5 Ways To Make The Most of Instagram


You check it every hour, on the hour. You can't walk by something without snapping a picture and posting. You constantly hit “like” when scrolling through your feed. You tweet more because of it.


It's official: you are Instagram-obsessed. But can this popular photo-publishing application help your blog? How can you make the most out of Instagram? I've got 5 ways on how your Instagram addiction can help you and your blog.


1. Speak through your photos.
The beauty of Instagram is its ability to capture everyday moments and share them with your friends. Instead of publishing photos that are a little bland, why not show off your personality through your photos? Love walking through your favorite shop? Prove it! A die-hard fan of jewelry? Show off your bedazzled arm! Make your photos act as our voice and don't be afraid to speak LOUD.


2. Be active in the community.
Like any other social media application, the only way to grow your following is by being active in the community. You can't go from 5 followers to 15,000 without work. When you find a photo you like, leave a comment. Hit the “like” button on photos that make you smile or laugh. Discover new photographers by surfing through the “Popular” feed.


3. Share your photos.
Instagram was made for Twitter so don't be shy! Share those photos on your Twitter feed and Facebook profile. You can configure your photos to automatically share your photos by configuring your sharing settings. Who knows, maybe you will pick up a few more followers on Twitter and Instagram!


4. Get creative.
Ok, so I know I told you to speak through your photos in step one, but it's really important to make sure your photos are creative and interesting. No one wants to see boring content so before hitting “done”, ask yourself: is this a hit or a miss? A photo of your boots will probably fall flat. But a photo of you rocking your new boots while you are dancing outside? Much better!


5. Play with the different filters.
Yes, the “EarlyBird” filter might be your favorite, but guess what? There are 10 other filters that are just dying for your attention.


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19 Responses

  1. Chelsey

    hahaha I feel like this post is speaking directly to me on that last tip. My first handful of pictures on Instagram were all through the Earlybird filter. :-p

    These are great tips!

  2. Jayy

    great tips! I got just got into instagram and I was having trouble connecting my blog with my instagram. But this definitely helped me out

  3. Jade

    Addicted to Instagram. It’s so much fun discovering new IG-ers who have such amazing photo’s of what they’re wearing, wanting to wear and buying. And you’re completely right about Earlybird – I really need to mix it up a bit (oops!) xx

    • amandaboyce

      While I love EarlyBird, I am starting to use the Brannan and Toaster filter too. Check them out! I think you will like the change in saturation and picture frame.

  4. Christy Lorio

    Also don’t just re-post your Instagram pics on your blog! It gets boring after a while and people who keep up on both might stop following you or worse, quit reading your blog as a result. Keep it fresh!

  5. Ebeth

    So appropriate – doing an Instagram post soon! I recently saw a post someone did that was 12 pictures 12 hours – a day in the life, documented in instagram! Also recently stumbled upon the actual camera equivilents to all the instagram filters… Will try to find it and include it in my post when I put it up!

  6. Bella

    Dear IFB,

    Without wanting to blow my trumpet, I try to do all these things and they work, for sure! And what you’ve written is so true. I love that last point about the Earlybird point. So hard to move away from Earlybird, but, like mum, you’re always right

    Bella x

  7. danielle lewis

    Thanks so much for the article! I am new to instagram and have given myself a daily photo challenge. Your article has motivated me to up my game and make sure they are all of equal quality rather than just snapping to tick it off the list for the day. Much love!