20 Signs You’re A Real Fashion Blogger

When I first started my personal blog, I was living back in Seattle. I couldn't have felt farther away from the community that I was trying to establish myself in. I was just learning about Twitter, blogrolls, Bloglovin, (and IFB) and discovering what self-publishing online was all about. I didn't include outfit photos as part of my posting repertoire because I didn't really know if that was something I was ready to explore.


Flash forward two and a half years and as a blogger, I feel like a different person. Outfit posts make up half my content, I'm constantly online, and check my follower numbers compulsively. Living in New York City, ingraining myself in the blogging community through social media and meeting other bloggers at events and fashion week shows has helped me and my blog blossom. Sometimes though, I feel like now that I'm basically never not on the Internet, I have a completely skewed view of what's important, what's real and what matters. If you ask me, this is a sign that I'm becoming a real fashion blogger.

Here are 20 signs (both real and really silly) that you're a real fashion blogger:


  • Your blog contains at least 60% original photography
  • Each blog post you create contains at least three full sentences of text
  • Your smart phone camera roll is 90% pictures of things you've worn or bought
  • Even if you don't live there, you tend to dress for New York City
  • You judge other bloggers based on who's on their blogroll
  • To you, the blogroll is like sacred internet real estate – a privilege, not a right
  • Your blog isn't just reblogs
  • Your Tumblr is more than just images, or is just supplemental to your full site
  • You've turned down a PR pitch because you knew it didn't fit with your blog's identity
  • When any social plans come up, your first thoughts are: “Can I blog about this?”
  • Sometimes you feel like an outfit wasn't worth wearing unless someone liked it on Instagram
  • You will not apologize for occasionally feeling closer to your internet friends than your real life friends
  • Your blog does not play music
  • Your Twitter handle is some version of your blog's name, not your actual name
  • Choosing your iPhone case was more difficult than picking your prom dress
  • Your blog's Facebook page has more “likes” than you have Facebook friends
  • When getting dressed in the morning, your outfit arranges itself like a Polyvore set in your mind's eye
  • Shoes. Just, so many shoes.
  • You can spot a Rebecca Minkoff bag from 3 blocks away
  • In your vernacular, “Nasty Gal” is not a derogatory term for a woman with a certain way about her


If you agree with at least half of these, then you're probably a real fashion blogger too! What are some other signs that you might be a real blogger? Let us know in the comments!


Note: Just because you are exhibiting these signs of fashion-blogger-itis doesn't mean you're not also a real person. We all have lives off the internet, and it's important to balance the two as much as we can!


[Photos via my (shutupilovethat's) instagram account]



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  1. Nina

    I agree with most of these!! Fashion blogging really changes lives, and the way that I look at mine. I will just replace ‘Rebecca Minkoff’ with ‘Miu Miu’ and ‘Proenza Schouler’.

    Great article ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lena

    Well, I’m a new blogger 3 weeks into it to be exact. I don’t have many followers yet and I’m still learning the ropes but I’m passionate about it. It’s for me and one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I enjoy every minute of it and I’ve already committed myself to it as though it’s already a paying entrepreneurship of sorts. That being said…I already consider myself a real fashion blogger and I’m looking forward to my journey in the blog world.

  3. lisa

    Other signs:

    -When you wear a cute outfit, you think about whether you can get good photos of it (DSLR, natural light, someone to take them for you). If not, you feel like it was a waste of a good outfit.
    -You’re jealous of girls whose boyfriends take good photos.
    -You can talk about SEO and nail polish in the same breath.

    • Donna

      I so agree with this one! The only person I have to take pics for me is my Mom, & she’s so much shorter than me that they don’t turn out very well. I’m getting very creative taking photos of myself. I even asked a fitting room attendant if she’d take one of me! (She said she wasn’t allowed)
      Anytime I go ANYWHERE I try to wear something that I can make a blog post out of. No more wearing sweats to go to the grocery store! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amber

      yes!! I totally agree with you! Your exra 3 are perfect. I was talking to a non-blogging friend about SEO and nail polish. I referred to polish in it’s “season” and collection name. Her eyes completely glazed over. LOL

  4. Farah

    I agree with most of these except one, I think music is a big part of fashion, always has and always will be. what would be a fashion show without it? so I dont really think that if a blog plays music its not a fashion blog….look at the blog Color Me Nana that she always has a link to a song in her posts complementing the post…I do agree that blogs SHOUDNT have automatic music that plays, but I do have a playlist on my blog that u can play if and only if you wish to. big hugs!!

