10 Tips For Your Facebook Fan Page

Is it just me, or is Facebook sort of like the neglected little brother of Twitter when it comes to blog promotion? Call me crazy, but I probably spend about 1/4 or maybe even 1/8 of the time I spend on Twitter using Facebook to grow my blog. I created a page, added a profile image and some basics about my site and a link, and kind of left it alone. Every now and then I post links to my latest entries or a link to something I like.


What you read above is a total social media fail whale. Why would I neglect my Facebook page when it has the potential to drive more traffic to my blog and help me reach more people? Why?! Β Well, the short answer is that I see more immediate and tangible growth through Twitter, so I pay more attention to it. However, I still think it's very much worth it to have a Facebook fan page for your blog. It's important to have as many of your social media bases covered as you can – and creating a page, making it pretty and keeping your page up-to-date is actually really easy!


Here are 10 tips for creating, maintaining and growing your blog's Facebook page:


1. I suppose we should start from the very, very beginning, yes? To create a page, type in the search box at the top of the page, “create a page.” Next, select what kind of page you're going to create (I suggest “brand or product”). From there, choose a more specific type of page from the drop-down menu. (If you select “brand or product” you can select “website.”) Next, name it the same as the title of your blog, agree to the terms of service and click “Get Started.” From there, Facebook guides you through an easy-step-by-step process to set up your page!


2. Put a little thought into your profile picture. If you do a lot of personal style posts, perhaps pick your best shot from one of your favorite looks and use that. If not, select a photo that you think represents your site well. I would not suggest using a picture from an editorial, magazine, or god forbid – someone else's blog, because you don't want to confuse people who land on your page.


3. Be sure to fill out your profile as completely as possible. This is a one-time, sort of tedious task but it's probably the most important step you can take. When people search for your blog on Facebook or land on your fan page through a search engine, it's critical that your page actually looks like you made it on purpose. Write up a short “about” paragraph, your mission, supply your URL, Twitter handle, etc. Bonus points: Create a username for your blog's page so you can easily direct people to it; ie www.facebook.com/shutupilovethatshirtonyou. (You can find this tool when you click the “edit info” button near the top of the page.)


4. Invite your friends to “like” your page. When I first started my Facebook fan page, I felt silly inviting everyone to “like” it. I didn't want to beg for attention or come across like I was a self-promoting, egocentric you-know-what. But guess what? You have a blog, you want people to read it, so you sure as hell better promote it to your friends and family. These kinds of things create an essential chain reaction that will help a link to your blog get in front of tons of new faces. For example, say you invite your friend Susie from high school to “like” your style blog. Susie obliges. Susie's college roomate Nancy sees on Susie's wall that she has “liked” your blog. She wonders what it is and clicks on the link. Nancy loves style blogs and decides she'll like your page, too. And so on, and on and on…


5. Get to liking! Another important step in setting up your Facebook fan page is to “like” other pages. When you land on your page as an administrator, there's a tab on the right hand side of the page that will say, “Use Facebook as your blog name here.” Once you are using Facebook as a page, start searching for other blogs and brands that you follow and liking them. This will give your potential fans a better idea of what your blog is about as well as your tastes. I can guarentee that anything and anyone you can think of has their own Facebook page, from boutiques to designers and magazines.


6. Create an album of photos from your blog. To start filling up your page with content that people will want to see, create an album and upload outfit posts and screen shots of Polyvore sets. You can tag the photos with the brands you're wearing and add a description of each photo below it. You can update this album as often as you post outfit posts, or more sporadically. For a great example of this, check out Atlantic-Pacific's page.


7. Use the Resources tab to your advantage! Right under the name of your page is a little button that says “edit info.” This button is your best friend. Once you click on it a whole menu of options will appear on the left hand side of the page. Select “resources” for Facebook's hand guide to all the neat tricks you can do with your page. You can sync your page with Twitter, create an ad, read their marketing guide, and more.


8. Get your page in front of people by updating your status and posting links & photos. The same way you update your personal page with mobile photos, status updates and links, you can do the same for your page. Upload a shot of what you're wearing that day, post a link to your latest blog post or share a link you found interesting. For example, if you really enjoyed Wit & Whimsy‘s latest outfit post, drop the link into your status and tag her blog so she gets a notification that you've mentioned her. It's an easy way to get a little attention and perhaps gain a new friend or fan.


9. Keep up with your insights. If you're going to put some effort into your Facebook page, you might as well keep up with how it's doing. After a few days, your posts will register with Facebook and a little number will appear, letting you know how many “impressions” it got, or how many people it reached. You can also track your progress and growth through the “insights” tab, which uses fancy line graphs and arrows and percentages to show you how your page is doing. Take note of what days you got the most “likes” or the most visits, and see what you posted that day – it will give you clues for how best to use your page.


