Create Instagram Facebook Galleries with instafb

You love Instagram, it works so well for you on Twitter. Posting links on your Facebook? Well not so much. People like ok… but don't react as well as a proper image upload to a gallery (with tagging).


Lo and behold, . It's an ultra simple tool that directs your Instagram feed automatically to a Facebook Gallery. You just go to the site, enter in your Instagram account, your Facebook account, name the album you want to create in Facebook.. and wella. It only uploads 50 images on the first try, but after that it all goes in automatically.

The Advantages?


At first, I thought, What's the big deal? Well, there are a couple of things.

  • Branding: Posting the images directly into the gallery show up on your page and in the feeds in a much more visually appealing way. That tiny thumbnail on the wall post is hard to read for those skimming through.
  • Higher Interactivity: Your friends a better chance to get a good look at your pics, and like them! I've noticed a much higher rate of interactivity on my profile since linking the two accounts.
  • Tagging: You can't tag wall posts as well, but you sure can tag the bejesus out of your photo uploads. Now if you take a great pic you can tag them on Instagram, Twitter, now Facebook. This enables you to give your bffs the shout out they deserve.

So give it a try! Since I've started using this.. it's given me a whole new perspective on how to leverage Facebook!

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18 Responses

  1. Ashe

    Okay, maybe I’m stupid and missed this… can you link the two accounts to a Page or does it have to be to your personal profile?

      • Ashe

        Thanks, Anne! I wasn’t sure if I was missing that above or if it wasn’t an option yet… I hope it becomes one though!

    • Jennine Jacob

      not yet, they had trouble a few months back when Facebook denied them access (probably because Facebook tried and failed to buy Instagram) but I think if this takes off, something along the lines of creating brand galleries will be doable.

  2. anne keane

    Instagram just keeps getting better! I love that I can tag the photos, but wish I could upload to a photo album on my brand page rather than my personal page.

  3. anne

    got my first 50 photos in. wondering if there’s a way to add more from my instagram archives. (have 200+)

  4. Erica

    I love this but I wish I could connect my Instagram account to my blog’s Facebook page instead of my personal profile.