IFB Project #26: The Best of 2011

Wanna know a fun fact? There are only 15 more days left in the year 2011. Yeah, let that sink in a little bit. Hasn't this year gone by crazy fast? A blink, a blog post and poof – it's nearly 2012! This is the time to reflect a bit on what you've accomplished since January, and start making goals for the year to come.

Odds are you've racked up a pretty stellar archive of blog posts this year. From trend stories to outfit posts, we want to know what your favorite posts of 2011 were. No, not from other blogs, silly – from you! Go through your posts, revisit all the hard work you put into your blog this year, and round up your best work! Reviewing your blog is also a great way to see what did and didn't work this year, so you have a clear vision of your goals for your blog in 2012.


IFB Project #26: The Best of 2011


Create a special post that rounds up links to your favorite posts from 2011 from your personal blog. They don't have to be the ones with the most comments, the most traffic or the most tweets. They can be, but this is an opportunity to show the IFB community the posts you are the most proud of – no matter what they might be. Keep your list to 10 posts or under, and prepare to brag!

Remember: your project submission is due by 12 pm EST on Tuesday, December 2oth.


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15 Responses

  1. EvA

    Really love this project! It was interesting to review my own blogging work in 2001, to see the evolving of my style and select the posts I love the most:) Thanx for that!:)

  2. Samar

    If it weren’t for this prompt I probably wouldn’t have gone back and looked over my posts for the year so it was nice to reflect over the year that was. This is going to be a great way to discover new blogs and get a quick overview of their content. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  3. Jennifer

    These entries have been superfun to read, and a great way to get the essence of the blog right off the bat. If you just go to the 10 most recent posts, you might catch some off days, a creative slump, etc. This project captures us at our best and the way we truly want to present ourselves. What a great idea, thank you.