5 Ways Your Blog Can Benefit From Pinterest

 We talk a lot on IFB about all the different social networking tools that bloggers can use to grow their traffic and interact with their peers. Some are more powerful than others, some are long-established, and some are very up-and-coming. Pinterest is definitely the latter. If you haven't checked it out yet, Pinterest is a social image-sharing site that displays the images of those you follow in a format similar to a corkboard or inspiration board you might have at h0me. You can “pin” images you find online onto “boards” that you title, organizing them into trends, design, shopping, food, whatever you might like.


I joined Pinterest a few months ago, and I have found it to be sort of like a speed-reading version of Tumblr. You get all the great imagery, with none of the anonymous comments or question-and-answer feeds. There's no text (besides brief descriptors of the images), so you're just inunndated with gorgeous pictures, art, outfits, editorials and insane amounts of blogging inspiration.


How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Blog:


1. When an image is pinned to someone's board (or one of your boards) it keeps the URL where it was found. When people come across one of your images on Pinterest, it can lead them directly back to your blog – and gain you a new follower!


2. Pinterest is a genius way to store images and inspiration. When you're feeling stumped on what to post, go back to your boards and look at the different images and items you've pinned. You'll probably find a great trend story or shopping piece just waiting for you. (A recent IFB commenter also mentioned that she used Pinterest boards to make gift guides that she could direct her readers to through hyperlinks – which I think is rather a stroke of genius!)


3. It's also a great place to find inspiration. Use the search bar to look for specific items, TV characters, bloggers, magazines… You name it. Chances are you will come across at least one image that turns your blogging gears and gets you excited. You might also find a new “pinner” or two to follow, to keep the inspiration coming!


4. To reep the benefits of Pinterest, you don't have to do all the pinning yourself. Your readers can pin their favorite images from your blog to their boards, and in turn their followers will see them and be exposed to your blog. Images can be “repinned” over and over, with the potential to “go viral” in a sense, and give your blog some hype without you doing any of the PR. (Try typing in the name of your blog in the search bar to see if anything comes up!)


5. The more you're out there – the more you're out there. I know some people gripe about spreading yourself too thin, but with something as easy as Pinterest, I think it's worth the effort. When you add the tiny “pin this” tool to your browser's toolbar, it becomes about a 15 second project to pin an image to one of your boards.


Do you have a Pinterest account? How do you use it?


[Image via my Pinterest]


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37 Responses

  1. Morgan_Lua

    I have a Pinterest and I’m obsessed! I use it to keep items I’ve come across on the vast internet in one place. Whether they’re inspiration, or things I want to buy it’s all in one place!

  2. Erin @ ThanksIMadeIt

    Pinterest is one of my favorite tools for finding and sharing inspiration and my content. I always pin pictures of my DIY projects to my boards, and get a good chunk of traffic from Pinterest.

  3. Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    I love Pinterest. It’s funny because I use it constantly, basically for all of the reasons you described – but never actually log in since I pin everything using my toolbar. Somehow I’ve amassed a crazy amount of followers and had absolutely no idea… weird/cool! So now I’m making more of an effort to follow people and give repinning a go. But completely agree – it’s a great tool, I think everyone should use it!

  4. Ashley

    I am a total Pinterest addict. It has helped my blogging tremendously though – the inspiration and ideas are so free flowing from Pinterest and keeping everything organized on boards, helps me to make my posts quicker and more efficiently. I love it! Definitely a fabulous tool. And fun to say the least 🙂

  5. Jasmine Sinclair

    As a matter of fact I was just on Pinterest! I am addicted and use it for inspiration. I will definitely be using it to get some traffic on From Jasmine With Love!!! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Rachel from Love a la mode

    I love pinterest and have been a user since last summer! I think it’s a much improved “weheartit” and I love the ability to sort boards by category. I even like it more than tumblr, and connecting with new people is always fun… I was shocked to discover how many new followers I get on my blog who discovered it through my pinterest pins and boards 🙂

  7. Jenny

    Hasn’t it been around for a while? I thought I was the only one who caught on to this late 🙂

  8. Tam

    I think Pinterest is an amazing tool for fashion bloggers. Creating outfit (and other) inspiration boards initiated my exposure to (and infatuation with!) a lot of fashion blogs, and it has propelled me to start my own fashion blog as well. Pinning is a great way to keep ideas and inspiration organized and to keep track of where you got them. I am a huge Pinterest aficionado!

