Google Cancels Google Friend Connect & What That Means for You

google friend connect

Google Friend Connect is a widget featured on many blogs, and most Blogger sites.  Google Friend Connect integrates your Google/Blogger Account, Google Reader, and Blog together seamlessly (though trickier if you try to unsubscribe from a site).  It highlights hundreds of beautiful followers in your blog sidebar.  In short, it's a great, popular tool for building up followers: it allows readers to easily subscribe to your site, gives readers an easy platform for reading blogs, and promotes the reader, too.


Last week Google announced they was closing down 7 products that weren't as successful as they'd like– including the Google Friend Connect.  Google says,

Google Friend Connect—Friend Connect allows webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a few snippets of code. We’re retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch.  (Source)


With this change, the biggest hurdle bloggers will have to face is the potential loss of followers.  Google has not announced whether, for other other platforms that can use the feature, if they will migrate the feed for Google Friend Connect followers straight in to Google Reader.  For bloggers, this could result in a staggering decrease in traffic.


Kendi Everyday has over 11,000 followers in Google Friend Connect; Kendi's one of the lucky bloggers on Blogger, who won't lose that traffic or subscription base.  Whereas a blog like Smile and Wave, who has nearly 5000 followers on Google Friend Connect, may lose her followers since her site is hosted on TypePad.


Transferring to a Google+ Page:
Google is encouraging bloggers to create new Google + pages in lieu of their old Google Friend Connect account.  This means we will have to pour time and energy promoting a new tool & service to our followers, while attempting to regain those that may have been lost.  Google Friend Connect won't go away until March, giving approximately 4 months to encourage readers to follow us through our RSS Feed or another service (such as BlogLovin') or through a newly minted Google + page.


With the saturation of social media sites, we will each have to decide whether it's in our best interests to spread ourselves thinner managing another social media platform (and one that I'm not entirely sure is taking off).  Will you be willing to manage a Google + page for your blog on top of your Twitter and Facebook account, creating content for your site, commenting on other blogs, and the other multiple social media tools we use each day?  To be honest, I'm not sure that I would, especially when it would mean rebuilding, from scratch, an audience that had already been existing.


How do you feel about Google announcing the closing of Google Friend Connect?  Will your site be impacted greatly? (And be sure to check back at IFB, because as I find out more information I'll be sure to share it!)


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  1. Courtney

    I’m happy in a way that they’re canceling. When I transferred addresses about 1 year ago, I accidentally started a new GFC account and thus lost a lot of followers. I haven’t really recovered, so this is actually pretty good for me.

  2. Al

    use your Google+ page to replace your blog. I mean, what is in the average Fashion blog? A few paragraphs of text, a bunch of images, maybe a video. You could easily put that content straight into a G+ page and drop the blog altogether (or redirect).

    (just playing devil’s advocate)

    • Ashe

      My argument against this, for the sake of devil’s advocacy– is why do that and have to build something new from the ground up? I’m lazy! If my blog has followers, why not keep it there? Now if you don’t have a blog, you certainly could do that. But why remake something from scratch?

      I don’t think GOOGLE WOULD WANT THAT, because it’d put Blogger out of business…

      • Al

        yeah. Hopefully they will find a way of connecting G+ and Blogger more fully (that’s their aim, connecting all their products to Google+, so Gmail, Docs etc work a bit like Facebook Apps).

        Blogger needs some Google love anyway, it’s been a bit neglected lately.

        (You’re right about keeping your following, I didn’t mean abandon a blog with 5000 readers and go to G+. But if you were new to blogging, you could set up a “blog” on Google+ and get dozens of readers/followers much quicker than if you set up a random Typepad/Wordpress/Blogger blog and then waited for people to find it. Good for building that audience)

  3. Ana

    Well, making all those people migrate to Google+ is surely a way to taking it from “not entirely sure [it] is taking off” to “whoa, it has taken off!”

    Smart move on their part, although I find it a bit sneaky.

    A few months ago there was a sudden surge of blog posts from the ‘influencers’ about G+… I didn’t think much of it, either, since it all looked a bit paid for.

