A Fashion Blogger’s Alphabet

Okay, so the other day I was listening to the Jackson 5, and I thought to myself, “You know what Michael, falling in love is not as easy as ABC, 123. It's just not. It requires at least half of the rest of the alphabet.” Hardly anything in life is as easy as ABC, which is why we have a whole 26 letters to help us get through things. Like blogging.

I thought it might be fun to see if I could think of something relevant to fashion blogging to represent each letter of the alphabet. Some of them are a bit of a stretch I know, so leave your contributions in the comments!


IFB's ABC's of fashion blogging…


A: Is for all-important Analytics; your About page; and affiliate networks.

B: Is for creating a Bank of blog posts, working with Brands gracefully; and the debate over Blogspot.

C: Is for remembering to always cite your sources; the Caffeine we need to survive; and of course the IFB Conference!

D: Is for striving for Daily posting; filling your posts with Diversity; and giving attention to Design & Template.

E: Is for attending Events to meet other bloggers, paying attention to your blogger Etiquette; and the importance of Editing.

F: Is for your loyal Followers; updating your Facebook Page; and trying to survive Fashion Week.

G: Is for setting Goals; carefully considering your Givaways; and using Google + to promote your blog.

H: Is for writing with Humor; designing a perfect Header, and only blogging if it makes you Happy!

I: Is for IFB of course; and one of our favorite photo-sharing apps, Instagram.

J: Is for blogging like a Journalist from time-to-time.

K: Is for Klout, which you may or many not find value in.

L: Is for NYFW at Lincoln Center; submitting posts for Links a la Mode; and hardly being able to live without your Laptop.

M: Is for Monetize if you want to; Motivate yourself when you have to; and go Mobile with your Media

N: Is for Networking – an important key to any blogger's success!

O: Is for Outfit posts – one of the cornerstones of fashion and style blogging.

P: Is for learning tips on Photo Processing on your blog; using the social photo site Pinterest; and choosing the right Platform for your blog.

Q: Is for Quality over Quantity – always.

R: Is for Reblogging on occasion and Reading other blogs as often as you can.

S: Is for understanding SEO and Social media jargon.

T: Is for two of IFB's favorite social mediums: Twitter and Tumblr.

U: Is for Unique, something you should always be.

V: Is for Video content; remembering to value yourself; and perhaps creating a vision board.

W: Is for WordPress;

X: Is for X-Ray vision: see through what isn't real and what doesn't matter. Concentrate on success!

Y: Is for You. You are the most important part of your fashion blog, so don't ever forget it!

Z: Is for blogging guru Yuli Ziv.

What would you add to the blogger's alphabet?


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21 Responses

  1. little moon lover

    cute post… I like the idea of the ABC applied to this, and I found this article as a great tool for my blog.. keep in mind things sometimes we forget or encourage me into new ones like Instagram!
    I think I’d only add something else to the letter “f” and that’s having FUN.. in the end, we must love our blogs and have fun with it.. otherwise there’s no point doing it.. don’t view it that much as a job or obligation that will have only make you stress about posts or answering comments or whatever… we must enjoy it.

  2. Zamri A.

    I would add:
    D = designer label, as where most of us get inspiration from (and a staple for any fashion blogs!)
    H = highstreet brands, as how we translate the inspiration most (at least to me!)

  3. Beth Anderson

    This is one of my favorite IFB articles! You nailed so many important points in this fun ABC format. I’m sending all my Chic Galleria interns to read this article. xoxo