10 Things To Do Today Instead Of Shopping

By Debie Kim


For most, the Thanksgiving holiday evokes bright memories of food, family, friends and good cheer.  But there’s another tradition that goes hand-in-hand with the fowl-centric holiday and I speak, of course, of shopping. Black Friday shopping, to be exact.  The most hallowed of all shopping days, the ancient tradition entails hordes of hungry bargain shoppers battling each other for discounted designer goods and heavy rollbacks on the latest high-tech gadgets.


But there exists another camp, those of us who fail to see the appeal in waking up early to park five miles away from the mall only to throw elbows and fight fellow shoppers for that last faux-fur snood.  For those, we present to you a list of top ten alternate activities that will not only leave you bruise-free and sane, but might even help you spread some of that holiday cheer.


10 Things to do Instead of Shopping on Black Friday


1. Catch up on your blog and reader:  Most likely you took a day or two off for travel or just binging with your family.  Take this day to update your blog, check in with your readers, or even just catch up on your own reader to see what you missed.


2. Cook/Bake at Home:  The idea of creating more food post-thanksgiving might sound ludicrous, but this is actually the perfect day to be creative in the kitchen.  Make something amazing with leftovers or finally try out the cookie recipe you found on that food blog.


3. Volunteer:  Local organizations need a lot of help during this time of year.  Find a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or maybe a retirement home where you can donate your time.


4. Check out a local sight or landmark: If your neighborhood is anything like New York City, it gets all dressed up for the holidays.  Take some time to appreciate the sparkle and get in the spirit!


5. Have a Movie Day:  Few things are better than snuggling up on the couch and catching a few classics.  It’s hard to go wrong with A Charlie Brown Christmas.


6. Exercise: Take your pets out for a long walk, a stroll around a local park, or a quick jog to burn all those calories.


7. Read: Catch up on all your December issues or finally read that novel you’ve been meaning to pick up.  Give your eyes a break from the screen!


8. Make your Holiday Shopping List: Think about all the stuff you’ll buy AFTER the Black Friday madness.


9. DIY Project: Check some blog favorites like Honestly WTF or iSpyDiY for some crafty inspiration.


10. Do absolutely nothing and enjoy it, you deserve the day off!



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6 Responses

  1. Ashe

    I’d add DIY in general– instead of buying things, make things! Get creative. Take photos that have nothing to do with your blog, paint, etc.

    Thank you, Taylor! I was LITERALLY thinking about these on a personal level just minutes ago!

    • Ashe

      Also, WOW I’m an idiot– for some reason I mixed up DIY Project with the IFB projects we have had going on?!

  2. Madeleine Gallay

    Lovely and timely … shopping competitively seems like the least best thing to do (and besides, the “word” is that there will be further markdowns, alas for our shop owners … rough year).