IFB Project #30: Create a Blogging Time Capsule

image from: Neal

I think everyone makes a time capsule at some point in their elementary school years. I remember doing my first one when I was in 5th grade. I put my favorite book, beloved BonneBell balm, Valentines Day card from my crush, and packet of Nerds into a box and buried it deep, vowing to open it again 10 years later. After 10 years passed, my then-teacher gave me my capsule back and it was as if I had taken a time machine back. From the book to the balm, I remember why I loved these things so much and it made me think about that little nerdy girl who is a big part of who I am today.

That's the beauty of time capsules- they act as messages tying your past, present and future all together in your beloved objects. This week, I want you all to create your own time capsule, but for your blog.

IFB Project #30: Create a Blogging Time Capsule

Getting started for this project is pretty easy! Print out your favorite posts or pictures, make a list of why you love to blog, and place other memorable mementos into a box and pick a date for when you will retrieve your box. Two months, five years, you pick the date and don't forget it! Store the box either deep in your closet or under your bed and leave it there. When it comes time to open your capsule, you will be reminded at how much you loved your blog, and why it became a major part of your life. Plus, you can proudly show it to your family and friends.

Tip: it's best to tell a close friend or family member that you are doing this project so they can help you remember to retrieve it. I don't know about you but five years is a long time! I might forget if I don't have help.

Post your link below and share with us what's in your blogging time capsule!

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8 Responses

  1. anne the SpyGirl

    LOVE this idea!
    My house is such a mess, I find unintentional time capsules ALL THE TIME. Haha.

    Last summer at a creative workshop, the instructor had us write letters to ourselves. She then took them, saying she was going to mail them “sometime” My letter arrived around Thanksgiving. So great to read!

  2. Samantha


    You can email yourself a reminder using FutureMe.org. (I think it has to be at least a year into the future, though.) I’ve used it loads of times before just for sending my future self letters, but I’m sure it could work here too!

  3. LaurenF

    I like this idea a lot. In reality, part of the reason I started my blog is because it will serve as a digital scrapbook/photo album/time capsule of my sister’s and my lives. Our blog is all about sharing our daily outfits with each other, and I know I’m going to enjoy going back through our old posts several years from now. I was also thinking of collecting all of my favorite photos from our blog at the end of each year and creating a photo book from them (on a site like shutterfly).

  4. Emmy

    I’m kinda on the same boat as the commenter LaurenF above. One of the reasons I started my blog is to kinda have a digital diary of stuff that interests me, and hopefully, my kids can read it someday.
    This is a great project:) But where you post your link is missing, or is it just me?

  5. Marcie Norton

    What a fantastic idea. We manufacture Baby and Wedding Time Capsules with special paperwork in them, like a profile book of the baby or bride/groom. They also come with “Message to the Future” letters for friends and family to fill out. The capsule is then sealed and opened years later at a date of their choice. These time capsules are decorative and not meant to be buried. You can find a picture of them and purchase these time capsules at http://www.timecapsule.com

    Great comments and ideas everyone. Love it.

    Marcie Norton
    The Original Time Capsule co.