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Have you ever experienced sitting in front of your computer and staring at your monitor for like an hour without knowing what to write? I had. This was especially true on my early days of blogging. And believe me, it can be frustrating. Having had to waste some precious time figuring out what to blog about, which time could have been used doing some other productive things, urged me to create a bank of blog posts. Before I would start scheming for what to write for the day, I check my bank first and choose topics that inspire me to work on that day.


A bank of fashion blog posts is a long list of topics and titles of articles for your blog. You can list all the topics either randomly in a vertical paper or in a document file, or you can be more organized by grouping together topics with the same categories in Excel. Whichever works best for you, here are 5 tips to help you grow your bank.


Use Statistics Tools
It´s amazing how much you can know about what your readers need and what they want to know from you through Statistics tools. You can track the search engine terms they commonly use to find your blog. Plenty of topics will come up potential for blog posts which you otherwise would never think of.


Site Stats for WordPress

There are a lot of statistics tools which are available for you to use on your blog. Most of these tools are not only for tracking numbers of visitors and page views; they also track entrance keywords to your blog. Make use of that information. If you have self-hosted wordpress blog or a blog, you have that ?Site Stat? tool at your disposal. I love this tool a lot because not only does it display the current pageviews of my blog at my dashboard daily, it also displays the Referrers, the Top Posts and Pages and the top Search Engine Terms for the day. I choose the top 5 keywords each day to fill my bank of posts.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very platform friendly tool which can be installed in almost every blog. It has more features than Site Stats, it´s more detailed in providing statistical reports about your blog; it also has a top keyword searches list although very general. The top keywords are ranked not daily but within a particular period of time. Check out the top terms used by your readers to find your blog. The search terms listed in google analytics aren´t as up-to-date as of Site Stats but they´re good enough to bring you topics to write about.


Live Traffic Feed

This tool is a blogger blog favorite. I have this installed in my blogger blog too. It´s that vertical widget which can be customized that displays the flag of the country where your visitors reside, the pages viewed and the time of visit. At the bottom of that widget is the link to the ?real time view? which will bring you to another window. There you can see the keywords used by your readers to find your blog. Add them to your bank.


Explore Yahoo! Answers

I used to actively participate in Yahoo! Answers, posting my questions and answering others´ questions. When I was experiencing difficulty coming up with topics to blog about, I thought of checking out Yahoo Answers´ Fashion and Beauty category and lo, there were so many ideas for a blog post. Scan all the questions posted there and identify which ones you´re interested to write about and add them to your bank. Once you have created that post, go back to that Yahoo question and post your link as an answer. This will also direct some traffic to your blog.


Visit Fashion and Beauty Forums

Commenting on forums related to your niche with a link pointing to your blog is a common advice when it comes to improving your blog traffic. However, you can also use the same strategy in building your bank of blog posts. Visit as much fashion and beauty forums as you can and scan the top topics with the most responses. See if those are potential blog topics and if they interest you, add them to your bank. To look for those forums just type in google ?fashion forums? or ?beauty forums? and it will deliver tons of forum links for you to visit.


Get Inspirations from Printed Magazines

You´re bombarded with plenty of online magazines and fashion blogs, why would you go back to prints to get inspired? It´s simple, when you´re facing your monitor and you see that sea of fashion websites, you get overwhelmed. I found that enjoying a drink while reading a fashion magazine allows my mind to be more creative and relaxed. Reading fashion tips and seeing beautiful inspirations from hard prints can lead you to come up with related articles for your blog.


Regular Brainstorming

Our mind is the best source of fashion blog posts. And if you´re a fashion blogger, no matter what you do or wherever you are, your mind just brainstorms for ideas for your blog. If a good idea pops up, immediately write it down. You must have a notebook with you all the time where you can quickly scribble down the idea right on the moment it comes. If you don´t, you´re very likely to forget it later.


Brainstorming with friends is another fun way of coming up with ideas for your blog. We girls love to chat about fashion, style and beauty. If you would just be keen about those topics thrown on the table while you enjoy your tea, you´ll have at least a couple of great topics for blog posts.


