20 OTHER signs You’re A Real Fashion Blogger

Signs Your A Real Fashion Blogger

Boy oh boy IFB community! My post last week on 20 Signs You're A Real Fashion Blogger stirred up a lot of heated conversation in the comments (we're up to 94 and counting). It seems the majority of you found the post humorous and easy to relate to, but a significant (and vocal) part of our readers were deeply concerned that the list reinforced a stereotype about fashion bloggers and didn't represent the goals and mission of IFB. To those of you who are upset – I hear you. And that's what today's post is about. I want to talk a little more about this and open up the conversation further.


The post was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek but also pretty realistic list of qualities that many fashion bloggers possess. Do they all apply to everyone? Of course not. Should everything I write be taken completely seriously? I sure hope not. (Remember this and this?) For my part, I want to keep the content of IFB helpful, informative but also fun to read. That's just my style: I like to find humor in what we do, and if I can make you smile a little and recognize something ridiculous that we bloggers might have in common – I want to share it!


So on that note, I hope that those of you who were offended by the post can forgive me. I won't apologize for writing it because I stand behind it's message, but I want to be clear that I understand where your concern comes from and reassure you that IFB will always continue to bring our community support, advice and legitimately useful posts on a regular basis.


For your re-c0nsideration, 20 MORE signs you're a Real Fashion Blogger:


  • You know what SEO stands for, and it matters to you. A lot.
  • Forget new purchases, you shop your closet better than Barney's when you need a new outfit post
  • You set aside at least an hour a day to attend to your blog, whether its maintenance, comments, photos, or posting…
  • You leave sincere and thoughtful comments on your favorite blogs
  • You've been introduced to someone with, “This is my friend so-and-so, you know, the one with the blog.”
  • You never ask people to follow you on Twitter or in another blog's comments – you know they'll come around on their own.
  • Tumblr is one of your favorite places to find outfit inspiration
  • You can't go more than a few hours without checking your Pinterest page to see what's been added to your feed
  • You've woken up in bed from a late night of blogging spooning your laptop – more than once.
  • An outfit doesn't feel complete to you without just the right shade of nail polish
  • Your friends totally know that look in your eye when you're about to ask them to take your picture – alone. Looking into the distance. With a hand on your hip.
  • Your computer-based multi-tasking abilities are unparalleled. At any given time you might be reading a post in your RSS feed, tweeting about it, updating your blogroll, listening to music and working on an expense report for work – while eating a turkey sandwich.
  • The term “fail whale” is in your regular lexicon.
  • You have a hard time talking to people who don't get social media
  • Any post worth doing – is worth doing well. Period.
  • HTML For Dummies is on your holiday wish list this year
  • Your internet browser's bookmark toolbar includes both your ‘clip to Polyvore' tool and your ‘pin it' tool
  • You just don't feel productive unless you have at least 7 tabs open on Firefox or Safari
  • You're excited to have a little time off around the holidays because it will give you more free time to work on your site and put some posts in the bank for the next crazy work/school week
  • Your blog is the manifestation of the best, most beautiful, talented, fashionable and smart version of yourself


So what do you think of this list? Is it accurate? Do you prefer this one or last weeks? Did you seriously fall asleep spooning your laptop last night like I did?


[Photo by Nando Alvarez (outside #IFBcon)]

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56 Responses

  1. Ashe

    Holy shit dude. I’m not even BLOGGING right now & have 7 Firefox tabs open. How the hell did you do that?

  2. Kathy

    LOL So true about the being introduced as that friend with the blog, spooning the laptop and the multiple tabs open on the browser!

  3. JDF

    Great follow up! Loved both lists for the truths included. Even if not all apply to me it’s great to hear that we all share so many similarities!

  4. Amii Scarlet

    Oh no im on my phone and only have two tabs open and have no polish on! *sobs* haha! I live these ‘ Signs youre a blogger’ posts, they make my day!

  5. Omaily

    This is so true. Yes I spoon my laptop too. I guess if spooning a laptop was a crime, then the whole blogger community is going to jail.

  6. Tam

    For the record, I really like both of your “20 Signs” posts and found both to include stuff that makes me think maybe you’ve been spying on me =).

