Today… Create/Update Your “About” Page

To help jump start our success in our blogging resolutions, I want to start providing prompts designed to help us grow, change, and update our blogs quickly (hopefully, 15-30 minutes, with some projects could take upwards to an hour, depending on the project).


Today, and this year, we begin with creating or updating your “About” page– one of the HARDEST and most IMPORTANT pieces of content to write!  When I visit a new blog, if the blogger has piqued my curiosity, I immediately hop over to their About page to find out more about them.

My own About page hasn't been significantly updated in a while.  In it you'll find: a brief description of who I am, what the site is about, my style, and how to get in touch with me.  And you know what? It's LONG, it's dull, there's a whole lot of text (and not a lot said), and needs some editing.  The important thing in an About page is that it's reflective of YOU.  It should be your voice, share what's important to you, and quickly give the reader an idea of who you are.

Above you can see how I broke down my current About page with places where & how the content can be more engaging & dynamic.  Why just have text links  when I can add one-click buttons, making it easier to connect?   Why talk about something, when I can show it? That's what is so great about blogging–our ability to SHOW information.


Quick Tips for Updating Your About Page:

  • First Person or Third Person?  Do you want to talk about yourself in “I” or your name?  It's really hard to talk about yourself in third person, but you'll notice that it's how the professionals do it–no matter what the field.  It may feel more distant to write it that way, but that's okay!  Make a choice though, and keep it consistent.
  • About You, About Your Site, or Both?  Who or what does your about page talk about?  Is it solely about you? Solely about your blog?  Try adding a short paragraph about the other, if you don't have it.  Make sure your bios are concise, interesting, and active.
  • Try an alternative format.  Is your bio filled with long winded paragraphs highlighting your whole life?  Why not try writing a 10 Fun Facts list in lieu of a biography?  Share your bio solely through pictures, videos, or animated gifs.
  • Use this space to share your other loves, insane accomplishments, or unique stories.  Our blogs tell so much about our lives–but only within a small niche.  Add interesting tidbits about yourself in OTHER areas of your life.  Maybe you were an award winning gymnast, raise purebred guinea pigs, or are learning to windsurf.  You may not feel that's a post for your site, but you can share it on your bio.
  • Make it visual.  I'm sure most of us could sure use to add more visuals to our biographies! Mine above shows that I certainly can.
  • Link it up!  If you write elsewhere, have accomplishments you want to share, be sure to link it up! Make sure there are links to other sites you may write for, favorite posts, where to find you online, etc.
  • Add in your disclosures, advertising information, and copyright information.  Why make people have to hop from page to page looking for information about whether they can share your images, how to contact you for reviews, or whether or not they can buy ad space from you.  Put it all neatly in to one spot!


About Pages to Inspire You:

Here are a few sites whose About pages inspire me– be sure to leave your favorites in the comments, too!

Hello! I'm Gala is great for giving a snapshot of who Gala is, highlights from her life, and then goes in to the About section of her professional/site as well.  I find it really interesting how Gala bounces back between the informal “I” biography and the third person “Gala” bio–depending on what section she's in and what she's talking about.

The Clothes Horse uses her about page as a FAQ page as well.  Rebecca offers a brief biography of herself and the chance to answer some of the most common questions she receives.

Taza & Husband integrates video in to their about page! I love how it starts off with strong, short, descriptive sentences to give you an idea of of who they are: She has lots of freckles. He wears lots of bow ties.

Sterling Style has succinct down pat–  from sharing her advertising policies, her copyright statement, and her bi. Each is a neat, tidy paragraph running under 4-5 lines, giving you the info you want immediately!

What tips do you have for sprucing up your About page? How do you plan on making changes to yours–TODAY?

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17 Responses

  1. Casee Marie

    This is brilliant and so needed. I just overhauled my About page for the umpteenth time over the weekend. Can I link it? I’m not trying to pimp my blog or anything, just want to share. I’m one of those people who checks EVERY single About page I find for inspiration. Anyway mine is here. It’s still a work in progress – very much so – but the point is that I had grown so tired of trying to write about myself and failing miserably that I decided to create an imaginary interviewer. Yes, really.

    I’ve tried writing in first and third person (I also polled readers on Facebook about it and they said because I’m a singular blogger and it’s a personal type of blog they thought first person was best), but any way I swung it I just felt awkward and silly. And I ended up avoiding the page for those reasons, so it rarely got updated. I finally decided to split myself up, do an ask-and-answer in a different way than the old a/s/l type of thing. And I think it worked out well for me! It definitely made it easier to write about myself at any rate. Now I just feel ridiculous for being “two people”, but in a way I think it’s still progress.

    WordPress also has a great plugin (I think it’s WidgetContext) that lets you set certain widgets to show on only certain pages. I used that to customize the sidebar on my About page so it can include my blogroll, and it’s a good option for including your photos in a different way. I also thought about making buttons for more pages (i.e. portfolio, features and press, etc) for the sidebar to make it something of a website within a website. I’m still experimenting with some ideas. And I really want to include disclosures and such information so I have quite a bit more to work on.

    Okay, that’s all. Thanks for this! I’ll definitely be bookmarking and referring back.

  2. tammie

    this has been on my to-do list forever, but you are inspiring me to actually DO it! thank you for the great tips!

  3. Linda

    Such fantastic advice.

    Checking my analytics, a lot of my traffic falls after this page. Jazzing it up is exactly what I need.

    Thank you very much!

  4. Hannah

    I woke up this morning in a mood to re-do my outdated About Me, and I see this pop up in my e-mail! IFB, you know my life! I’m excited to use the tips you mention here to really jazz up my page. Thanks!

  5. Julia

    Wow! This is exactly what I need! I wanted to update my About page for a while now, but never actually did it. Thank you for reminding me 😉

  6. Lori

    Thanks for the tips. I like the idea of adding a privacy policy and disclaimers on the About Me part of my blog so
    that will be on my to do list.