IFB Project #28: Create A Motivational Mood Board

We figured that after our post on Creating a Blog Vision Board That Works as well as our tips for blogging goals in 2012, we should have this week's project be focused on the perfect mix of those two things! Over at IFB we're big believers in the power of visualizing your goals, your dreams and your future to make them come true.


IFB Project #28: Create A Motivational Mood Board


For this week's project, we are challenging our community to actualize this technique and create a motivational mood board for your blog. Gather images, quotes, outfits, any little tid-bits of inspiration, and put them together so you can visualize everything you want to achieve for yourself and your blog in 2o12. You can create a physical board, using magazines and a cork board (for example) or make a collage on your computer – we just want to see your vision!

Post your link below, we can't wait to see what inspires you for 2o12!

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13 Responses

  1. Danah

    I really love this idea. I have a huge binder of all my fashion finds that I continuously fill and I think it’s a much better idea to have them spread out in collage form, whether on a board or the computer. I will definitely be doing this! Thanks again for your amazing projects that always keep me inspired!


  2. style-delights

    Great idea! I always wanted to create an inspiration pinboard but somehow kept procrastinating! This IFB project prompted me to finally act upon it and create my virtual pinboard!! Thanks IFB and Taylor!

  3. A

    This is right up my street! I do it most years anyway so will be great to share with others bloggers. Off to start it now.

  4. Fashionopolis

    This is such a great idea to start off 2012..I love it… My first love for fashion began with making collages and mood board as a kid…fun stuff!!!
    Happy 2012 to all!!! <3

  5. Rachel

    I’ve been collecting images of strong females as my inspiration to be fierce no matter what stage of life I’m in to keep me motivated in achieving my life goals. All the images here are of strong women who, to me, look like they know where they are going in life. I’m a visual person…so this really helps in keeping me motivated. http://www.stylepage.com/ModeHaven/fashion

  6. Amber

    My mood board is my collage plastered on my bedroom wall. Everyday I wake up I roll over and look up at it 🙂

    You can see it via my instagram @ bklyn_belle !

    Lovely idea !