IFB Project Roundup #22: What are you Thankful for?


Thanks to all of you who entered this weeks IFB Project. If was delightful reading them and it truly touched me finding out what you're all grateful for. Everyone goes through ups and downs in their lives and sometimes you have to take a timeout and realize you are truly blessed. I thought this was a good project because as you posted about it, you thought about it… I think thats important.


Below find 10 picks from this weeks project. They were all fantastic in their own personal ways. Make sure to check all the project entries HERE.



IFB Project Roundup #22: What are you Thankful for?

  1. Why I'm Thankful… : From Family, to friends, to comics, to coffee, find out a few reasons why I'm thankful this year.
  2. 28 things I'm thankful for this year… : Find out what IFB content lead Taylor is thankful for this year.
  3. Thankful: A very cute read. Makes you realize how many people can't even read something online.
  4. Friend Friday: Saying Thank You: “I am thankful for the big love of my life – the loving, supportive, patient, big hearted and kind soul that he is, (not to mention very handsome and a fantastic photographer) my dearest Mr V!”
  5. Thankful for so Much, it's Ridiculous: Thankful for wine, sweaters, dogs, family, and more.
  6. What I am Thankful For: My Creative Self: Being creative and staying creative can be a true challenge. This blogger gives thanks to be able to maintain ideas flowing.
  7. 10 things I am thankful for: Check out this ladies top 10 reasons of why shes thankful this year.
  8. Giving Thanks:  Giving thanks for many things and the cutest baked turkeys ever! CLICK.
  9. My Thankful list in Instagrams: This blogger shoots a few things shes thankful for on the fun photo filtering program Instagram.
  10. Getting a little Personal: This was one of my favorite reads this week. The honesty is refreshing and it really felt like reading a diary entry. Kudos to you my dear.




The IFB team wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving and if you don't celebrate it, Happy Holidays in general.

*Make sure to check back Friday at 3pm EST for a new IFB Project. It's going to be fun!



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