Managing Your Facebook Timeline

Let’s talk about the new Facebook. Have you made the upgrade to the newly minted Timeline?

I can’t tell if I like it or not. On the one hand, I like being able to look at my entire Facebook profile broken down into years. On the flip side, ALL of your business is now for all eyes to see. Your parents, coworkers, roommates… Yikes. That crazy sorority party back in 2009? That ridiculous summer vacation in Mexico where you indulged in swimsuits and margaritas? Yeah bad news, my friends.

Don’t be a victim of Facebook oversharing. Set aside an hour out of your day and manage your timeline. For your own sake (and potentially your future career). We wouldn’t those infamous Halloween party pictures floating into the office or study hall, would we?

facebook privacy setting

privacy settings

First things first, get familiar with your  Privacy Settings. This is where you need to pay special attention to what is being shared with whom. The “How You Connect” settings in the Privacy Settings section will allow you to manage who can post on your timeline, what past posts are visible on your timeline and what apps you’ve connected to your Facebook account. You can also customize who sees what on your timeline. Don’t want your parents to see posts from your secret boyfriend? This is where you can hide that guy of yours, at least for the moment.

Another important setting to play with? The Limit the Audience for Your Past Posts setting. You can hide those anger-driven posts about your ex or your overly excited updates about leaving your past jobs. Not necessarily the kind of posts your want your new boyfriend or new boss to see, right?

Lastly, create a customized list of those who need to be blocked from certain content and consider adding bosses, past supervisors, current coworkers, and acquaintances. It’s a precautionary move that will help you in the long-run, in case you forget to change your privacy settings when the next Facebook update comes.  If you wouldn’t share your most intimate details with them, you might want to block their access to their content all together. Your conservative grandmother will thank you for sparing her the grief of reading your rather bold updates.

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4 Responses

  1. madeleine gallay

    very timely … Facebook confuses every update with modifications to its actually very good (I think) privacy

    review it each time, just discovered you can change photo privacy settings directly in photos, easier to do one by one or each album

  2. A

    I’m not sure about the new timeline, but I love the idea of a cover photo. I have a picture of a load of magazines.

  3. Mishka

    Also a good reminder not to post mindlessly to facebook in general, if you’re going to post things you don’t want people to see.

    Ever since timeline came out it’s like the everyone is worried about “scandalous” old vacation photos and deep dark secrets. I went through my timeline and didn’t find anything I needed to frantically delete. No photo albums were buried in the past with the old layouts either, btw, they were all always visible… sooo…. just keep it real and there’s no problem.