  5. Kb

    I think most of these apply to me, in fact I was thinking about the Facebook comment just the other day. I am also trying to be cautious about the pitches I accept and events that I attend.

  6. MJ

    Ha! Some of these are soo true! I knew I was a fashion blogger when I was shopping for my house and I saw the backyard and my first though was “This place is great for outfit photos!” I know…so sad! LOL

  7. Ebeth

    Choosing my iphone case was definitely harder than choosing my prom dress… I ended up DIYing the case! And I always think about whether I can blog about social events! Does this make me pathetic or really cool? I can’t decide!

  8. Heidi T.

    This is a really good post. I agree with at least half of these. Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I have to also agree with the additional signs lisa pointed out. :))

  9. April Lyn

    OMG I love this article, so close to the my truths in life it’s scary! I started my blog to give myself a creative outlet and to become inspired! This article has reminded me of my initial reasons for having a blog as well as kicking any and all doubts I have had about my incessant addiction to the blog-o-sphere and the ever-growing internet TO THE CURB.

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  10. Harija

    I can’t believe it but half these things are so true. I feel happy and weird in another way. Thankyou for helping me realize these facts =)

  11. Victoria

    great post! (as always)
    i think you’re a fashion blogger when you are snoozing in history class until your teacher mention the word “shoes”, and you realise it “just totally made your day”.

  12. Zeze

    Lol, most of them for me, 3 blogs with little followers, but it’s really addictive creating something and sharing your passion.

  13. Nikki Dee

    haha these are great! Lisa, I definitely agree with the statement that if I wear a cute outfit but don’t get a good picture of it, it seems like such a waste of a good outfit!

  14. FashandFrostGal

    Hey I agree with these and some of them actually helped me to rethink about my fashionblog!

    *3girls,1blog, and the pursuit of making everyday more beautiful*

  15. Desiree

    When you worry more about having new content on your blog than studying for finals. Yikes!

    Although I agree with most of this, I have yet to become a true fashion blogger.<3

    Follow me at:


  16. Dede

    I agree with half of your signs. I wanna agree with everything but I just started at 2 months ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. lelee

    OMG! one of the cutest post ever! so happy i read this because I’m a new born to the blogging world, and making my first blog got me super pumped for the journey ahead of me lol. Hopefully ill be able to come back to this post and scratch atleast 19 of them off the REAL Fashion blogger checklist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Nico

    I thought that when I got a smart phone I would then have the opportunity to take photos of my life and perhaps one day create a scrap book of all my favorite memories. But, like you mentioned…. basically all of the photos in my camera are pictures used for my blog. Its like my child.


  19. Alyssa

    I agree with most of what you said except “Even if you donโ€™t live there, you tend to dress for New York City.”

    Everyone has their own fashion meccas–Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, etcetera–for me, it’s Dallas, Texas!

  20. April

    I couldn’t help but laugh while reading…everythings so true! Such a fun community to be a part of though!

  21. julia

    i don’t want to be a debbie downer here, but i found this pretty disappointing.

    i love fashion, i write about fashion online, and i suppose i consider myself a fashion blogger. but so many of these things don’t apply to me, or to many other fashion bloggers.

    i don’t own a smart phone, namely because i can’t afford one. so i don’t have instagram, etc. i don’t own designer anything other than a pair of burberry glasses my mother bought for me four years ago. i don’t judge strangers based on what they wear.

    what i find sad is there is nothing on this list about being creative, thinking outside the box, being critical, finding more inspiration in real people (like some fashion bloggers) who share their outfits online. to me that’s what i love about fashion bloggers, not how many shoes they have in their closet or how many expensive new technological gadgets they use.

    i think lists like this, even when they’re presented as ‘fun’ and silly, can serve to reinforce the idea that fashion blogging is really limited to people who have money, leisure time, a boyfriend who takes nice photos of their outfits, who look a certain way, etc. etc. i want to see more bloggers outside of that box.

