IFB Project #26 Round Up: Best of 2011


This week we asked our fabulous blogging community to round up their favorite posts… From their own blogs! We wanted to see the posts you were the most proud of in 2011. This gave us the opportunity to browse so many amazing posts, from fashion tips to outfit posts, trend round ups and so much more. This round up is an excellent opportunity for all of us to get to know our fellow bloggers a little better and get a taste of their best work.


Get ready to pop the champagne – let's toast to another year of wonderful blog posts!


IFB Project #26 Round Up: The Best Of 2011


1. Avenue Miquelon: The 10 Greatest Posts Ever – 2011 Edition

2. All The Glittering Secrets: My Top 10

3. Born This Way: The Best of 2011

4. Style-Delights: The Year That Was – 10 Posts That Show How My Blog Reflects 2011

5. J. Rose Style: A Look Back At The Blogging of 2011

6. Do You Speak Gossip?: Top 10 Posts of 2011

7. Style Island: Love, Loss & What I Wore: A Look Back at 2011

8. On The Ganges: Five Faves From 2011

9. Fashion Scanner: Best of 2011

10. Food Fashion & Fun: Top 10 Best Posts of The Year


There were many great submissions to the IFB Project this week (and unfortunately a few spammers you'll have to skip), so I invite you to Check out the rest of the posts here.


Check back Friday, December 23rd at 3 p.m. for the next IFB Project, and thank you as always for your thoughtful contributions to the IFB community.



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10 Responses

  1. bee

    this was a special one for me, so means even more that I got picked- thanks for the love IFB, and hope to be a contributor in 2012— xxxx, Bee @ StyleIsland

  2. Cameron

    Thank you for adding me to the Top 10! May all of IFB learn to be careful about what they write, lest your writings be adopted by New Age loonies! ;-P

  3. EvA

    OMG it is such a honour for me to be included in this list! Thanx so much! It really means a lot! Love you, IFB!