    I swore I wouldn’t create an account on a new service if I could avoid it, so I have no interest in Google+ and, as you said, spreading myself even thinner.

  4. Rachel from Love a la mode

    This won’t affect me at all- as a user I wasn’t able to connect GFC to my blog anyway! Plus I always found it annoying when a blog required me to follow them via GFC to participate in a giveaway. If someone really is a true follower, they will find another way of following your content without GFC.

    • Ashe

      I think so too– but I also worry about the non-blogger reader who may follow that way because it’s easy to keep track of & they don’t understand why all the blogs they read are gone!

  5. Madeleine Gallay

    Hmmm, I think Google + is not working that well. I’d worry more about losing twitter followers.

    Google, err Poodle as it should be referred to, needs to be friendlier.

  6. Rae Hartts

    I’m a bit confused and I hope I make my question clear. But basically, if you’re using GFC on a blogger platform Google will just transfer your subscribers to the blogger section of subscribers?

    (To make my question more clear, all of my subscribers are via GFC but I have 0 subscribers to the blogger subscriber feed)

    • Ashe

      We’re not sure yet– it could just be that Google will make them all follow your site via Google Reader & your RSS feed, or they could eliminate them all.

      If you’re using it on Blogger (as in Blogspot), nothing will happen to them though, or at least that’s my understanding!

      (I hope that makes sense & answers your question?)

  7. lisa

    I’m on Blogger so I guess this doesn’t affect me. That being said, I’ve never been fond of Google Friend Connect. The widget takes up so much real estate on a page and it’s aesthetically not very pleasing. Plus, its function is rendered redundant by my devotion to Google Reader.

    • Ashe

      I have the same criticisms of it, Lisa! I’ll admit, now that the announcement came out, I’ve removed my widget…why encourage people to connect that way when it’s going to go away?

    • Chelsea

      I completely agree with Lisa! I’ve never been a fan of GFC despite the fact that both of my blogs are on Blogger and I technically won’t be affected by this change.

  8. Victoria Suzanne

    I’m really not happy with this development. While they say it’s one of their less successful widgets, all the blogs I know use it. The majority of my readers, probably 98%, use my Google Friend Connect as an easy way to connect to a reader. I’ve offered Feedburner as another option but it doesn’t seem to be even half as popular. I think my only option is to push Feedburner for all it’s worth, but I’ll probably still lose a significant amount of followers. I certainly don’t feel like starting Google+ especially since I’ve heard they’re not looking at that as very profitable either.

  9. Casee Marie

    The majority of my followers come through GFC, but in all honesty I’m happy to see it go. It seems like the people who visit through Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook are my most engaged readers whereas GFC was just a popularity contest. It sounds so ridiculous to say there were a lot of high school-type politics in GFC, but…there were! I only hope the GFC followers who are really interested will continue following in some other way.

    As for Google+, I do have a profile and a page, but I don’t update either with anything other than new posts (and even that I forget to do on occasion). I’m not sure that I can handle another social media site, especially because they say you never want to directly repost/copy-and-paste your social media postings for fear of seeming redundant to those who follow you on multiple platforms. If my GFC subscribers really wanted to migrate to Google+ I’d try to make it happen, but I can’t really see that happening.

    P.S. Wonderful post, thank you for this! I had no idea Google had cancelled GFC to begin with.

  10. isabel from its the passion

    well, there is always bloglovin! although nobody on here seems to use it.
    i kind of a have a love-hate-relationship with gfc anyways. i am blogging for almost three years now and it was already one year into blogging that i found out how to install gfc (yeah – i didnt really look for it, but still lame haha). so all the possible readers that i could have gained during that one year, i just didnt. what does that say about my blog? nothing.
    there are some blogs with over 5000 followers and i cannot understand why they would have a single follower, and then there are blogs with 30 followers and i just love those to death.
    sure, it is an easier way to connect and being kept updated, but still ..

  11. Tali

    It makes me curious in a way, to see what will come instead of GFC, not necessarily from Google. I don’t see how G+ can compensate for it. What GFC works for, is to show in an easy way how many people subscribed to the blog and also unlike Bloglovin, is pretty easy to monitor who’s following and who’s not, which is useful for giveaways bloggers usually do.

