Fashion Blogging Predictions for 2012

Come & sit down, my dear, and I'll tell you your fortune….
Yes, yes… I see much wealth, many photos taken, and much fame…


All right. So my career as a fortune teller is a short-lived as my ones as princess ballerina of the unicorn ranch and Clarice Starling.  BUT! That doesn't mean I'm not capable of making some fashion blogging predictions for 2012.


The rise of unique voices.  In the past year, I think many bloggers were staggered to see how quickly The Man Repeller gained popularity.  But she also showed bloggers two things: regular, great content and a unique perspective.  We read about those two tips on blogging sites ALL THE TIME, but seeing it put in to practice– and the success that can rise from it, makes the experience all the more valuable & educational.


The rise of the blogger agent. Blogger agents like Digital Brand Architects and collectives like Style Coalition keep getting bigger and bridging the divide between fashion companies and bloggers.  I'm predicting we will see more of these agencies and collectives in the upcoming year, and more bloggers in fashion campaigns.


The thinning of the herd.  Blogging, in general, has exploded since I began and it's obvious that it's becoming oversaturated.  While I think we're going to continue to see great numbers of fashion blogs created every day, I think this will be the year we begin some many abandoned.  Blogging is hard, time consuming, and the payoff isn't what the media promotes it to be.


But let's not just hear my own predictions– let's hear what other bloggers predict for 2012!


Kristina, Pretty Shiny Sparkly

I believe photo-sharing apps like Instagram will become even more popular in 2012. I also think that people will look toward optimizing their under-utilized social media outlets–avid tweeters will become more conscious of their Facebook pages, bloggers will turn to YouTube to expand their reach, etc. I also think we're going to be seeing a lot of blogger weddings-  there are quite a few of us getting married this year, so wedding-related posts will be ubiquitous.

Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista 

I think that Blogging will receive an official definition among the legal lines. With the recent lawsuit the blogger lost late last year and SOPA threats, I think blogging in general will receive an even more detailed definition of just what it is–freedom of speech and journalism practices included.

Going Mobile- I think that you will find more and more bloggers stepping up their platforms to the mobile blogging level. Apps, formats, and ways that we engage will be heightened with the evolution of mobile capabilities.

Taylor Davies, IFB and Shut Up, I Love That Shirt On You

I think that social media is going to become more important than ever for bloggers. As more of, ehem, the rest of the world, (ie people without blogs or careers in online media) join Twitter, start Facebook fan pages and get Instagram accounts, it's becoming a more and more useful tool to share your fashion blog with the world. I've seen already that photo-sharing social media is becoming particulary huge. Apps and sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Pose are fun and easy ways to share your style, your taste and your daily looks without having to create a full blog post each time. Personally, I just got an iphone about two months ago, and I've already posted 258 photos on Instagram. That's ridiculous, but it's so fun to share little bits and pieces of life that way!

B, Beautifully Invisible

I think that 2012 is going to be a year of continued growth and change in the fashion blogosphere.  Who we label as “fashion bloggers” will change.  It's a diverse group that doesn't just include teenagers and women who post OOTD shots.  Our interests and blogs are as diverse as our ages and sexes!  The New York Times just recently ran a piece on the newest breed of fashion bloggers – men!  Technologically, we'll rely more heavily on sites like StumbleUpon and Pinterest to drive traffic.  Mobile/iPad/tablet blogging will continue to thrive and we'll connect with readers AWAY from our blogs with social media and apps like instagram and pose.  And that is just the beginning!


I know we're not the only fortune tellers and soothsayers in the IFB community – what are your blogging predictions for 2012?


Image by Trey Ratcliff.

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16 Responses

  1. Michal

    I was thinking the same about the blogger-agent. Bloggers are becoming more of a personality than just some anonymous people behind the screen, and are more exposed to the media threats.

  2. style-delights

    My guess is that the ‘long copies’ will start fading away..Pinterest and Tumbler, joining force for microblogging with omnipresent Twitter are already impacting the way we blog! The established blogs will slowly move away from ‘just blogging’ and go more into branding and influencing the web content.
    Great article!!

  3. Courtney

    Great article! I am always looking for more “unique voices” to follow, and I think you are right on with that idea.

  4. Polly

    Some really interesting points here. I agree that Instagram and Pinterest will continue to be big, and I also hope to see the decline of OOTD blogs in favour of something that’s more focused on personality and textual content. Photos are great, of course, but I’d like to see thoughts and opinions and not just 20 photos of the same skirt from different angles.

  5. Karen Moon

    Bloggers are making a huge impact and shift in the fashion industry. It’s not just about brands and consumers taking note the individual, below are some industry stats on bloggers from a recent blog post of mine. Let me know what you think!


