5 Quick & Easy Photo Processing Tricks For A More Beautiful You

It’s a tough world, this industry of fashion and beauty; not everyone can look perfect every time they walk out their door.  Here are five simple photo processing tricks to bring out your best on those off days.

1.  Warm Up Your White Balance
If it’s cloudy out and your skin starts to look a little white and colorless on camera, just slide your color temperature to a warmer tone, away from blue and into the yellow.  This will bring warmth back into your skin tones and keep you from looking pale or pallid.

2. Spot heal/Clone Tool
In Lightroom it’s the “spot heal” and in Photoshop, Pixlr, Gimp, etc it’s the clone tool.  Is there an unsightly blemish on your forehead?  Just clone it out and replace it with clean skin.  Got a little broccoli stuck in your teeth?  Just spot heal yourself back into a clean set of pearly whites.

3. Negative Clarity
This tool may not be available in most free photo processing programs but it definitely is in Adobe Camera Raw and in Lightroom.  Just shift your clarity slider to the left, into negative numbers.  This will reduce contrast where dark areas meet light areas (i.e. wrinkles) and give your skin a little bit of a glow.

4. Local Brush
Got a little bit of mushiness in your thighs?  Use a local brush on the area and reduce your clarity and contrast slightly.  This will give the appearance of smoother skin.  Be careful to not go too far though or the area will start to appear grayish and flat.

5. Maybe it’s just not your day today…
We all know that blogging is a full-time job.  In fact, it’s even more than a full-time job trying to keep your readers updated and your blog’s content fresh and exciting.  But some days there’s just no getting around it: you didn’t sleep last night, or you’re hungover, or whatever the problem may be, there are some days where you should just put the camera down, take a day off, and let your body recover and get back its natural, beautiful state.

[Photo by Nando Alvarez]

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12 Responses

  1. Ashe

    #1 is brilliant! Being so fair skinned, my skin almost ALWAYS look a little pale and lifeless… when it’s not in person. So I’m definitely going to have to try that one out.

  2. Samar

    Hehe this advice made me chuckle a bit but these are some great points. Thanks again for your photo processing tips!

  3. style-delights

    Good pointers, although I usually cringe and (have written vocal blogposts) about ‘faking it’. Fashion world already is notoriusly infamous for photo-lies. Bloggers are the real deal and I love when I see the reality in fashion. But that said – it doesn’t hurt to enhance the picture if that is important for a particular post. For exaple I would not like to see a blogger fudge the color of her dress in a review-like post, and may mislead readers who might purchase that online believeing the picture. But in other kind of blogposts, it may be a good idea.
    Thnaks for the post!

  4. Shayne Renee

    #5 is funny because its true. Some days I feel like I am doing everything the same and I just don’t look good lol. What can you do? That’s life 🙂

  5. Kate

    These are great tips! Any idea if white balance / temperature is available on pixlr? I haven’t been able to find it, and that’s my BIGGEST issue with my photos – my pale skin is often ghost white in photos!

  6. Marionberry Style

    Such fantastic tips…thank you! It’s certainly a topic most every style blogger wants to learn more about…
    And the last tip certainly applied to me last Saturday! LOL!
    Xo – Marion