  12. [email protected]

    I am on blogger so it really doesn’t affect me & because i follow most blogs thru a reader i hopefully wont lose a bunch of the blogs i follow.

    But i wonder if there will be a lot of backlash re this. I created a google+ page months ago but i got bored with it really fast & would never think about creating anything there

  13. Shannon

    90% of my followers are through GFC but on a wordpress blog , so I am pretty well screwed. 400+ followers gone. Oh well, maybe this is the push I need to give up my blog or just use it as a means of chatting with a handful of friends.
    I think this is going to kill many blogs. I’m surprised google would be so callous. I guess “not as popular as we hoped” means we’re not making enough money off it.
    No way I going to invest time in another google app. Why put myself in the position to be completely left out in the cold again?
    I would not be surprised if there is so much outrage about this that google changes it’s mind

    • Ana

      “I think this is going to kill many blogs.”
      Indeed it might.

      I guess that the die-hard fans would come back, but most people wouldn’t – I know I’d stick with my favourite blogs, but mostly I’d just consider it the hand of fate.

      I follow blogs that have (well, had) GFC.
      The others needed to be something really special for me to go through the additional steps of adding them to my reader; for most part non-GFC blogs were bookmarked and I’d go back to them only once in a while.

    • charlene tan

      i agree with you, its only cos they arent making the money they wish to be. they probably don’treally care about what it might do to people who work so hard to keep their blogs. and people who do it for years. and its worse for me cos ALL my readers are from GFC. i pray and pray this is just another blown up fake-announcement so google can get some spotlight and people will notice.

  14. good girl gone blog

    I really hated google friend connect because it seemed like it was just used to make bloggers look more popular. So many giveaways required you to follow on google friend connect- as someone who never used it, I could follow someone on google friend connect to enter a contest, but never used it to actually keep track of the blog. I think it was almost an unrealistic gauge of actual follower count.

    • Ana

      I must say that to me, as a reader, that thought was just a fleeting one.

      I pretty much just saw it as a quick way to keep track of blogs.

      I guess it’s different for an author, someone who’s emotionally invested in their blog…

  15. Marina

    Is Google punishing bloggers who recently switched to WordPress and other platforms? GFC was a good promotion tool, but was functioning poorly. Well, I am sad to see the tool go, but I got more subscribers via RSS, so I guess, bloggers should start promoting other, non-Google tools. We will all see some loss, but, on the other hand, we are all equally affected.

  16. Cynthia

    I’m on a WordPress blog as well. Is there a way one can connect WordPress blogs to Google+? I have YET to figure that out. Right now, my Google+ account is pretty dead…

    • Marie Denee

      You could use a plugin such as Digg Digg or socialize as they have the connections for it! 😉

  17. Amanne

    Seriously? Talk about a desperate attempt to push Google+. I hate Google+ so I won’t be making an account for my blog. I guess I just have to start pushing Bloglovin’.

    Most of my readers come from Twitter and GFC. Plus I follow all my favorite blogs through GFC so hopefully that doesn’t mess up my Google Reader.

  18. Heather Fonseca

    Like a lot of other people who commented I’m happy to see google friend connect go. I’ve always thought it was an ugly widget, and I hate that everyone can see how few followers I have! Personally I’ve never used google reader because I can’t figure it out. I use bloglovin to read my favorite blogs.

    I have google plus as a page and a profile, but I find my facebook page a lot more engaging and easier to use. I doubt I’ll be working my google page until they find a way for me to put my posts there automatically without having to use Chrome.

    Well, I’m off to remove the stupid google friend connect widget! I always felt I “had” to have it. Not anymore!

  19. Kylie

    I don’t use it so not effected. I do feel it is a ruthless attempt to push Google+. People shouldn’t use it for that fact.

  20. Emmy

    Am not a big fan of Google+ either…meh…but who knows? Anyhoo, I don’t have much followers on GFC, so I guess it’s no big deal for me. I do feel bad, however, for those who have amassed a lot of readers through it. 🙁

  21. Bella Q

    Thanks for the info. I like so many have mixed feelings about GFC. In the long run, the followers are less important than the readers and they aren’t always the same. I get so many more readers from traffic coming off my Facebook fan page than my GFC followers so aside from ego boost for me (I don’t have many followers) I don’t think it would make a dint in my actual blog traffic.

