IFB Project #25: Blogger Holiday Party

As the most festive time of the year swells and percolates with lights, decorations, trees, wreaths and everything shining and glittering – we can't help but get in the spirit at IFB. For this week's project, we're inviting you to a very stylish affair: our very own blogger holiday party. Well, it's an online party. We want to see what all of our fashion-forward members will be wearing to their holiday parties this year – and showcase them on IFB! So instead of posting just links, we'll also be posting the photos of our favorite looks right here on IFB!


IFB Project #25: Blogger Holiday Party


What do you wear when it's time to get dressed up this time of year? Do you go classic in a dress and pumps or get glamorous with sequins? Do you rock an ugly sweater with your jeans and call it a day? Create a post with your best holiday party look and submit it for this week's IFB project. We can't wait to have a virtual party with you!


Remember: your project submission is due by 12 pm EST on Tuesday, December 13th.



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  1. Donna

    hmmmm, I gained a lot of weight this year so finding a holiday party dress is going to be a real challenge. But I do love challenges!