Save the Date! IFB Conference Feb. 8th

IFB and Milk Studios are proud to announce we will be hosting the IFB Conference conference on February 8th, 2012 at Milk Studios in New York City.

Every season it's such a pleasure to see the fashion blogging community come together and discuss how things have evolved, where our industry is going and, of course get to meet our favorite bloggers in the flesh!
With over 300 bloggers in attendance, and over 10,000 watching from home via livestream, the IFB Conference is the largest fashion blogger conference worldwide. The conference will cover poignant topics in our pioneering industry through 4 panels,  and a special keynote speaker as well as hosting a fabulous party afterwards.

Tickets always sell out, you won’t want to miss out this season! Buy now and get a special discounted price!


We’re still working out the details, will should announce a full schedule next week. So stay tuned!


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25 Responses

  1. ShalandaO'neal

    I’m so excited. This past Fall I missed most of it online because I had treachery duites at Open House. So excited to see what’s in store for this Spring conference. Thanks so much for making it available in real time via the Internet!

  2. Erin

    Awesome! Just a suggestion, when people are presenting, could you use the backdrop to post their twitter handles? It would definitely encourage more effective live tweeting! Thanks! : )

  3. Bianca

    Wow, I might consider making the trip for this, is this near hotels/public transport etc? I have only been to NYC a few times.

  4. brisbanethreads

    So excited – I live in Brisbane Australia so won’t be making the trip…. looking forward to the livestream details… have my alarm clock set already! xxx

  5. Sharon Gibson

    Would love it if someone submitted a back packers guide to doing this cheaply i.e air fare, hotels,hostels, ways to hook up with other bloggers to room share.

  6. Maria Carolina

    I live in California and planning on attending. I am new to IFB so can someone give me extra information. Like what is talked in the conference. Thank you 🙂

  7. Judy

    If you are looking for a place to rest your head on the night of the 8th, let me know. I am as well!

  8. Trisha Renee

    I’m going and I am extremely excited. I’m a new blogger and this will be my first time at the conference so I am just ready for the experience. I’m already planning my outfit. Hope to meet some of you all!

  9. Hayley

    Will there be a London conference like last year for all the people who cannot get to NY! Please say yes?