10 Blogging Resolutions for the New Year

It's the last week of the year! While I'm on a mini-siesta from my own blog, I'm using this time to think about the upcoming year.  What do I want to achieve? What's my goal as a blogger? Where do I need to make changes?


Last year I wrote about Setting Blog Resolutions for the New Year and reading back on it I'm think, WHOA! What great tips!  Then I panicked and thought, “What do I have to say about the new year and blogging NOW?!”


The new year is a great time to look back on your previous time blogging.  What did you find yourself doing too much of? What was there not enough of?  What did you not make a priority that you should have?  In general I love the New Year as a chance to change things, even though I'm just as gung-ho about making changes year round if that's more your cup of tea.   So here are 10 blogging resolutions for the upcoming year– ones pulled from my own pocket!


10 Blogging Resolutions for the New Year:


1. Let go of extraneous resources.  Don’t feel obligated to jump on to every new social media site.  Know where your traffic is coming from. Know which sites you feel comfortable in, can use regularly, and excite you.   Put your energy and focus in to building that up in the most genuine way possible.

2. Build authentic relationships.  Blogging is a solo sport, so it’s very easy to feel isolated and disconnected from people.  Building up authentic relationships—with other bloggers, PR companies, and readers is very difficult, but incredibly rewarding.

3. Build (or edit) your media kit!   This resolution may not be for you if you’ve made a conscious decision not to monetize your site,  but if you have, make sure that you’re keeping your media kit up to date.  I peeked at mine recently and realized it was SO out of date!

4. Know your analytics—but let go of obsessing over them.  It seems like many bloggers are obsessed with their analytics—how many followers we have, what our subscribers are, what our pageviews are.  I won’t lie: these things are important.  Checking them every day won’t increase them; creating great content will, followed by interacting with people.

5. Make your goals tangible.  Want more followers?  Give yourself a goal.  25 in 3 months.  100 by the end of the year.  By setting numbers, you won’t lose sight of your efforts. It’s easy to say, “I want my blog to grow!” and feel let down by slow growth.  Small, incremental growth and goals will help you feel enthused by how you’re doing and more successful.

6. Master your fears.  Afraid of self-portraits?  Or SEO, graphic design, or WordPress? Conquer that fear, find some great tutorials, workbooks, and practice, practice, practice!  Bloggers have to be mini-experts on everything, so get a hop to on learning!

7. Master the boring stuff.  You may hate coding your site, but knowing how to control its appearance is so important.  You may not care about SEO, but if you want people to find that great post on 20 Classic Dresses Under $50, it’ll help.  Learning about how to set up your blog as an LLC and claim income on your taxes? MY GOD that sounds boring, but it could certainly save you some trouble in the long-run!

8. Buy your own domain.  It’s simple, but has a strong impact.  It’s a small $10/year investment that will add to your professionalism and make it easier for people to remember your URL (I ALWAYS forget to add the .blogspot.com/ .typepad.com/.wordpress.com to sites when typing them in!) .

9. Pitch YOURSELF to someone you want to work with.  It’s easy to sit back and wait for people to write you.  But have you pitched yourself to that blogger, brand, or company you’re dying to work with?  Shoot them an email—say who you are, how you want to work together, and why you think you’d be a good fit.   You'd be surprised at the outcome!

10. Take MORE time off.  Blogger burnout is a super real thing, and it’s easy to fill every free moment of our lives with blogging. I think that one thing we all need to do is give ourselves more slack.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy cocktails with friends (and DON’T break out your camera).  Go on vacation and forget about your site for a day or two.


Do you look on the New Year as a time to reevaluate your site, make change, and find new focus and vision for your site? What are your blogging goals and resolutions for the upcoming year?


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28 Responses

  1. Sophie

    Thank you for the great tips, your article has given me some great ideas (and motivation!) to improve my blog. I will definitely look into buying my own domain and pitching to companies I would like to work with. Can anyone explain to me what a media kit is as well? Sophie x

  2. Samar

    I’m so guilty of #4 right now. I really do need to give it a rest. Thanks for these kick in the butt tips. The advice at IFB has been superb lately.

  3. Moe

    Great tips. My resolution for the new year will be to narrow my social media focus. I am really resistant to a page for every project I work on. It just doesn’t seem productive in my mind.

    A note about domain names. I have my hosting at one spot and my domain names at Go Daddy because they are the cheapest. I usually do a search for a coupon and have never paid more than $8 for a domain name. Something to keep in mind.

  4. Marcia

    Great post Ashe! I used to focus too much on stats instead of putting more effort into my content, now I know what to work on. I also agree with narrowing my social media focus. For now, Facebook and Twitter are enough to juggle with.

  5. Sade Strehlke

    I love Goal #10 … all the social media sites are beyond exhausting in addition to keeping up with your regular content AND Tumblr content!

    I will definitely be doing a sweep this week, and keeping it under 10 total! lol

  6. A

    One of my friends just bought me my own domain name for my birthday! It was so sweet and definitely motivated me to put even more effort into blogging.

  7. Beautifully Invisible

    Great post, Ashe. I need to print this and frame it above my desk! 1 – 9 speak to me and what my own goals are. As for #10 – I think I did that a bit TOO much at the end of 2011! 🙂

  8. Jenny

    I love how you mentioned about taking time off from blogging. It makes blogging more real to me. 😉 I don’t want to get burned out because this is another one of my loves. I’m so taking this advice seriously. 😉


  9. jade

    Such great tips! Totally agree about putting yourself out there and approaching brands and PR people you want to work with. I’m working on getting my media book ready to send out.

  10. ShalandaO'neal

    I’m guilty of #4 myself lol! As much I keep putting it off, I know that I need to learn about SEO. I am going to glhave to bookmark this post!

  11. Dane

    I am guilty of lots of number such as checking my pageviews almost everyday and etc.. This is really a good new years resolution! thanks for sharing it!