IFBtv: How To Conduct a Successful Interview

We've had a few episodes of IFBtv so far right? Hooray! Hopefully you've taken some notes and we were able to help out a bit. This week we're straying going to tell you have to conduct a successful video interview in 5 simple steps!


Check back next Thursday at 3pm EST for a new episode. Also if you have any suggestions or something specific you'd like to see leave us a comment and we'll take it under consideration.


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3 Responses

  1. Faye

    thank you, this is really useful. i’m looking to do some video interviews in the future and i’ll definitely refer back to this.

    faye xo

  2. Kalyca romeo

    I’ve noticed with Q&As or interviews asking quick-fire, funny questions like “describe your alter ego,” or you’ve caught red-handed with pieces from a fashion legend’s closet, who is it and what’s in your hand?” The responses you get will put everyone at ease and make the interviewing process a bit easier. Also practice with friends and friends of friends. http://romeostyle.com/