IFB Project Roundup #21: What’s your favorite style decade?


Thanks to all of you who participated in this week's IFB Project. It was a lot of fun looking through all of your posts and feeling like I was having major flashbacks. It even crossed my mind when I was a child watching cartoons like Scooby Doo and shows like I Love Lucy. Inspiration comes from every angle and decades absolutely play a huge role.


IFB Project Roundup #21: What’s your favorite style decade?

  1. What's your Style Decade?: Check out my style and how I get influenced by the 80's/90's and the present.
  2. kickin' it old school: This lovely lady gives me a Bowie vibe with a dash of Run DMC.
  3. IFB Project # 21: what's your favourite style decade? The 1950's were calling her name.
  4. Scooby 70s Doooo: “By 1970 women chose who they wanted to be and if they felt like wearing a short mini skirt one day and a maxi dress, midi skirt or hot pants the next day – that’s what they did.” By Pauline Weston Thomas
  5. IFB asks “What's you favorite fashion decade” The '20s and the '60s! Who can decide?: This lady loves to show leg. Welcome to the 1960's.
  6. Visual FBFF: Rockabilly Inspired Outfit: This is just adorable. Kimberly shows her rockabilly ways.
  7. IFB Project #21: Old Hollywood Glam! Hollywood glam is something I must incorporate more into my outfits. So ravishing and classic. Click here for more inspiration.
  8. Obsession Alert: 40's and 50's Style “Lovely feminine details with classic hemlines is more my style than flashy flash and super short.”
  9. Style Era-era-era: 80’s Baby!: A post with David Bowie and Michael Jackson? Just click.
  10. Mood Board #1: The 90s created Me; The 70s made me: ” I think it's safe to say 70s rock and roll and hippy chic combined with 90s grunge and nonchalance dominate my fashion choices”


Don't forget to read all of the submission HERE. There were so many good ones this week, I was able to walk away with quite a bit of inspiration for my fall/winter wardrobe.



Make sure to check back Friday at 3pm EST for the next IFB Project!




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  1. Prae

    Thank you! Since I was joined this community, I got so much inspiration from you guys & I love “IFB PROJECT” it gave me an opportunity to learn & so much more! So THANK YOU. Can’t wait for the next project to come.

  2. ShopChantal

    I had a blast doing this and I think it helped to show my readers that it is all about personal style and mixing it up, not just wearing the trends. Thank you.