IFB Project #23 Roundup: Shopping Survival Tips

Thanks to all of you who participated in this week's IFB Project. I think it's going to be useful to a lot of people. The holidays tend to drive everyone crazy and the stores become a madhouse! Below you'll find some great tips on how to shop efficiently without stressing yourself out too much hopefully. Happy holidays!

IFB Project #23 Roundup: Shopping Survival Tips

  1. Survival Tips for all the stressed out Christmas shoppers (for IFB): “Don't spend all your money on one item”
  2. Finding Holiday Shopping Zen: “Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day”
  3. My 10 successful shopping tips are here. Hope they will help you!: “Wear comfortable clothes and shoes”
  4. Survival Shopping (for the holidays and year around): “Beware your friends”
  5. IFB Project #23: Shopping Survival Tips!: “Tip 8: Check the sale rack first”
  6. Shopping Tips: Shop Smart Not Hard!: Tip: Start Early!
  7. Ten Tips to Surviving the Jungle, I Mean Shopping! “Don't wear anything that's going to make trying on clothes a nightmare.”
  8. Survival guide to the Christmas battle field (IFB PROJECT #23): Wear your hair up perhaps? Nothing is worse than having your hair in your face.
  9. IFB PROJECT #23: SHOPPING SURVIVAL TIPS: Wear little makeup and no fake tans! You don't want to ruin clothing especially if you're not buying it.
  10. TIPS 2 THRIFT BY: HOW 2 SHOP EBAY: Allow yourself plenty of time.


There were so many helpful tips on all of the lists submitted for this week's IFB Project.  Sometimes it's nice to have a reminder right before you run out the door. Make sure you check out all of this week's submissions HERE.


* Check back Friday at 3pm EST for a new project!


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