  22. Mary

    I’m bummed about this. It took so much effort to just put GFC on my wordpress blog. I’m disappointed I wasted that effort. GFC has been a major factor with blogs, I believe. When a blog has a lot of followers, I think it’s been easier to get sponsors and support because of the box that says you have hundreds or thousands of followers. I think it’s another reason why blogger fashion blogs tend to do better than non-blogger fashion blogs. For me, I never used GFC but to show my support, it’s akin to “liking” a page on Facebook. So, I’m bummed that it’ll be a going away. It was always a good measure to see how popular a blog is.

  23. Omega

    My blog is on blogger so this won’t effect me much.. I will think carefully about the time and energy I invest in trying to build those numbers up now. I’ve held a number of completions to encourage that.. No more!

    Seems like feed burner or bloglovin is the way to go now.

  24. Mishka

    Hey Ashe, that light grey quote font is super hard to read. Really have to strain my eyes to see it. Thought you might want to know!

  25. Mary

    I think that this is awful for those who use that service. Many people don’t like change & may not want to use another service (or create another profile) to follow a blog.

    I am on & only thought of trying to install a GFC widget recently so I don’t have any followers on there anyway.

    I do have a decent (for me) amount of traffic & a portion of it is return traffic. The funny thing is that I have no idea what they are using to keep up to date with my blog. The services (bloglovin, etc) that I have listed & my social media profiles don’t pull in at least half of my return traffic. It makes me wonder where it’s coming from.

  26. Pearl Westwood

    Hmm mixed feelings, I have 800 followers on it, but since moving over to WordPress have had all my new followers join via Facebook or email. So it makes me wonder if there is any real use for it on WP.
    I also agree with whats already been said, it is easy to get GFC followers and it does seem to be more of a popularity contest. I will be annoyed if people can’t find my blog and it effects traffic but I hope that people will just follow by another method.
    I doubt very much I will have time for Google+ it is annoying enough that I cant just log into my Gmail without having that dumbass page pop up first.

  27. Karen M.

    I would be bummed if I used this, but I’m on WordPress so lucky for me, it won’t affect me personally.

    However, I do think this is just one more reminder that concentrating on your content should always be your first priority as a blogger.

    It’s the only thing you’re ever going to have any control over.

    We’ve all learned the hard way that the social media universe is always changing.

  28. Marie Denee

    what is also so interesting about google doing away with this is the underlying importance of NOT having your eggs in one basket, but also choosing which platforms to use your time to market your blog…

    I had it when I used to be on blogger a few years back, but I switched over to WordPress and it was so frustrating trying to add this into my self hosted blog.

    I have found that having a newsletter list and rss subscriber is the most controllable way to build your readership. With Facebook doing funny things with the visibility of your fan page posts, the best way to develop your reader base is to engage…

    • Piper

      Word Marie…
      Love your newsletter and as a blog reader, I prefer twitter, rss and fb.

      GFC kind of seems limited anyway. It’s the last way I connect to a blogger.

  29. Elissa

    Thank you for such uninformative post, Ashe! I saw a news blurb about this the other day but had no idea what it really meant. It seems apparent that it’s a not-so-subtle attempt for Google to promote Google+ while rewarding those that use Blogger (though I think friend connect will eventually be phrased out for them too.)

    What I take from the end of Google Friend Connect is this: Focusing less on the number of followers, and more on content, is what’s important. I know I often gauge the number of followers I have, or another blogger has, as evidence of success, when things like bounce rate, total page views, and average time spent on a page are much more clear indicators of engaging and provocative content. Perhaps this will encourage bloggers to concentrate more on the big picture rather than how many followers we all have. I’m hoping that’s what it does for me.

  30. Eve Maria

    I would be really disappointed and shocked if I were on a non-blogger blog. It’s awful for people to loose so many followers. I can see they’re trying to push google + but I don’t have enough time to maintain that page as well as fb and twitter- I suppose there will be a way of syncing /auto-posting new post links eventually but I don’t know of a code for that yet.