    Also, seven tabs is nothing! I’m like the man on the road to St. Ives: I have (at least) seven tabs in seven windows.

  7. PvdH

    I have woken up numerous times spooning my iPad… definitely not weird anymore.

    And tabs? My goodness, I have Safari and Chrome open right now just in case one or the other crashes on me… Yikes!

  8. MJ

    The seven tabs open – that is sooo me!! It’s like I have to look at seven sites at one time (on top of keeping my Twitter and Facebook pages open just in case I find a site worth sharing! LOL)

  9. diana

    i love this. i have 10 tags open, i’m sending an etsy order, checking my tumblr, whilst salting my hard boiled egg i’m eating for lunch.

    i get nervous when i’m not multitasking:)

  10. Pamada

    “Your computer-based multi-tasking abilities are unparalleled. At any given time you might be reading a post in your RSS feed, tweeting about it, updating your blogroll, listening to music and working on an expense report for work – while eating a turkey sandwich.”

    omg. i just fell over laughing. I AM SO DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. T.T but you forgot to include shopping!! which makes it like… y’know 8-10 tabs instead πŸ˜‰

  11. Jessie

    You forgot to include Chrome as the “IT” browser to use. It is definitely fast and convenient for anyone on social media. πŸ™‚ #LoveChrome

    Also,you’re camera phone and/or instagram has become one of your best friends. #DirectBlogUploads

  12. Kb

    Wow this new list is great and the last comment is especially true; think it needs to be my mantra! I am a serial mutli-tasker and even now I have 12 tabs open, am running a bath whilst sorting out my Christmas party outfit and scribbling down 2012 blog resolutions. Long live blogging!

  13. FashionistaNYC

    I guess I should thank Apple that the battery on my Macbook Pro dies after 3-4 hours otherwise we would both be pulling many an all nighter together.

    PS — I have over 10 windows open now in Safari and each one is either about improving my SEO or a fashion blog that I love to read!! Guilty as charged —– : )

  14. BlitzAndGlam

    The comment about the friend taking the picture is hilarious. I always feel awkward asking someone to take pictures of me. It’s so much easier just using my tripod. I feel less weird and can strike as many poses as I want when it’s just me. Lol. And I have fallen asleep many times with my laptop in my lap. Great posts – both of them!

  15. Mary

    The last post was great and so is this one. I identify with so many of these. Especially when someone uses my computer(s) and says what are all of these things at the top (pin it, polyvore, etc)? Plus I can never wrap my head around how they just have like 1 tab open.

  16. Sai

    I actually agree with them as well as your other points in your last blog about this matter except for this one:

    “You never ask people to follow you on Twitter or in another blog’s comments – you know they’ll come around on their own.”

    I know followers will organically grow especially if you’re doing it right but promoting your Twitter account is part of you marketing your blog too πŸ™‚ Just a thought though. I believe it’s not a sin to ask people to follow you but of course if you’re slowly being recognized, followers will just surprise you with their numbers πŸ™‚

  17. lanya

    My friend recently referred to me as “the one with the blog,” and I currently have about 6 tabs open on Safari. I have to say…these are pretty accurate!

  18. Heather Fonseca

    I wasn’t offended by the first post but I think this one is a better example of how fashion bloggers really do think and work. For me this is so true: “An outfit doesn’t feel complete to you without just the right shade of nail polish”. Too funny!

  19. Stephanie

    I agree with this one! Not every single one of them applies to me of course, but it was pretty close! I love the one about having 7 Firefox windows open, I do find it “interesting” to meet someone who isn’t at least somewhat familiar with social media and I am most definitely an expert multi-tasker! πŸ˜‰

    I really enjoyed this and it made me smile! πŸ™‚

  20. Asia Monique

    LOL! Spooning the laptop…yep…sounds like a few of my crazy late nights posting..and that “take my pic” moment…oh yes. All the time.

  21. The Quirky Poet

    ahahah! I love all of these. I’m guilty of at least 80% of them :3

    I also have the really bad habit of procrastinating all homework assignments and household chores in favor of blogging instead. It’s terrible, I know.

