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A while ago, I posted about ways to kick-start your holiday blog-posting before Halloween. Did that freak you out a little? I think it might have. But, guess what? Thanksgiving is next week. That came out of nowhere, am I right?


So if you're going to be blogging through the holidays, treating your readers to party dressing tips, cookie recipes, decorating ideas, etc. – you're also probably thinking of assembling gift guides! Gift guides are my favorite kind of posts to put together around the holidays because I love giving and recieving presents, and I can't resist a good collage.


Here are IFB's top tips to help you craft amazing gift guides to inspire and motivate your readers!


Make a collage: This is the easiest and most visually appealing way to display your gift ideas to your readers. Use a platform like Polyvore or ShopStyle, or if you're feeling really ambitious, use a blank Microsoft Powerpoint slide to arrange images any way you like, then provide links in the body of your post.


Double-check your shopping links: If ever there were an occasion to be extra diligent with your hyperlinks, it's during the holidays. Shoppers in a pinch are extra testy, don't you know…


A great time for Affiliate Links: If you're involved in an affliate links program like RewardStyle, gift guides are a great way to earn a little extra money so you can buy gifts yourself!


Consider creating seperate gift guides for different recipients: I like to use this strategy because it gives me a much larger pool of content to post throughout the holiday season. It's also a practical approach since most of the people you're thinking of probably have different tastes and desires! You can make them thematic or realistic, I usually do a bit of both. Here are a few characters you might make guides for:


  • Mom, Dad & Siblings
  • Roommates
  • Best girlfriend
  • Boyfriend
  • Secret Santa gifts for anyone
  • The Tech Geek
  • The Girl Who Has Everything
  • Boss, Professor, Client
  • Your neighbor camped out at Occupy Wall Sreet


Options based on budget: You know this already from our video about titling posts, but readers love numbers. They love numbers, prices and tips! And who doesn't like to save a little during the Holidays? Some people have a list a mile long, so any steals you find will be much appreciated. A great incentive for people to check out your gift guide is to market them within certain budgets. For example:


  • 10 gifts under $20
  • Gifts for your boyfriend for under $50
  • The best presents for $100 or less


Be all-holiday inclusive: This is only a suggestion. Your blog is your own personal publication, and you can celebrate and gift-shop for any holiday you choose. I just know that my readers come from all over the place, and I know that probably almost as many of them celebrate Hannukah as celebrate Christmas.


Or, be no-holiday inclusive: I think it's important to mention that just because we're talking about gift guides and holiday posting a bit here on IFB, doesn't mean you should feel obligated to follow suit. You may not celebrate any holidays at all – and that's okay! Like I said, your blog is your perogative, your choices, your voice and a slice of your life. Don't feel like you have to conform to the consumer-driven content that can overwhelm this season if it isn't you.


PS: Here's another helpful post on Holiday blogging from December 2010, and another from November '10.


Will you be creating gift guides for your blog this season? How do you like to put them together?



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18 Responses

  1. Vivian

    Haha I have just written one, it’s more of a “random suggestions” kind: I suggest to give useful presents and being sure to know the person you’re giving the present to. Also, I suggest to not worry about gifts if it’s not strictly necessary haha!

  2. lisa

    These are great tips! I’m going to try to do more comprehensive gift guides this season rather than spotlighting one gift idea at a time like I’ve done in past years.

    • taylordavies

      Kelly! Using Pinterest to make a gift guide is simply genius! Thanks so much for sharing that! – Taylor

  3. Katie Anderson

    Great ideas! I love GIft Guides. This year I am collaborating with over 30 Dallas-based design, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and featuring their top picks during my Twelve Days of Holiday Gift Guides. Check it out starting November 28th on http://www.modern-eve.com! Add me to your RSS so you don’t miss anything.

  4. Missy Vintage

    I’ve done two of these now and I’ve worked with a budget theme. It’s very time consuming looking for things that are a bit different and budget friendly. I have to say they took me a lot longer to research and write than I thought they would but I’m pleased with how they’ve been received.

    They were really fun posts to write and I got some good ideas for my own shopping which was handy!

  5. Rachel

    Great tips! I’ve been working on my gift guides all weekend and just posted the first installment. My guides have a little twist, since they are all round-ups of things to make, rather than buy. It’s pretty time-consuming hunting down ideas and tutorials, but I hope my readers will enjoy it.

  6. Michelle Lee

    very helpful tips! since I started blogging from the end of November 2010, I made holiday gift guides in a collage and such and worked so well
    I should do it again this year definitely.
    I just reaelized reading my archives that I paid attention to and spent a lot of time in my posts last year than I do now. Made me recharged and wants to start my blog with more enthusiasm now 🙂 I got new motive yay!

  7. jamie

    i’m spending almost all of December with gift and holiday related posts… and focusing on handmade items. i love looking at things like greeting cards, holiday decorating, holiday party outfits… it’s a great excuse to have themed posts frequently!
    A GREAT oppourtunity to promote other blogs/shops as well…. love this part.

  8. Heather Whitsett (@HowtobeFancy)

    This year, I’ve enlisted the help of some of the most creative people in my world to put together THEIR favorite gifts for the holidays! I’m so excited to showcase their talents as well as offer some amazing content to my readers! xx