Today… Link to Your Fellow Bloggers!


Blogging thrives on community, and what better way to pay it back to your community and fellow bloggers than by sharing their work?  It's super easy to get obsessed with sharing your own content, finding new readers, and increasing your own presence–  and forget that sharing the content of others is JUST as important.


Many of my favorite blogs– and ones with substantial readers at that– always tend to share the wealth.  They don't hoard inspiring posts or great sites.  They promote the heck out of them!


Ways to Link to Your Fellow Bloggers… TODAY:

  • Retweet your favorite posts on Twitter.  It's quick! Just hit that RT button and share the love.  Tip though: don't overwhelm your followers retweeting everything. Be selective and share your favorites.  Don't share everything & everyone, hoping to increase your own chances of getting retweeted!
  • Increase your presence on Facebook by sharing great posts.  I love sharing great posts through Facebook, because it tends to reach a much different audience than Twitter.
  • Create a link-up post!  Share your favorite posts from the past few weeks, and why you love them so much.  I TRY to do this at least every two weeks and admit I never get them up as often as I should.
  • Repost the Links a la Mode Roundup.  There are always tons of great links each week, and it's a great way to meet new bloggers.
  • Share them on social sites…. like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg.  The best thing about these sites is how quickly they reach other eyes.  If you love that dip dye tight DIY, make it accessible to others.


What You Get in Return…

  • The satisfaction of supporting your favorite bloggers & the blogging community.  Needs no explanation!
  • Appreciation from the blogger whose posts you shared.  (Trust me– even if we don't always say it, we ALWAYS notice when our content is shared– and it means so much!)
  • Fresh eyes on your site.  It's not unusual for people to say, “Hey, thanks BooBooPrincessKitten for sharing my link!” and in return, link to your Twitter page, your Facebook page, or site.
  • Karma– and the increased likelihood of people sharing YOUR content. Karma's big in the blogosphere.  People love those who give back and want to give in return.  Pretty soon, you've got a big ole pile of love and giving going on– and it's pretty great!

If you're already an avid linker, how does it go for you? Do you love sharing the posts of your fellow bloggers? What's your favorite preferred method?


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11 Responses

  1. Jeanine Marie

    Today I was working on a blog roll and it dawned on me that we all read the same popular blogs. I decided to add blogs that I love that are not in the spotlight but should be.

    The other day someone asked me if they could use some of my pictures for their fashion blog. I was thrilled! Today I featured the work others and they were happy with the attention.

    I like that the way it works 🙂

  2. janea (2brokelagirls @ blogspot)

    i try to do a “cool blogs to watch” feature and some people comment & say thanks, and others…dont. which is fine too. i like sharing the cool things i find online and hope our readers appreciate it too. can’t wait til we get someone sharing our stuff 😉

  3. Katherine

    I used to post links to “blogs i’m reading” below my every post, but I’ve gotten so lazy recently. I should definitely start it uP again.

  4. Miss ED

    I have a page on my blog that lists my google reader subscriptions for just this purpose, but I’ve definitely been meaning to freshen up my sharing, and these are simple and useful tips to work with!

  5. Nicole having terrible issues to make it popular!
    please give me advices!!!
    besides social networks…..

  6. Jade

    Such a great idea about the link up post! I’m going to do that so I can share some of my favourite blogs that don’t have as many followers as they deserve. I sometimes do interviews of my favourite bloggers and their style/fashion thoughts and post links to their blog. It’s fun for me because I get an insight to their life and I get to share it with all my followers xx

  7. Ana

    I love linking – sharing is the point of my internet being. the thing that got me onto it in the first place.

    I love reading people’s Link Love posts.

    I love discovering new art through curator-bloggers’ sites.

    I love seeing new, interesting, amazing people when somebody ‘shares the love’ and introduces us to them.

    I think that that love sharing is the topping on the cake of the thing that has been linked to – without it it would be a great thing, but when you come to it through someone – it has that added charm of being loved, hand-picked, so-good-you-cannot-contain-it.

    My Facebook posts are all shares.
    I love to get the word about cool content out there.
    That’s what brings me joy.

    I hope my future blog will succeed in doing that and inspiring other people.
    It will be my way of giving back to the community for all the magic 🙂 .