    Now a days it seems as if blogger collaborations are a necessity to declare that your brand is democratic and has a personalized point of view… and it’s making an impact on the bottom line. At the brink of the economic recession, the luxury markets declined markedly not only due to the economic crisis but also the fact that it was not politically correct to flaunt your luxurious wears. Despite current market volatility, the markets have rebounded and luxury has bounced back. (If you don’t believe me, check out the latest earnings reports for Burberry, Hermes (H1 net income up 50% – no that is not a typo…) and several others. According to the Digital Luxury Experience report published by Altagamma, online sales of luxury goods were 4.5B Euros in 2010 (2.6% of the overall 172B global luxury market) and projected to grow at 20% per year to 11.0B Euros by 2015.

    Back to the point… what has also emerged is the rise of bloggers, their acceptance by the ever-so-exclusive fashion industry and their influence on the masses. In fact fashion bloggers are projected to propel $15B of online sales by 2015 per Altagamma.

    What does this mean for the fashion industry?

    Dispersion of advertising revenues among publishers: Bloggers are making money, building businesses, and enabling secondary business to grow around them (see #3)
    Democratization of the fashion industry and the meritocracy: ”Who you know” is not the only way to get into the industry. If you want a career in fashion, you better have a blog. If you are an aspiring model or stylist, it’s your portfolio. If you want to be an editor, prove that you can create content and attract readers. Any one can write a blog and if you can get the attention of readers, you deserve to be in.
    Emergence of ancillary businesses: The rise in any business allows for ancillary businesses to flourish. Over breakfast a couple of months ago, Christian Remrod of Fashion Networks discuss how bringing together 5 successful blogs into one platform called NowManifest has created value for all of it’s participants including Bryan Boy, Style by Kling, Fashion Toast and several others. Blog Lovin and Jennine Jacobs’ Independent Fashion Bloggers organization has brought together a community of over 6000 bloggers. Kendra Bracken-Ferguson of Digital Brand Architects built a business around representing bloggers and creating brand advertorials. And last but not least, CAA is representing Bryan Boy. As the self-proclaimed Snooki of fashion blogging, I suppose he needs an agent. BB – I would give yourself a bit more credit!! xx
    Evolving editorial voice of traditional publications: At the Women’s Economic Empowerment Forum last week, I got to meet Glamour editor-in-cheif Cindi Leive and hear her thoughts on how the editorial voice of Glamour has evolved to adapt to the times as well. Glamour once had a singular voice, but it has evolved to a collective of independent voices of its editors that embrace what Glamour stands for: transformation of beauty both inside and out.
    Proliferation of content and opportunities for syndication: There’s a lot of stuff out there and EVERYONE is producing content – fashion publications, bloggers, brands, retailers and even entrepreneurs. It’s hard to produce good content and most readers want to see what’s relevant to them. So why not give them what’s relevant to them? We’ve done a mediocre job of personalizing commerce recommendations – that’s an entirely different topic – or is it??? Not to be facetious, but I obviously have a point of view. But let’s start with personalizing fashion content for now. I’ve been doing my homework because I personally needed a solution… coming v. soon.

  6. SARAH

    This is just the beginning.. from 2012 is really going to take off! Really looking forward to it..
    ps I love The Men Repeller! One of the best blogs.

  7. Rachel

    This is the first I have heard of blogger agents but it sure does make a lot of sense. And something worth finding out more about! Thank you for the post.

  8. kelsey

    I’ve noticed lots of fashion bloggers phasing out their c/o items this year. I’m considering going that route as well, or at least saying “No, thank you” more often. I’ve already started that and it feels great.

  9. Brittany J.

    So far I’ve seen the growth of blogs tripled this year alone. It’s amazing and as a fashion blogger I love what it offers to others. The use of Blogger agents is something to think about and worth it i think. I would love to see more agencies like that appear. I’m excited to see new bloggers grow this year. Because blogging isn’t easy but god it can be satisfying when someone in another country follows u and tell u they loved your post!
    Great Article By The Way : )

  10. The Calvin Show

    I enjoy the fact that men are on the rise in terms of fashion blogging. It makes me feel like I stand a chance in the sea of bloggers!

    Also, I was never big on OOTD (outfit of the day) for my blog and didn’t always see the big draw with others which is why my blog puts an emphasis on text.

    I think it’s interesting how we all want to see, see, see and now people are saying “I’d rather read it than see your outfit.”

  11. Amit Anand

    @ The Calvin Show, Men are going to rule the fashion blogosphere roost in 2012 and beyond! This is my prediction and I am very true to my brand which is only and all about men.

    I have noticed that some bloggers change track and their ideology midway and forget that relevant content is the only key to a fashion blog’s success.

    It’s content, content and content all the way with some great pictures/ media thrown in here and there 🙂

  12. Natalia Dreamlander

    I think there will be more and more bloggers concerned by the ethics of fashion. Bloggers like myself :). Readers will start losing interest in blogs that only feature outfit posts (especially those where too many sponsors are involved)and will seek more and more ‘fashion activists’ who will provide them information about where, how and by whom our clothes are made.