5 Great Gift Ideas For Bloggers




1. Fuji X10

Let’s start with the most expensive item on the list, coming in at about $600.  For roughly the last decade Fujifilm has been in something of a slump.  Last year however, their retro-styled X100 brought them back to the forefront of camera innovation.  The X10, their newest model and a step-down from the X100, continues this trend.  Designed like an old school rangefinder camera and featuring a 28-112mm zoom lens, pop-up flash, and excellent low-light shootnig capabilities, this is a camera you’re going to want to show off.  Perfect for going to an event, a showroom, a whatever.


2. iPhone 4s

If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for any new product that Apple launches.  The iPhone 4s is no exception.  With a seriously upgraded camera, a ton of storage space, and a creepily intelligent digital companion in Siri, the new iPhone is the gadget that everyone wants this holiday season.  For blogger purposes I would normally suggest an iPad, but with the iPad 3 (hopefully) being released soon, I would hold off on buying the iPad 2 this holiday season.


3. Aphrodite USB Hub

Now you can charge all your USB-based electronics with some Hellenistic flair!  Never be out of USB ports: charge your iPad, your phone, upload pictures, and back everything up to an external hard drive all plugged into this single USB hub.  And it’s available for around $35.



4. Fashion Foie Gras Coach Bag

Fashion Foie Gras’ Emily Johnson recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Coach to design a bag made just for bloggers.  The bag features a padded pocket to hold an SLR, a compartment for a pair of flats, and ample room for a laptop, iPad, an anything else you can imagine.  Emily Johnson really hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one: it fulfills your every blogging need and makes it easy to do what you love no matter where you are.



5. J. Crew DodoCase for iPad

On the stocking stuffer end of things J. Crew’s new DodoCase can make your iPad look like a trendy little notebook.  As if the iPad weren’t cool enough on it’s own here’s an accessory to make it look even cooler.  Designed with classic bookbinding techniques in mind and featuring a hard bamboo holding tray and the ability to fold back to act as a typing desk, the DodoCase makes the iPad cooler than ever.  The DodoCase comes in a variety of colors and in a lovely leopard print variety.



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  1. Shayne Renee

    All amazing gifts!! I especially love the Coach bag! What girl doesn’t love a bag with compartments for everything?? Thanks for the great ideas 🙂