Creating a bank of blog posts is a smart move for every fashion blogger. It´s where you can go when you´re not certain what to write about, and it also serves as a great tool in organizing your blog. If your bank is filled with topics in categories, you can even play with it by assigning one specific topic to talk about in your blog every week or month. You can easily do it because you have a backup list of articles under each topic.


There´s no more reason for you to spend an hour or more figuring out what to blog for the day. Maximize your time and be more productive by creating a bank of fashion blog posts.


How do you build your bank of blog posts? Where do you go for inspirations and what are your sources of blog topics?



Glee teaches women how to be creative and joyful fashionistas through her blog, Creative Fashion. She believes that gleeful fashionistas are creative and upbeat. Visit her blog for inventive styling tricks and practical lifestyle tips.

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25 Responses

  1. Sandra

    Thank you for this! I’m gonna start writing down a long list of potential blog topics because sometimes I really just don’t know what to blog about!

  2. Daniel Dunt

    This sounds like a fantastic idea – and something that has never occurred to me in the past (when I’ve been sat in front of my laptop wondering what on earth to write about.) I think this would be a great way to grab post ideas almost instantaneously, and is something I’m certainly going to try out!

  3. Lauren

    It’s funny just as I was reading this I’d finished brainstorming a list of blog topics! I agree that just starting out, it was really hard to figure out what I was going to write about. Either it had been done before, or I didn’t have enough knowledge to write about the subject.

    Writing posts about unanswered questions (either questions you have, or questions others have…per your Yahoo Answers suggestion) is a good place to start.

  4. grace

    this is a great post! one of the ways i build my bank is similar to the “brainstorming with friends” idea. since my friends know that i love style and beauty, they’ll often ask me for advice on certain things, and i usually make a note of that. if they have questions/are seeking for advice on something, chances are other girls are wondering the same things too!

  5. Ana

    These are good tips for writing in general.

    There is little that’s as disappointing as the continuous blink of this little vertical dash on a blank screen, and you have an important paper due.

    Writing down ideas as they come to you helps immensely – you make the skeleton of the work, and you just have to add meat to it later.

    So does looking for inspiration anywhere you can find it (and the Yahoo Answers thing is a place I would have never thought to look, thanks!), and bouncing ideas off other people.

    Doing all this regularly keeps your brain at the top of its game 😀 .

  6. creativefashionglee

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! My bank of blog posts truly eased a lot on my blogging career. And it´s amazing, because once you review your list, one idea can just blossom into even new ideas. You´ll have more than enough to write.

  7. Kristy

    Hi, this was very helpful and insightful. I always get stuck on what to write and i feel like i am just rambling most of the time xD
    But now you have given me ideas to gain some inspiration, thanks so much <3 🙂

    • creativefashionglee

      You´re welcome, dear. I´m happy that you found this post helpful. I certainly understand how it feels to get stuck thinking for a blog post. With a bank of post, you´re able to maximize your time and you´re even inspired to come up with more ideas. 🙂

  8. kimmiepooh

    I so need to do this! Some days I’m so inspired and I write post after post after post. Other days I’m like, “I have nothing to give.” Great tips-I will definitely be incorporating this into my blogging schedule in the new year 🙂

  9. martha

    that is brilliant advice, especially since I struggle to post once a month when I should be doing it at least every 3 days !! I will try and build a bank myself :):) thank you

  10. Hannah

    This is a brilliant article! I’m taking notes on the Yahoo!Answers and magazine tips. Those both stood out to me as being obvious places to cultivate new ideas. Thanks!

  11. ShalandaO'neal

    You’re so right about writing down your ideas ASAP. Often time I would be in the middle of teaching and an idea comes to be. By the time lunch rolls around, I’ve forgotten about it. Thanks for the idea about Yahoo! Answers. As much as I use it for random questions, I never thought about it for fashion and beauty questions.

  12. The.Absolute.Most

    like this post! sometimes I become frustrated by not finding topics or being overwhelmed by too many topics. This year in 2012 my focus is not to loose the topics that interests me b/c I realize you can’t satisfy every individual. Great article. I will be sure to jot down topics of discussions that spark my interest.

    Thanks! i need this

    mannie w/