    I am happy to send an invite to anyone who is on the waiting list–you can skip the line if an already-established user invites you. Contact info: http://www.helloframboise.com/p/contact-tam.html

  9. Shophopper

    I heard about Pinterest a few times but hadn’t bothered to check it out yet. This article made me curious, and I have to admit, it looks great. There’s only one downside – it seems to be invite only? I’d love to get involved, so if anyone would want to send an invite ([email protected]), I’d be very grateful!

  10. Stephanie

    I love Pinterest. I use it daily, if not multiple times daily. 🙂 I actually have a weekly Pinterest Pretties that I post on my blog. I have found that I get a lot of searches for things I post from Pinterest so I’ve started a reoccurring weekly post about the pretty things I’ve found on Pinterest. Its not fashion related but more geared towards DIY projects and things of that nature. Although I’m thinking of doing on about the Styles I’m seeing on there and loving.

  11. Sophia

    Great article and great advice. I love Pinterest and highly recommend adding the “Pin It” button to your toolbar for easy and fast pinning.

  12. the clothing menu

    Great article – pinterest is definitely on it’s way to becoming huge. I use it to pin home design images because I’ll be moving into a new apartment soon that I’ll get to design. I just recently thought about how great it is for blogging – I’ll definitely be using it more to further promote my style images.

  13. lindsey

    i’ve been hearing about this for so long!

    after trying stumbleupon and not liking it, i was weary of this, but i think i may like it better so i’ll give it a try!

    it’ll probably become like tumbling to me!


    • taylordavies

      It usually doesn’t take more than a week! Good luck – it’s worth the wait 🙂

  14. M @StyleSizzle

    I just barely started using Pinterest a few weeks ago and am loving it! It’s great for inspiration, just like the other bloggers have mentioned, and a nice creative outlet too. I love all the ideas on there and it’s a beautiful way to share some images from your own blog.
    Mine is http://pinterest.com/marlenemontanez if you’d like to follow me or any of my boards! They are a work in progress 🙂

  15. Eliza

    I thought of getting pinterest before but…isn’t it a bit like tumblr?
    And yeah, i have been to the site a couple times.

  16. Mary

    I have an account but haven’t used it much. Great tips. I’m going to have to go through my outfit posts & pin some favorite looks.

  17. S Smallcomb

    I love Pinterest!! I’m completely obsessed, and I use it on my blog at least once a week. It’s just too addicting. Who needs Tumblr when you’ve got Pinterest?

  18. Lisa

    I’m addicted to pinterest. I use it to pin looks that I love and will use for inspiration. I pin some of my favorite looks from my blog as well. For nonblogging purposes I pin recipes I want to try and home ideas among other things. Did I mention I love pinterest?

  19. Jaida

    My friend sent me an invite to join Pinterest about a month ago so I did. It reminded me of a much simpler Tumblr. I posted a few pictures, but I’m obsessed with my Tumblr! LOL I’ve been on there for almost 2 years and I love the way it’s set up. Pinterest is too plain for me. I may give it to try though just so people can find my blog. 🙂

  20. Jess

    I resisted joining PInterest for the longest time because everyone I knew was addicted to it! Now I totally see why. I use it as a way to keep outfit inspirations, recipes, home decor ideas and general articles I want to read. It’s such a great way to multi-task – I’m putting all the things I want to see and read in one place while attracting new friends and potential readers of my blog!