    • julia

      i forgot to mention: developping strong and interesting writing! the thing that keeps me coming back to fashion blogs isn’t always the outfits, but the strong writing.

      i know my writing skills are better for having been blogging for ten years, and i think it’s something we forget all too often.

    • taylordavies

      Hi Julia,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I definitely understand where you are coming from here, but allow me to explain the motivation behind this post. As within any community, fashion bloggers have developed a lot of tell-tale characteristics that run as a commonality though many different types of people and blogs. Of course every person is unique, as is their writing style, their personal style and how they use social media. IFB produces dozens of post per month with much more “serious” content – that is, content with more constructive tips and advice and motivational tools for bloggers. If you take some time to explore our site archives, you’ll find tons of helpful and less silly posts ๐Ÿ™‚ My intention wtih this post was to make light of traits that apply to many bloggers – but also traits that perhaps we don’t ascripe to, but that ring true none-the-less because they make us laugh. I’m broke as hell and didn’t have a smart phone until last week. I don’t have a boyfriend to take photos for me & I certainly can’t afford tons of designer duds – but we both know that these aren’t the things that one needs to be a great blogger, as do most of the bloggers in our community. I’m sorry if you feel like this post is portraying a poor image of fashion bloggers – but sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves. Best, Taylor

    • BeLighter

      Like you, I don’t have a smart phone, therefore I don’t have instagram… in fact, I don’t even have my own PC, it’s the family one that I use! (I know, SOOO unprofessional) ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t have a hubby (in my case) who takes nice photos and I just have a tiny digital camera and take my own photos, which combined just makes me be more creative…

      And no, I do not possess designer goods either…

      but so what? I remember many of the “Top Bloggers” when they started their blogs, everything was very different; from the quality of the images, the design of the blogs, the goods they presented on their posts, and so on!

      But guess what, I don’t care! I started this to have fun, as an escape, a refuge for pretty things, to be inspired, to better my own style (still have a long way to go!), and I’m totally relaxed when it comes to charts and followers! (crazy I know!)

      Keep in mind that not everything is what it seems! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Freddy Rodriguez

    15/20, I’d say I’m well on my way to being a “real fashion blogger.”

    How about when you’re with your friends you’re too busy tweeting who you’re with and blogging a photo to tumblr of the restaurant. – fashion blogger

  23. Reyna Lay

    How about: You are a real fashion blogger if…
    everyone knows you will always have a camera & will always be taking pictures… for your blog. lol.

    You are a real fashion blogger if…

    you decide to dress even fancier than needed because, “I have to take ootd pictures later.” A simple tee will not suffice.


  24. Homme a' la mode

    I agree with at least 60% of the things on this list, also, you know you’re a real fashion blogger if:

    You know who your core audience is

    You have a deep understanding of your content, not just an informed opinion

    Your blog isn’t just pictures

    You have vision, to know what’s hot now, what will be hot in the future and how to connect past trends to current ones

    You’re always on the cutting edge

    You have followers that include more than just your close family and friends

    You’ve established some important industry contacts through your blog

  25. BeLighter

    Well, I agree with less then half, for sure… so I guess I’m not a real fashion blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

    Getting there though, I mean, I just started to post personal outfits, and I’m totally getting addicted! I’m starting to think in terms of “does this make a good post?”, “should I post about this?”, whether it be shopping, outfit, or any other stuff, and the answer is usually “yes” (see, still getting there, still a “usually”, which I’m sure will disappear any moment now)

    Very funny post!!!

  26. Jennifer


    You know way more HTML code than you are strictly comfortable with.

    You try to find post-worthy outfits even while camping.

    You change handbags solely because โ€œIโ€™ve had the same bag in my last 5 posts!โ€

    You know knockoffs are bad for the fashion industry but OMG I SO WANT THAT $38 STYLENANDA RIPOFF OF THE $900 CARVEN SWEATER!!!

    Your boyfriend hordes his favorite socks so you don’t cut them up for sock buns.

    Your boyfriend has asked you to give it a rest with the sock bun/topknot.

    You cried when Marc and Lorenzo broke up.

  27. Velvet Moon Diaries

    Hmmm… I have a total different approach & opinion on the term Fashion Blogger. I like to think of bloggers whose content is mostly their outfit posts & own content to be style bloggers. Fashion can be bought and style is something you just have.