10. Facebook isn't an island, so don't forget to promote your page through your other channels. It's as easy as installing a widget on your blog and tweeting a link to your Facebook page every now and then. The point of all this is just to be as visible as possible wherever it makes sense. You want your readers to be able to surf seamlessly between your blog, your Facebook page and your Twitter profile.


I recently talked to a couple of my blogging friends who don't have Facebook pages for their blogs because they don't want to spread themselves too thin. They know they can't devote a lot of time to it, so they figure it's better not to put in a weak effort. In my mind it's better to have one even if I don't use it that often, just to stay relevant and visible wherever I can. What do you think?Β 



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40 Responses

  1. bravoerunway

    I think these are some great tips but I’ve tried all of these ideas. I do update my page each day with my latest post. I also try to engage in a discussion but that doesn’t always work. I’ve also tried to post outfit pictures but there’s just not that much excitement with my FB page. This is the slowest growing channel…

  2. good girl gone blog

    From someone who does this for brands as part of her job, you hit the nail on the head! Other tips would be to not post more than 1-2 status updates a day (otherwise people will unsubscribe from updates) and maybe run a sweepstakes, which is a little trickier if you want to stay within Facebook’s guidelines (you can’t do a “like” contest, but have to create it through an outside app)

    • Brooke

      can you tell us a bit more about sweepstakes through facebook, or where we can find info? this has been something i want to do, but i cant manage to do it effectively.

  3. Samar

    I’ve had a fan page for a while and I actually have gotten more ‘likes’ from people I don’t know than my friends. It’s def been slow to grow but this shows me that having a fb page does help me reach out to more people. Sometimes when I don’t have much to post on my actually blog I’ll use my fb page to share info so I at least have some content going out. Also having the page synced to twitter helps a lot in disseminating my posts through all channels with little effort.

  4. Pearl Westwood

    I think my FB page is vital to my blog, many people who read my blog aren’t bloggers so don’t uses Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect so FB is a really easy way for them to follow.

  5. donatella

    mmmhhhh… apparently i’m the only one who doesn’t use twitter??
    I like FB and my page is growing side-by-side with my blog. it’s getting to be part of my blogging and the interaction with my followers/fan is great.
    twitter… heck i find it so annoying….

    • brooke

      I find twitter a bit annoying myself…but i’ve learned to navigate it simply because about 15% of my views come from twitter. there are some really great websites out there that give you a step by step guide to..tweeting. πŸ™‚

    • Ben Faust

      Same here on Twitter. I have an account, but aside from having my blog setup to automatically post links to new articles, I just find it completely unappealing and haven’t figured out why some people love it so much or how it managed to get so popular. But hey, I’m admittedly very strange.

  6. Emily

    Facebook for me drives as much traffic if not more than my Twitter does to my blog. Only recently have I really been getting engagement. Not only cross promote your blog on twitter and Facebook but also lookbook.nu, tumblr and any other tool you use that’s associated with your blog.
    Great article! Xx

  7. MJ

    I set up a page a long time ago and left it alone because it can be a little time consuming. But I do like the idea of having albums, leaving links, and now with the tool that you can use Facebook as your fan page it’s a bit easier to interact with others. It doesn’t hurt to have that presence like you said so I’m definitely going to take a second look at my Facebook Page (and seriously update it!)

  8. Erica

    I personally have used my FB page more often than Twitter – partially because I am so new to Twitter & haven’t really developed a base there. But I have had more interaction on my FB page even though it isn’t much.


  9. My Style Canvas

    This post was helpful to me since I haven’t made an FB page for my blog though I’v been meaning to. And since I HATE Twitter it’s even more important to branch out with at least some social media.

    I’m dreading the obligatory self promotion but I won’t feel too guilty nagging people to like my page since that’s never stopped anyone else and no one seems to think there’s anything wrong with expecting to have “fans.”

  10. Inez

    Great post!

    So I’ll be honest I did not want a fb page for my blog. I have gone a couple years without one for personal reasons. I was very skeptical about creating one for my blog.

    But it was almost inevitable that I create one. I had to look at it from a business standpoint…it’s free marketing! Besides that, almost everyone has a facebook page, it makes it a little easier to get to know your followers and is a great way to keep connected with them.

    I admit, I still spend most of my time on twitter but facebook certainly has driven more traffic to my blog than twitter has in just a few months.

    Now that I have the fb page I don’t mind it, it definitely serves it purpose and allows me to get the word out about my blog and that’s ultimately the idea.

