and 60’s 🙂 !

    I love the mods and Pierre Cardin’s materials and textures.
    In all those decades I also see strong, clean lines, which I love.

  3. Jill Magee-Fosdick

    I absolutely love 60’s Mod style. However, I have to say that I will definitely borrow from a variety of decades within fashion, make-up and hair-styling. I love the classic cat-eye and stylishly teased hair.


  4. Harlequin

    I’m in love with the 60’s as well, especially looks coming from Twiggy, Edie Sedwick, Audrey Hepburn, etc. But I do believe the 20’s were very underrated, I love the flappers look! The 70’s will never go out, the hippie look? That’s here to stay.

  5. Célèste

    I love this project! I had a lot of fun planning my post and writing it.

    I couldn’t help but notice though that many of the links are not to post that really fit the topic. I wish people wouldn’t do that. It only harms your blog to attract people expecting to see one thing and then giving them something else.

  6. Rominey

    For casual wear, I’m all 90’s grunge. Flannel shirts, work/military style boots, ripped acid wash jeans, nerd glasses, basic t-shirts, baggy sweaters. I wear my hair long, loose, natural.

    For dress up, I’m all 40’s and 50’s, all the time. Just bought a black dress with a peplum from Value Village…wearing it with black velvet platform peep-toe heels. And a red lip!

  7. LOLA


    Why can’t I dress like that?

    I used to be a mod, but I can’t get enough of the random pieces of the 1970s. The mixed hemlines, layers, mix-matched patterns, can you dig it?

    P.S. Francoise Hardy is a great inspiration for mods.
    P.S.S. Bianca Jagger is groovy for 70s!
    P.S.S.S. Brigette Bardot is deck for hair and makeup inspiration!
    Everything has their own magic.
    Their is no death,
    So nothing matters.

  8. Debbie

    These don’t really go well together, but I love the 40s, 50s, and 90s. Though some of the trends in the 90s were a bit tacky, others are very popular today and I really like them.

  9. Mishka

    70s = disco, last time I checked my mom’s fabulous Abba-esque photos. And that’s probably the era I’d return to if I could. I’d hoard sooo much vintage denim.

  10. grace

    i think my style is kind of the 40’s and 60’s.. this is a fun topic 🙂 so interesting to see all the different posts about it!