    According this article I am nowhere close to being a Fashion Blogger. I don’t share my style photos or more than half of what is on this list. I am a freelance Fashion Designer and like to share what inspires me as a designer. Not sure what term I’d use for this type of blogger?

    But, it’s a great article and I still consider myself quite new to this blogging arena. And IFB & it’s community has been a great help.

    Faiza xo

  28. Mishka

    “Real fashion blogger” ?

    I’ve gotten used to reading mostly quality articles on IFB, but reads like a self-fulfilling, self-important list of horn-toots to me.

    I guess you’re trying to be amusing/fun, but this seems to clash with the rest of the community, wherein the point is to encourage, not to discourage w/ a list that sings “I’m a real blogger and you’re not, haha, let me count the ways!”

    I can see that as potentially discouraging to a wiiiide range of people who use this site.

    While I can see this as harmless on a personal blog, it seems irresponsible of those who moderate this community to let this fly as an “article” for the community (much less promote it in a news letter).

    I assume you guys want honest feedback, so that’s my 2ยข.

    • Mishka

      And it’s important to point out that it’s the principle of this sort of post that I find stands out in contrast to what I assumed the mission of IFB is — not that the post is super harsh/horrible.

      • creativefashionglee

        I found this list kind of snob, and itยดs sad because I was actually excited to read it. If I would religiously scale myself up to this qualifications, then I donยดt qualify as a real fashion blogger. And that blogroll being not a right? And judging a blog according to that online real estate? Hah! You should see the Kingdom of Style and observe how that blog defers from most, they share the love unsnobly. Once you approach the queens, you donยดt get that feeling “I donยดt belong here.”! There is no elitism, the show support. Sadly thatยดs rare.

        I absolutely agree with Mishka.

    • taylordavies

      Hi Mischka,

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. We absolutely want honest feedback from our community on anything and everything, so thank you for your openness. I am terribly sorry if you found this post offensive, it was supposed to be light-hearted and fun, and I think that it is. I drew these ideas up from my knowledge of this community, as well as from personal experience, and it is in no way a wrap sheet of “haha” call outs. Many of the traits listed, such as naming your Twitter handle after your blog, turning down PR pitches, and not having music playing on your site are actual constructive tips to help bloggers, not make fun. Hope you can see the value in balancing a little silly in with the serious. Best, Taylor

  29. debi c

    i agreed with 13..the one i want to mention is that PR pitch thing..i got contacted by a Washington based online website to write for them..but it was clear even if they praised my posts and style of writing they wanted me to write about something they wanted not really my original style..i was sad but i turned them down.i couldn’t come up with what they wanted.i am happy with my blog..

  30. Advicesisters

    another sign you are a real blogger (fashion or otherwise) is that you actually respond to the PR ladies that offer you “editorial content” (e.g. sales promotions or other types of advertorials) that really isn’t, with a “no thanks” and work with those who understand you are a serious journalist!

  31. RoseLovesFashion

    Hello All. Ummmm, I actually loved this post and I totally get it. It is the kind of humor I often Twitter from. When I read the title, I was so driven with anticipation- to see how I stacked up to the “blogger game.” Phew, lucky for me, I found myself in a lot of it. This was by no means meant to offend anyone, but written from a standpoint of Pointers for staying relavant and competitive in the blogosphere. Now, if your blog is a hobby then you still know where you stand also.

  32. Fabi

    What RoseLovesFashion said.

    I don’t fall into all categories, but that doesn’t mean the fashion blogging police is gonna come get me. It was a fun read. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. karina

    Most of these are so true. Rebloging is not blogging, and I will always choose to follow a personal style/ outfit blog over a blogger that just posts editorials and wish lists.

  34. kate heimann

    ahhh that’s so funny! I can totally relate. I think that when i’ve just started out I do tend to question the truth of calling myself a blogger. I enjoyed reading this list and feeling a bit closer to a professional in this arena. It’s exciting really! Thanks for posting and boosting my confidence in my own fashion blog: wearinla.com

    thank you! xoxo kate

  35. moeyhudson

    ‘Youโ€™ve turned down a PR pitch because you knew it didnโ€™t fit with your blogโ€™s identity’

    I have turn down so many PR pitch that I felt bad at times! Cuz they took time to write & find my blog! So I am so glad that this is in the list! Now I don’t feel half as bad!

