IFB Project #30 Round-up: Create a Blogging Capsule

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Last week, we asked you to create a blogging capsule by gathering your favorite blogging mementos and hiding it away. Some of you remembered doing this kind of capsule back in grade school. It must have been an elementary school requirement!

A few of you mentioned that your blogs acted as a blogging capsule, which is so true! Depending on how often you update and how passionate you are, a blog can be its own little time capsule. A diary, if you will. With this kind of project, submissions couldn't really be counted since your capsules are at home (or wherever you hid it) so instead, I wanted to highlight a few interesting comments and helpful tips for creating a blogging capsule.

Here's hoping that you remember to open your capsule when the time comes… Thanks for participating!

IFB Project #30 Round Up: Create a Blogging Capsule

1. Lauren: “I was also thinking of collecting all of my favorite photos from our blog at the end of each year and creating a photo book from them (on a site like Shutterfly).”

2. Emmy: “One of the reasons I started my blog is to kinda have a digital diary of stuff that interests me, and hopefully, my kids can read it someday.”

3. Samantha: “You can email yourself a reminder using FutureMe.org. (I think it has to be at least a year into the future, though.) I’ve used it loads of times before just for sending my future self letters.”

4. Anne: “Last summer at a creative workshop, the instructor had us write letters to ourselves. She then took them, saying she was going to mail them “sometime” My letter arrived around Thanksgiving. So great to read!”

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