IFB Project #31: Showcase Your Winter Style

project winterLet's face it, getting dressed during these winter months is not fun. Thankfully, we've avoided any major snowapocalypses so far but that doesn't mean it hasn't been downright frigid. Somehow, the idea of throwing on a glamorous dress seems so hard. My winter uniform goes like this: parka, beanie, boots, jeans, and sweater. BORING. To counteract my lazy winter style (total fashion girl problems, right?), I'm challenging all you IFB readers to showcase your winter style! And who knows, maybe you all will inspire me to get my act together…

IFB Project #31: Showcase Your Winter Style

Whether its a pair of comfy leather boots, a furry vest, or a skimpy bikini (so not fair), I want you to show me what winter style is all about in your part of the world. The best part about a project like this is that you get to see how diverse winter style can be. From London to Thailand, winter can be bitterly cold or downright balmy!

To get started, snap a picture of you with your winter best on and share it on our Facebook page or Twitter stream. Don't forget to tag it with #IFBwinter and submit your links below in the comments section too.  I just can't wait to see what winter style means to you!

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  1. Alexandra

    During the four winters that I’ve spent in Copenhagen, I learned a thing or two from the Scandinavians about staying stylish in the winter months. {If they depended on warm weather to look good, they would only have 2 stylish months a year!} For me it’s all about tights, cute shoes {heels in the rain, boots in the snow} and classic, timeless coats, like this one: http://sheisred.com/2012/01/16/camel/


  2. Lifestyled

    I am pretty tired of winter- especially will all the Spring/Summer trends out! I’m ready for breezy dresses and tees. Until then… furry will have to do.