  31. JTwisdom

    Okay, Google+ not going all that well so they take off google friend connect. I am taking the GFC widget off my blog. I have more readers so this will not bother me. I don’t like the way that widget looks. One question I have will Google reader still be available if Google friend connect is going away? Will those followers be able to see posts on Google Reader?

  32. Alexandra

    I use Blogger, but I still think this is a ridiculous effort just to push Google+. I made an account out of curiousity when it first came out but I have absolutely no interest in investing any time in building yet another social media platform. GFC was the one consistent way to connect across a variety of blogs, and I’m still confused about what exactly will happen when it goes away but it sounds like it will be a pretty hard hit to a lot of bloggers. I think if it comes to the point where it’s a big inconvenience or requires too much work to rebuild relationships, I would sooner stop using blogger than deal with it.

  33. Célèste

    I don’t have much confidence is Google+ yet, and I think them doing this is definitely a sneaky way to get more Google+ users.

    I’m on blogger, so it won’t be affected it looks like, but if I were, I’d probably just encourage my readers to follow on Bloglovin, which seems to be more committed than Google is.

    Also, I agree with some of the other people that followers who truly care about our blogs will find a way to follow, even if it means changing platforms. We may loose some followers due to this, but not the most enthusiastic and loyal ones.

  34. Cáti

    Now that’s a very low blow from them…doing it to obtain Google+ users…

    I am on Blogger so it doesn’t affect, apparently, right?

    I hate these forced changes, for example, I’ve recently been forced to stop posting my pictures through Photobucket for example because of that but I had to use Flickr,which is going to be the same problem when I reach the 200 photos -.- otherwise I’ll have to pay to have an unlimited account, is this even acceptable?
    I’m really mad at this because I don’t like to post my images directly from Blogger because they lose quality. Is there any other option?

    I know this went a little bit off the theme but I would be really grateful if you could help*

    And thank you for sharing this!

  35. Omaily

    This news was really shocking and annoying.

    First of all it’s just a promotion strategy for Google+. Now on that note, I have to add that I can bet that many people will leave google and switched to wordpress on the simple fact that many stayed because of GFC.

    Secondly I think it’s so unfair for all the ‘struggling and starting’ bloggers who work hard to increase their followers amount. They are taking it all away in a snap!

    And I am totally with you on that ONE MORE social media thing. Having to manage Twitter, FB, TUMLBLR, IFB, BLoglovin, Lookbook etc. is a hustle by itself, now imagine adding one more to the list.

  36. Homme a' la mode

    Well, from what it sounds like, this won’t affect me, I use Blogger. It’s a hassle though for people to have to potentially deal with the possibility of losing their followers, its not fair!

  37. Allie

    Did anyone READ this CORRECTLY? It says Google will be cancelling GFC for all NON BLOGGER sites not BLOGGER/BLOGSPOT itself!

  38. runawayinla

    I know a lot of people seem to be either happy or unsatisfied about Google ending GFC, but for me personally, I am sad to see it go.

    I started my fashion blog when I was just a curious eigth-grader that loved fashion and writing, and I wanted to explore the blog world. Now I am in the eleventh grade, and I still run my fashion blog! Just two weeks ago, I finally hit 100 followers on GFC! 🙂 I was just excited to see that my goal of reaching 100 has finally come true (after some years of course, hehe) A lot of people dislike GFC because it seems to be a “popularity contest”, and while I do agree with this to some point, I also feel like like the number of my followers gave me inspiration to stay strong and keep on blogging, even if I feel discouraged one day. There might be a time when I’m feeling down or alone, and I will gain a follower out of the blue, and it makes me so happy and hopeful to see that I have followers who read my blog and that alone just inspires me to keep on writing! 🙂

    But I especially feel bad for well-known fashion bloggers who have well over my 100+ followers… especially those who are in the thousands. They have worked so hard to gain those readers, and I know if I were them, I would be hurt to see all of them gone. BlogLovin’ is not as nearly as popular as GFC.

