IFB Is Thankful For You!

Happy Thanksgiving IFB community! We want to wish a very wonderful holiday to our American bloggers, and to everyone around the world – it's still a great opportunity for us to let you know how thankful we are to have such a fabulous, smart, savvy and creative community. Take some time today to consider all the blessings in your life, and feel free to share them with us in the comments below.


10 Things IFB is Thankful For This Year:


  • All of you wonderful fashion bloggers who keep our community strong and ever-growing.
  • Social media outlets that allow us to communicate with each other, make new friends and learn about the worlds events in almost-real time.
  • The fashion industry that fuels our desire to wake up each day and blog about how we express ourselves through the art of getting dressed.
  • All the girls (and guys) that take pictures of themselves in their best looks, to inspire and motivate their readers to look at their clothes and closets in a new way.
  • Freedom of speech – it's what allows us to do and talk about what we love on the platform of our choosing!
  • Mobile phones that allow us to share, talk, post and tweet on the go, from wherever we might be.
  • The Links a la Mode and IFB Project each week, that give us a glimpse into just how talented and diverse our community is.
  • Computers – I mean, where would we be without this ever-improving, utterly indispensable piece of technology?
  •  All of our friends that we've made through blogging, that have become loyal and amazing people we know in real life!
  • Last and most importantly – we are thankful for YOU. Everyone who reads, contributes, comments, blogs and tweets with us makes everything we do worthwhile.


What are you thankful for today?


*Links A La Mode for this week will be posted tomorrow, November 25th.


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  1. Emmy

    Happy Thanksgiving to IFB! I am truly thankful for the community you have created here, and for the informative things that you guys share with us.:)