    Add on points, Fashion bloggers will never repeat any piece of outfit, shoes, bags & accessories on outfit post.

    Good post! light & fun! Well, fashion is fun!


  36. tulipstokissyouwith

    This truly made me day; you know you’re confident when you can make fun of yourself! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am quite guilty of these! Even though I’m based out of a town who thinks the GAP is high fashion; these points are pretty relatable! Fashion bloggers of the world unite! (Some things never change!)

  37. Aiseneya W.

    This was a good read. I remember when someone was encouraging me to do reblogs/reposts often. It only took a couple of times before I felt like I looked as if I was trying to compensate for a lack of creativity, originality, and writing ability. That’s just not for me. I’ll say 80% applies to me. Nice to see this list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Michal

    I really not agree with the first one.
    I kind of hate fashion blogs that tend to write about themselves and only post outfit pictures. I almost never post outfit pictures and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

  39. Mary

    This is so fun. I’m totally there with over half of them. “Can I blog about this?” is the best.

  40. RoisinElizabeth

    So agree!!
    Especially with the dressing for New York even if you don’t live there, and the minute someone suggests doing something you think ‘can I blog about this’!!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  41. Sharontina Brightman

    hahaha, I LOVE this! I cab identify with literally 95% of those points. The funniest is that I sooooo dress for NYC and I live alllll way in Philly! hahaha… great post!

  42. Angei

    hahaha this list is so funny and SO true! well i guess i’m glad i’m a REAL fashion blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. rica

    love this post! i am a real fashion blogger!

    adding to the list:
    … you whip out your SLR and arrange your shopping loot like styling for a fashion editorial as soon as you get home from a shopping spree!

  44. Lisa

    I love the comment above about trying to find post worthy outfits even while camping. I totally did that this last weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  46. Anakiya

    I really enjoyed this post. I am not even close to being as good as many of you and have only just started to get to know this community. However I enjoyed the humor and understood some of the hidden advice behind the humor. Life is so much better when taken with a grain of salt :). Blogging should be fun because fun is, more often the not, the inspiration to fashion. At least in my opinion.

  47. Marie

    Awesome! And when shopping for the tons of shoes you ask yourself if these shoes will photograph well for the blog..black is so hard to see!

  48. JDF

    I thought this was a really fun and cute article. Loved reading the list and seeing what items are true for me and my blog. I heart IFB for bringing me inspiring and/or lighthearted posts such as this that truly make me feel like part of a growing community!

  49. Claudine

    My blog fits with at least 10 of these points, but I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger. Perhaps I should consider myself delusional.

  50. Monde Mtsi

    Interesting read. Suppose I should take it lightly with a pinch of salt.

    I don’t completely fit the shoe based on that list but then again, I’m very finicky about the shoes I buy and wear.

    I will be honest though, I proclaimed myself a real fashion blogger the second I promised myself and my blog that I would only upload 80% original content and 20% googled information or info provided by another source.

    Reason being, I believe the point of becoming a blogger and one of this nature, is to provide consumers with your own personal and original take on fashion and style.

    I don’t do outfit posts at the moment, and that’s because I’m just not ready for that. So instead, I focus on copy driven editorial pieces, profiling articles on brand and personalities that have an effect on fashion and style in my country, South Africa.

    So, I would hope, IFB, would consider that real fashion blogging too.


    The Renaissance Men

    • taylordavies

      Hey there, I got a lot of mixed comments on this post – and you’re dead on. Take it with a pinch of salt and have a laugh. It’s just fashion blogging after all, and we should be able to laugh at ourselves and some of the silly things we do. Of course being a real fashion blogger takes much more than just outfit photos and expensive sunglasses. Like you said, it’s about original content and self-publishing your own thoughts and opinions. Please may I direct you to Part II of this post? http://heartifb.com/2011/12/12/20-other-signs-youre-a-real-fashion-blogger/ – Thanks for writing! Best, Taylor

  51. Tiff Ima

    I am definitely a real fashion blogger.

    My blog is small but I am obsessed with growth, and I love it so much!

  52. Megan

    You may be a fashion blogger if…..every outfit you buy was bought with your blog in mind….

    xox Megan