IFB Project #23: Shopping Survival Tips


Today is Black Friday but this surely isn't the end of shopping madness. December is right around the corner and we have all sorts of holidays where gifting is regular. A lot of people are out looking for a good deal/bargains and who can blame you? they're all over the place. The problem is stores become like vicious jungles where you might end up fighting someone for the last size 6 1/2 pump. This being said….


IFB Project #23: Shopping Survival Tips


For us old school folk who still enjoy going to stores instead of doing all of our shopping online, what tips can you provide us with? Do you have some sort of shopping tool kit we don't know about? Any coupon tracking secrets you care to share with your readers? Do you go dressed a certain way for WAR comfort? Let us know!

Remember the project is due my Tuesday 12am EST. Looking forward to reading.



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