What I’ve Learned About Blogging From Jennifer Lopez

Do you ever think that all the time you spend on the internet is making you a little, cuckoo? Sometimes these crazy thoughts come into my head and I'm like, “Really, Taylor? You think that's a thing? That's not a thing.” However, I occassionally just let these crazy notions plant roots and grow in my brain, just because I think the results might be interesting. My latest realization? I can glean a lot of lessons about blogging from the life, times and tunes of one miss Jennifer Lopez.


That's right, J. Lo has had an insanely diva-licious life in the spotlight, from relationships to daring dresses to musical hit after hit. Beyond the fact that we can all benefit from channeling our inner caliente diva every now-and-then, we can pick up some great blog-worthy lessons from Ms. Lopez. She's a singing, dancing, acting and TV-hosting powerhouse with a fragrance line to boot. Through personal drama, tabloid covers and a lot of jumpsuits, she's managed to stay relevant and fabulous.


7 Things I learned About Blogging From Jennifer Lopez:


1. “Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still Jenny From The Block”. My blog has changed a lot since my Seattle days. Better photography, better outfits, better content. No matter how much New York City infiltrates my life, my taste and my blog, I will always be a Northwest girl who loves to hike, fish & swim in freshwater lakes. Oh, and wear Patagonia fleeces.


2. My love don't cost a thing. Yes it's nice to be gifted product or be sponsored on your blog, but the bottom line is that I'll always talk about the brands and clothes that I love on my blog, whether or not they pay me for it. Is it basically free advertising for these companies? I guess so. More than that though it's a real representation of my style.


3. People will relate to the real you. Jennifer Lopez is a Diva with a capital D. Am I right? She has never apologized for this, she is always decked out in her finery and bling, low cut dresses, thigh-high slits and mind-blowingly gorgeous hair. Is she over the top? Sure. But has she always been this way? You bet. And we love her for it. Don't hide who you are for the sake of your blog. Own your style, own your personality, and do it well.


4. In the end, if you sell out, people will notice. Fiat commecials? Really? Ugh, that's so not Diva. We all know that J. Lo probably doesn't drive a Fiat, and it's obvious, even if she's driving one through her old stomping grounds (The Bronx). In the same way, your readers will know if you start promoting brands or retailers on your blog that so aren't your style. Sure the money might be great, but your followers will know in a heartbeat if you're faking it just to “make it” as a blogger.


5. If you've got the chops, diversify. Remember Selena? That movie was so good, and she was so good in it. How about her fragrences and Gucci ads? Don't be afraid to use your other star qualities to leverage your blog. If you model, if you're crafty, if you're great on camera, if you moonlight as a professional stylist – whatever. Share your multi-talented self across every platform! [We're just not going to talk about Enough or Gigli, okay?]


6. You've gotta change with the times. J Lo's music has evolved from the days of On The Six. At the time it was what we all wanted to hear. Remember Waiting For Tonight? Remember when she dated P. Diddy? And Ben Affleck? Her music has evolved with the years, as has her taste in men. She always stays true to her roots but keeps it current. In the same way, I like to follow trends and update my style, but always maintain my sense of self as much as I can.


7. Don't hate – colaborate. Jenny From the Block has had some of her greatest hits when she's collaborated with other artists. (Personal favorite? The classic, I'm Real, with Ja Rule.) One of the best things about fashion blogging is this wonderful community we've created for ourselves. I love getting together with other bloggers to take photos, cover events, or grab a meal – because it's fun, it benefits everyone and it beats hanging out by yourself.


Do you find blogging inspirations in the activities and songs of mega-celebrities? Do you take life lessons from their missteps? Who inspires you to let your inner fashion blogging diva shine?



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16 Responses

  1. Saks2Salvation

    Such a cheery post & I totally see your inspiration from Jennifer Lopez. I love her and have witnessed her transformation over the years as well. Great comparison & I’m bookmarking this page for blogging motivation in the future!

  2. Brooke

    I do find inspiration with J. Lo! From her days as a dancer on In Living Color to her new line at Kohl’s (for the grown and sexy)! She shows us that its okay and possible to grow up, have changing tastes,break up, make up, and do all of that with flawless makeup without sacrificing who we are.
    There are so many people, songs, places, and things that inspired me to do what I do, do it well, and stay true to myself. Like J.Lo, I am forever growing and changing…I’m comfortable with that! Great post! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. elena daciuk

    what a great post…when i first saw the title…i thought…how in the world? but your points are right on! thanks also for a reminder…that blogs need not be so serious… =)

  4. The Tiny Closet

    haha! This is fabulous and definitely useful advice. JLo has a lot of examples of keeping a great business. I’m from Seattle too by the way and moving back to NY. I too have thought of how my blog is going to change once I get there….but then again, I was never a Northwest girl, in fact I feel quite stifled here so I guess I’m building points staying true to myself while I’m here and I’ll be that more adjusted when I get there, lol 🙂 Thanks for this post!

  5. Emmy

    This post is tooooo funny…heehee….I myself am inspired by Chelsea Handler, coz that chick just does not care what others think:P

  6. Mixx Meu

    Great post!♥♥ I really like that you made Jennifer’s personal image and attitude your inspiration as a blogger! It’s a unique perspective and a great one! 😀

  7. Jacqueline

    This actually made me laugh out loud. Though I have to say, knowing that the fiat she’s endorsing is a GUCCI fiat made a difference to me. It has the Gucci stripe on the seatbelts for crying out loud. It’s adorable!

  8. Donna

    Great post! I would never have thought to use J Lo as inspiration, although I do like her a lot. Thanks for sharing your thought process and motivating me to be creative.

  9. Camilla

    I love blogging, have been doing that for 2 years now but in Norwegian. I now want to start blogging i english to get to know more people around the world. Love your blog:-)

  10. Cameron

    About No. 4: J Lo wasn’t even in the Bronx when that dreadful Fiat 500 advert was made; she was “too busy.” Thus, FIAT shot her wherever she was, and shot the 500 with a body double in the Bronx (a.k.a., “the land J Lo forgot after she sold out”). To quote FIAT’s PR department:

    “Both FIAT commercials featuring Jennifer Lopez were indeed filmed in the Bronx as well as outside locations. In today’s world, people are increasingly mobile and their work takes them to a variety of locations. As a result, we took the opportunity to film wherever Ms. Lopez was working at the time to accommodate her schedule. ”

    tl;dr: Turns out you can still be a diva while filming the advertising equivalent of Gigli.

    As for your questions: 1) No. 2) No. 3) You. All of you.

    Overall, this post is an interesting thought exercise. I like it.

  11. Shalanda

    Great post. It is really motivating to read how it important to stay true to yourself while blogging. I’m new to this world of blogging and I hope that I never get lost in the “success.”

  12. Synthetic

    These are all nice tips, but I am not sure I agree with number 5. I do agree it’s nice to diversify as in- not having an entire blog full of outfits, or posting time after time fashion show recaps, I think it is good to have a clear vision for your blog. I would not suddenly start posting about my cooking or sports in my fashion blog, simply because it’s not in any way related to fashion and it’s not what my readers came for in the first place. I think you really have to be careful about keeping your content relevant to your blog’s vision. So i say diversify- but do it cautiously 🙂