    And also, what is with Google’s changes all of the sudden? Google+ looks like a waste of time and no, I do not want to create a Google+ since I have my blog, Twitter, Tumblr AND YouTube to cater to. What a sneaky way to get people to join… sorry, but NO THANKS. Also, I don’t know if some other YouTubers noticed, but the YouTube layout has also changed rapidly into some sort of “avant-garde, modern” layout that is simply atrocious.

    Okay, rant done. Thanks for reading hehe! 🙂

  39. Michelle Lee

    luckily I’m a blogspot blogger user.
    I have one question though
    is GFC different from the follow button on the very top of the page?
    or is that the same thing but just showing people’s profile photos in small icons?
    just a quick thought that came up now…
    sounds kind of non-related to this topic sorry 🙁

  40. bonita

    ~ * ♥ * ~

    Okay, that totally sucks. All the blogs I connect with I use GFC. Plus, I like how I can interact with my followers with it! I can easily find out if they have a blog with it, and check it out. I can’t do that with a feed burner… This bites. : / And G+ so doesn’t make a good replacement for GFC. I don’t like it as much, it’s too much effort to keep up with when I already have my blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I don’t need another platform!! I need a easy way to connect with my readers. *end rant* 😀 Thanks for the article Ashe.

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  41. Miss E Blog

    I was considering moving my blog to wordpress when this news broke last week, will have to now hold off until I see whats happening with Google, obviously if Blogspot users get to keep the GFC that will impact whether I move or not. I think they will have to improve Google+ if they want people to use that instead. I have a love/hate relationship with GFC but it is very handy and it’s what most of my readers use. We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose, great post 🙂 x

  42. charlene tan

    i am against cancelling. for those who started out blogging long ago may loose all their followers and its really disheartening. i think google is only doing it because they think it is not very successful but it actually does have a great impact. im not a tech geek and i’m not good with computers. how does someone ” ” transfer ” their followers and followed to another platform?????? help. i hope this wont really happen in the end.

  43. Lisi

    I have no idea how to use Google + and I’m pretty upset about the GFC thing. I guess if people are going to come to your blog, they’re gonna come regardless of how they get there. GFC just made everything so easy. : (

  44. Jade

    I’m a bit confused, I have a blog on Blogger, so does this mean I will lose all of my followers? Or is it just the people who have a blog through something other than Blogger and put the Google Friend Connect Widget on their blog?

  45. Lyddiegal

    Even though I use blogger, what does this mean for all the blogs I’m currently connected to through GFC? Will they all just disappear from my reader? If I have to go and re-add 8 million blogs that is going to be a huge annoyance.

    Maybe if enough people get outraged they will change their minds. Just like Netflix. ha.

  46. Leslie

    I always thought Google Friend Connect looked untidy and amateur. I am all about aesthetics and just couldn’t get past that to use it.

    While I started my G+ page when it was in beta and rarely used it, I am a much bigger fan of it now. I’ve found a totally different audience there. My goal in blogging isn’t to collect friends or followers. It’s to get noticed by the people I want to notice me, and reap the professional benefits from that.

  47. Lauren

    I think that it really shouldn’t matter too much. I understand the worry of the impact that losing followers will be to our blogs, but there are plenty of blogs with tons of followers that never used GFC at all. I know I personally never used it to follow blogs and I am still a devout follower of quite a few. Blog lovin is a great resource to look to. In addition, Facebook would be better (in my opinion)
    To use rather than the Google + option. More people use it and it reads well. But realistically, most of the GFC people probably don’t even read our blogs often, if at all. It’s just a number and the true followers will remain and find other means of following. I personally know people who followe blogs solely through Facebook, or twitter, or by simple bookmarking or writing the names down. I wouldn’t say that GFC should have that massive of an impact on people who love your blog.

  48. charlene tan

    IFB please do something?? :(((((( i will lose all my followers ! cos i never put up a bloglovin widget for followers except GFC!!!!!! i’m so desperate and disappointed.

  49. Franca

    I really hope they automatically transfer it to google reader! About a third of my readers are on GFC and I’ll be very annoyed to lose them.