  22. Lisa

    I agree with this list more than the previous one. Especially since I am new to the blogging world, the previous list felt more like things I had to try and live up to, and I have to admit that after reading it I felt as if my blog was less important than other blogs because I didn’t qualify with half of the items and it was slightly discouraging. I want my blog to be unique to me, even if it doesn’t make me a “real fashion blogger” or if my stats are less than 5 visits per day. I write for me, because it makes me happy and I hope that there is at least one person out there that can relate to it. So I definitely agree with this post, as I feel it fits well with new bloggers and senior bloggers.

  23. My Style Canvas

    I’m still in shock someone actually got offended by the previous 20 signs post.

    How about 20 signs you need to take a break from your laptop and stop freaking out over blog posts that were intended to make people see the humor in their obsessiveness?

  24. BeLighter

    Well, I certainly wasn’t offended by that first list, in fact, I thought it was hilarious!

    Keep thinking the same way, about this one! Even though I don’t include myself (yet) in many of the items of both lists!

    I guess I’m a more relaxed, “no stress” type of blogger & person! And I also don’t ask people to “follow me”, simply because I would be embarrassed to do so… so, I just wait for people to do it (I mean, follow) in a natural, organic way (and in fact they are! WOW!). Also I’m not always connected to twitter/tumblr/blog… mainly because I don’t have a smart-phone, but it’s definitely included in my wishlist! In fact, I’m convinced I need one, more than I need a new pair of shoes/boots!!! (PLEASE “Santa Baby”, hear my call!!!)

    Keep up the good work! And keep making us laugh!!!

  25. Khalilah

    This list is everything! Plus, you hipped me to some terminology I was just recently exposed to. Gotta step my game up or I will be relegated to the abysmal list of “fake bloggers” for eternity. LOL!

  26. Jadeee

    I absolutely love this and the last “20 signs…” article! I was laughing out loud and the girls in the office kept looking at me like I’m just a little bit weird….

  27. Tasha Newing

    7 tabs? I think that’s a slow day! As for the laptop it has it’s uses being there all night…if it’s still plugged in it gets toasty warm!

  28. Daena

    You read my mind with the second-to-last line. I am *so* looking forward to a 5-day holiday staycation so I can take outfit pics without worrying about daylight (or lack thereof)! I live in perpetual fear that I might run out of content, which is silly because I’m sure nobody would notice if I didn’t post for a few.

  29. mARISSA

    Your internet browser’s bookmark toolbar includes both your β€˜clip to Polyvore’ tool and your β€˜pin it’ tool

    #GUILTY πŸ™‚

  30. Rania

    “Your friends (or your mom.. hehe) totally know that look in your eye when you’re about to ask them to take your picture – alone. Looking into the distance. With a hand on your hip.”

    Haha.. I feel embarrassed. This is so me πŸ™‚ Especially when I dress up just for being pictured for my ‘outfit post’.. lol.

    And the “multi-tasking” one: working on a blog post while cooking, and.. get your dishes overcooked, or even worse, burnt.. #guilty πŸ˜‰

  31. Sabine

    Ha, I could identify with 90% of the original list, but with none of the above… Now I’m thoroughly confused.

  32. Alessia

    My friends have no clue what a blog is unless they are bloggers too and RL friends for most part aren’t. But I have a famous person addressing me as ‘the blogger’, does it count?
    I liked the other list more anyway, but I have the same ironic style so of course I do.

  33. laviniah

    I love this post!! You totally nailed it with this one, it’s me all over! haha..I’m glad I’m not the only one..My days off and some weekends are spent tweaking my blog, reading other blogs etc, it takes me a good hour to do a post (by this I mean deciding on the pictures, content, the oh so engaging post title, sharing the post on FB, twitter, pinterest, lookbook etc) As I write I have 8 tabs open lol! I’ve had many long nights blogging and I almost get embarrased to ask my friends to take a picture of me (alone posing) when I realise I have to capture that moment-as it will make for a great post.. So what I do now is suggest we all take pictures-separately starting with me hehe..It works everytime πŸ™‚
    After reading this I now feel normal, thank you πŸ™‚

    Laviniah x

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