5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google +

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Last week, our Twitter fans got to talking about Google + and how they were a little confused about it. Why should I use it? How does it function? Do I really need it? There were so many good questions and I thought what better place to talk about this new social media network than here!

Introduced last year, Google + never really took off amongst bloggers. Frankly, a lot of people didn't have enough incentive to use it. Not enough users, lack of business integration, and an overall anticlimactic first couple of months led many bloggers to ask what was the big deal. However, the momentum for Google + is picking up a little speed. With impressive networking capabilities, a fun video hangout option and brand pages, it looks like Google + is carving its own niche in the social media world.

But, based on our Twitter conversations, it seems that many of you are still on the fence about it. Let me say that at first I was a little bored by it. I don’t need another Facebook and it will never replace the news-feed feel of Twitter. But, after playing with it more, I realized that Google + has the potential of being a great marketing tool for all you bloggers out there. I know, the layout is a little confusing and getting to know its functionality can be frustrating. Plus, you are probably asking yourself, “Why do I need another social network?” However, here are 5 reasons why you should give Google+ a shot.

1. The power of circles. Let’s face it, we don’t need to share certain information with everyone and their mom. That’s why I love the Google + circles. Now I can separate my friends into specific groups and make sure that the content I post is relevant to that specified circle. That means no more weir conversations with grandma about why I was wearing leather leggings and a fur vest to work the other day.

2. Video “Hangouts” are amazing. Three words for you: group video chats. After doing a hangout with a group of friends scattered across the country, I decided that the Hangouts might be the best thing about Google +. Dare I say, it is even better than Skype?

3. News feed updates with every comment. If you are looking to stay up-to-date with who is commenting on what blog post, Google + is your best friend. With every comment on a Google + post, your post will be moved to the top of the news feed. Hello instant advertising!

4. You can’t escape it. From Gmail to your Google Reader, Google is everywhere which means accessing Google + is easy. You don’t have to open multiple tabs to view your Google + profile because, chances are, you already have at least one Google program running.

5. Easy interface. Unlike Facebook, Google + has a clean, simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. There are no hidden settings and everything you need is on one major page. Less head-scratching, more posting!


Do you use Google + already? How do you balance all your social media outlets? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Responses

  1. Cynthia

    Heh…won’t use it until we can integrate our blog posts with Pages with RSS like you can with Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Vivianna

    This is great! I just deleted my facebook because I was getting overwhelmed with it and now reading this post i might start using googl+ more.

    thank you!

  3. madeleine gallay

    Facebook kind of rules, it and twitter … Google + seems suitable for brands, very hard to navigate and perhaps good for specifics but ..

    Is it slightly redundant if you get a ton on your blog traffic from google?

    Hate to say it but linked-in and goog + seem businssey and slightly not ready for bloggeratti.

    Loving pinterest, wow wow wow.

  4. Fajr

    From a traffic/ranking standpoint, Google + is going to be a major player. Since Google is rolling out personal search you will see more sites show up in rankings from the people you follow on Google +

    Also the more the a webpage is +1’ed there’s a strong correlation that it will help boost rankings. It’s all SEO heresy but Google + was created soley for social purposes. And we all know how important social is to SEO and vice versa.

  5. Emmy

    I have a Google+ account but never really bothered to learn how to use. Never heard of Video Hangouts til now. This might be the one to lure me in finally:)

  6. Eliza

    hmmm…I have attempted twice on getting google +, buuut…never really went through with it, I would hesitate even though I was curious of it. But after reading this, I want to give it a try, I mean I can delete it afterwards if I don’t like it right?

    🙂 Thanks for this post!

  7. MonicaP

    I signed up for Google + because of blogger. As a new blogger, I’m working to get new interest in my blog and this is one more outlet to reach potential viewers. I have to say though, that it’s a lot to keep up with, FB, Twitter, bloglovin, .. Oye!