    I’ve stopped using it to sign up to other blogs myself, because it is so difficult to unsubscribe, but there are things I like about it too. while I get the popularity contest aspect of it, I actually really like that you can see people’s photos. When i was a tiny blog, I used to really take heart from the fact that there were real people with faces following me.

    I have a google plus but frankly I don’t see how that is a substitute, and I’m not going to start promoting because they go about it in such a heavy handed way.

  50. Alyssa

    I’m glad that you posted this because I was considering adding Google Friend Connect to my blog. I do have a Google+ page for my blog, but it seems like I will have to pump it up even more than I planned.

  51. Jolene

    I can’t even begin to say how much I hate this :(. I LOVE GFC. I’ve tried Google+ and hated it. I’m struggling as it is to get readers since I started blogging again earlier this year and I don’t think this is going to help. If we have to spend our time setting up and maintaining a Google+ account it takes away from time we could be producing great blog posts and reading and commenting on our favorite blogs.

  52. mediamarmalade

    As a fairly new blogger I find this very frustrating. My google friend followers has begun getting quite strong recently, and i’d be quite annoyed to lose my followers and would struggle to find new ways to gain loyal readers. Hopefully it’ll not effect bloggers like you mention above.


  53. Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover

    I don’t like Google+, it’s confusing and like you said in the article I don’t want to put effort and dedicate time to create from scratch something I already have.

    I’m on Blogger, but I’ve bought my own domain, does this change affect me? Thank you 🙂

  54. [email protected]

    I am annoyed. I have spent time developing a bit of a following by GFC and I was just starting to see it grow. Now I’m going to be back to square one. Not sure I will be continuing with what Google comes out with next. They seem to turn their programs over quickly.

  55. Jessica

    I think this sucks. I mean if they are going to close it they should migrate all of our followers over to the new system. I mean if you look at it. It looks like they ripped off Facebook if you ask me. Why should we loose our followers. I mean I just started and only have around 136 followers but still thats a lot when compared to having to start all over again from nothing. This upsets me greatly!!! And I may not use the new system unless I get results from it.

  56. Anika

    Honestly, I feel drained just reading this. Do I think I will find the chutzpah to invest in G plus? At this time I don`t think so, but will see how this all plays out. Thank you for another great article, love.

  57. Adrienne

    I’m sort of having a small heart attack about this. My followers are important to me, I’ve worked hard to build a following (even though small) through commenting and following other blogs. Now it’s going away? Bummer!

  58. Lauren

    I have a blogger page and my GFC hasn’t worked for months. When new people add me, it never reflects it in the widget. My dashboard says I have nearly 300 followers but my GFC widget shows only 6… always. I just took it off my blog. I’m over it.

  59. Rikke Claudia

    A yes or no answer.

    Can bloggers on blogspot still use the Google Friend Connect??

    Please answer….

    Sorry my english!

  60. lizandro

    It’s impact on traffic, lost a very efficient way to get new visitors (loyalty of new readers), Also stop having links from other blogs of followers who often pointed to our blog.

    I think a lack of consideration of fernando give something for people to engage and then draw, the person who added the widget in Html pages will need to remove all widgets.

    • lizandro

      I think a lack of consideration of Google give something for people to engage and then draw, the person who added the widget in Html pages will need to remove all widgets

  61. Khadijat Yussuff

    I know I’m a bit late, but it’s super easy to build the Google plus page on Blogger! As soon as you write a new post, blogger prompts you to share it. Then you click share. Problem solved. I personally wasn’t a big fan of the widget’s appearance, so I made it into a social media image link.
    I also don’t have that many followers, so I can make a few announcements to my readers that I’m switching to google plus, and hopefully they’ll join me.

    While GFC is a solid part of the blogging world, google+ does make it easier to connect with people, groups, and brands. Easier than Facebook, if you ask me! Maintenance of Google plus isn’t a big deal at all.

    ♥, Khadijat
    Youth Savage

  62. Alexandra

    This is the first I’ve had news of this and it freaks me out. I’ve worked for nearly two years now only building up GFC followers. What am I supposed to do now? I think this is ridiculous.

  63. Danice

    The source link you have in your post does not contain that info in the brown lettering about GFC closing in July. Is this a mistake? Hoping that GFC does stay.