  11. Christy Lorio

    I’m extremely diligent about updating my Facebook page and it’s been very helpful for me as I have a lot of people that follow on FB that aren’t on Twitter.

    Anytime I post I send out an update and on occasion I’ll randomly update, maybe asking a question such as “Are you excited to start wearing your winter coats again?” to try to engage vs. promote all the time.

    I think it’s important to remind your followers to well, follow what you are doing as not everyone keeps up with blogs via RSS, Bloglovin’ etc…

  12. Lauren

    I admit figuring out how to get engagement with fb is tough. Twitter just seems so much more immediate in return, unless you have a large following already.

    I like the idea of commenting on other fb pages to let others on fb know you’re there. Seems that would be the most productive just starting out.

  13. Farrah

    When I first set up a facebook page for my blog, I couldn’t even imagine the sort of benefits I would get from it (I also initially thought it was just another way to cramp up my already tight schedule!) but now I agree that a facebook page for the blog helps in a lot of ways. Benefits I found: cross-promotion (blog>facebook>twitter), detailed insights (love how I can know the age/gender/etc. of my visitors/followers!), quick & easy way to provide info (real-time updates & photos in albums), and much much more!

    β–² Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE β–²

  14. Omaily

    Good post. I made a fanpage some time ago…but I don’t m=put much effort in it. Since google is cancelling GFC I figured out that it would e wise to start being more active. Still I’m a bit frightened to share it with my personal friends. I don’t know why, because I’m really proud of my log and there is actually no reason not to.

  15. BeLighter

    I do have a page on FB, and use it as one more media, but honestly, I’m not that active on FB, simply because I prefer tumblr or bloglovin or IFB!
    But I have had an increase on traffic, whether it’s due to FB or not, I’m not entirely sure.

    Great post! and thanks for “spreading the word”! πŸ™‚

  16. figure8studio

    I built my FB fan page some months ago, have had a twitter page longer but never quite enjoyed using twitter.

    When I synced both FB & twitter I was surprised how much easier it became to share and people began finding me.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  17. Jadeee

    This article just encouraged me to make a Facebook page for my blog. I got so excited once my friends started “liking” it!

  18. Lou Jones

    It’s definitely important to have a FB page even if you don’t update it very often. It’s rare to find people that don’t have a FB account so it makes sense to connect with people through a FB page for sure!

  19. Jenna Mulu

    I agree with what you have said.In order for your blog to get more exposure then make use of all available social media sites out there.Facebook and Twitter are reliable sites when you want this to happen.And oh by the way,I just want to share this really cool shopping app called “Should I buy it?”, http://bit.ly/sibifm33 for fellow online shoppers which you can download at iTunes that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (either for yourself or as a gift).I have tried it and it is really amazing..:D

  20. Marionberry Style

    I feel like this post was sent from heaven! Absolutely perfect timing as I plan to build a FB page over holiday break.
    I’ve resisted doing a FB page simply because I feel as though I’m spread kinda thin. I have Twitter…but I’m not in love with it. Add Pinterest, Chictopia, and everything else to the mix and you kinda need to draw the line somewhere. But I’ve decided that adding a FB page to my blog is an important step. Your article here will be incredibly helpful…so thank you!!!!

  21. Fabiola

    It’s funny because I’m from MΓ©xico and here a FB page is much more effective than twitter or any other site.
    My fb site has three times more followers than twitter, and people really engages in conversation.
    It’s so interesting seeing how blogging works in different ways around the world πŸ™‚

  22. Tali Lek

    This was super helpful! I finally got up the courage to invite more of my Facebook friends. It’s so rewarding to see the likes coming in and the support that I have. I am so excited for the growth of my blog!

  23. Dan Martin

    Great advice, but, I did all of these and the problem with Facebook Pages is Facebook wants money out of you. I find that all my posts/links get out to around 1/4 of my likers, and my photos/photo albums get out to even less than that.

    Unless you pay for getting your posts out to people, then it’s like your banging your head against a brick wall, which is why for now I have unpublished my Facebook page and I focus more on Pinterest/Twitter where it’s easier to get out to people through tags and hashtags.


  24. Carmen

    So true! Facebook is the most difficult to gain exposure for the blog, but your tips are so helpful! Definitely won’t stop trying on that front!


  25. Sarah Hanrahan

    I am just about to set one up now so came here looking for advice.

    I have noticed that a substantial amount of my bulk traffic comes from when I post my looks to my personal page but dont want to feel like I am spamming my FB friends so have decided to add a seperate account.

    I did feel the same about asking people to ‘like’ my blog’s FB page but I figure this way they have control over getting updates rathar than having to see them when I post them on my personal account.

    Thanks for the sound advice πŸ™‚