IFB’s Holiday Cheat Sheet: 5 Post Ideas To Use

Are you freaking out yet? Do you have your shopping done? Have you made your list and checked it twice? Are you traveling, cooking, attempting to relax with your family and enjoy this time of year – and keep your blog on the up-and-up?


Believe me, I hear you. People without blogs and Twitter handles and jobs and families don't ever really understand that this digital life we live never really turns off, and it can be a real pain in the you-know-where to keep up with it all. Not to mention enjoy your life at some point.


Fear not IFB community, we want you to relax. We want you to kick up your slipper-clad feet, don your biggest, oldest most worn in hooded sweatshirt and eat 15 candy canes while you watch It's A Wonderful Life for the 90th time. That's why we've created a quick and easy cheat sheet of 5 brilliant post ideas to use during these biz-laxing days. (That's my made up word for the times that are both busy and relaxing.)


So sit back, draft up these posts real quick, save them in your queue and power down. Stick a candy cane in your cocoa – you're done!


5 Post Ideas To Get You Through The Holidays:


1. Holiday Dinner Outfit Post – Create a ShopStyle or Polyvore set with ideas for what to wear to a festive dinner with family or friends.


2. Last Minute Gift Guide – Pull together a list of easy gifts that your readers can pick up in a pinch. From candy canes at the drugstore to a nice bottle of whiskey from the local liquor store – get creative! Only, please don't suggest grabbing something out of your own closet and slapping a bow on it – that's just tacky.


3. Year-End Round Up – This is a really easy and fun one. Go through your posts from 2011 and pick out your favorites. It could be the ones with lots of comments, lots of traffic, or just the ones you loved the most. Make a top 10 or top 5 list and invite your readers to revist the posts or catch them the second time around! (And don't forget to submit it for this week's IFB project!)


4. Holiday Diary – I have employed this type of post a couple of times on my blog to give my readers and inside glimpse at my experience at NYFW and a particularly preppy day in New Jersey. This is a really fun way to show your followers a day in the life, and you can pepper it with instagram photos, links to restaurants, songs you listened to, etc.


5. Show 'em How To Wrap It Up – Why not show of your ribbon-curling skills (and provide a tip or two)? This is a festive and visually-focused post that doesn't require a lot of time or text. Shoot some lovely photos of your best wrappings under the tree – but don't tell us what's in them… You never know who might be reading!


Will you try to keep up with your blog over the holidays or just shut it off for a few days? I'd say it's equally hard to do both…


{Images via shut up, I love that shirt on you.}

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9 Responses

  1. Jacqueline

    If you can cook, featuring recipes is also a good idea! I just posted a recipe for a white chocolate peppermint mocha mousse. I fashioned it after starbuck’s seasonal drink ^_^

  2. Donna

    I’ll keep posting. I’m not traveling very far for any visits, and I can’t afford to buy presents this year, so that simplifies things! But thanks for the ideas. Having inspiration always helps.

  3. Jade

    Such great idea’s here! That first point just reminded me that I need to find a Christmas Day outfit still! A Christmas post that I found was pretty successful on my blog was “10 items for under $10”. And I’m just about to do a Wishlist for Santa this week.

  4. Aisha

    What great ideas; I was definitely trying to think of new post ideas and this has helped a lot. I may try tackling at least 3 of these.


  5. Elle

    These are all posts that are definitely on my TO-DO list with christmas just around the corner.

    Even with my little iPad/iPhone bank of post ideas I definitely fin sometimes I just can’t get inspired – lists like this are a great way to get ideas flowing!
    Thanks Taylor