Introducing Chic Geek Giveaways + Lo & Son’s Review

Have you ever noticed that fashion and technology don’t always go hand in hand? All these gadgets and gizmos sure work well, but when it comes time to accessorize them, I’m often left high-and-dry.

Enter IFB’s new Chic Geek reviews, delivering all the stylish and sleek tech accessories you could ever want.

From ever-so stylish tote bags to bold cases, I’ve got plenty of gorgeous products coming your way. And you know what makes the column even more sweeter? I will be giving away one item each week especially for you IFB readers.

First up is the OMG, Lo & Son’s Overnight and Medium Bag. Get it, OMG- overnight medium gym bag? I thought it was cute too. Big enough for your office notebook, 13-inch laptop, water bottles, iPad, and secret stash of candy (don’t lie, you know you have it), the OMG is perfect for the girl who is always moving. Yet, it’s not so massive that you feel like you are carrying a 5-lb weight around town.

My favorite part of the bag? It has so many secret compartments. All of your pens, business cards, spare lip gloss, and miscellaneous stuff will be neatly organized with this bag. Which means no more endless bag searches in your gigantic black-hole of purse! I should also mention that the hummingbird lining is super adorable too.

The only con about this bag is the black nylon. I know, I know! Nylon is great because it is water-resistant, which means my clumsy ways won’t ruin it. But wouldn’t it be great in a bold print or hot pink color? I guess I’m just a sucker for a bright pop of color. What do you think about the bag? Do all the compartments make you as giddy as me?

One lucky IFB reader will get the chance to review his/her own Lo & Son’s bag and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Tell me what your ideal laptop bag would look like below in the comments section.
2. Like IFB on Facebook 
3. Be sure to leave a valid email address.

Good luck and be sure to check out the rest of Lo & Son’s collection.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least thirteen (1) years of age at the time of entry. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Contest starts 1/24/2012 at 3pm EST and ends 1/31/12 at 2:59PM est. For prize details, entry guidelines and full Official Rules, visit Rules & Regulation. Sponsor: Coveted Media and Lo & Sons LLC.

UPDATE: Contest is closed now. Thanks for participating!

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64 Responses

  1. Carol

    Sleek, simple and NOT bulky. Large tote opening but sturdy enough to stand on its own. I like the ones you have in the blog post picture actually and wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂 I definitely like the short handles too. Something durable.

  2. Desirée V.

    My ideal laptop bag would be big enough to fil all my necessities but the last thing I want it to be is huge and bulky. It should be classic and have a great design so I could use it with any outfit. It should be made with great craftsmanship and should resist heavy cargo!

  3. Clara B

    My ideal laptop bag doesn’t look like a laptop bag. I love the one above, and I feel like a bright color (highlighter yellow comes to mind) would be fun but then I would get it dirty almost instantly – my computer comes with me everywhere.
    Maybe a dark forest green or wine red? With contrasting accents? Of course, at that point I would probably just cover it in pins anyway.

  4. Pamada

    my ideal laptop bag would probably be similar to what Lo & Son’s did. I wouldn’t want it to scream out, here’s a laptop bag! actually, i’d really like it to look more like a purse, so a change in the overall design of the bag, while leaving plenty of room for a laptop! and also should flow well as a crossbody, because lets face it, toting around a laptop gets heavy! i also would want some smaller compartments so that the bag could actually act like a purse too, that way wouldn’t have to carry around two bags. 🙂

  5. Carol

    Oh my gosh, I just watched the video on their website! I MUST have one now, even if I don’t win one I’ll go buy one. Love it! Perfect.

  6. Migdalia Gonzalez

    I imagine a stylish bag with personality and jazz. I also wouldn’t want it to just fit my laptop. All of my belongings need to coexist peaceful and neatly in my bag. This one would be a dream.

  7. Lejla

    My ideal laptop bag would probaly look something like this one. It would be big, with a handle for a sholder and a smaller one for hand. It would have a lot of space for my little things I carry around.
    I like this one a lot. I think it would be perfect! 🙂

  8. Black Bettie

    my ideal laptop bag would look just like this so that it doesn’t look like a laptop bag.. Maybe black patent leather or black with white polka dots and silver quilted lining like my old one!

  9. Marissa

    My ideal laptop bag:
    1) Black, so that it matches everything I wear
    2) Soft yet sturdy, so that it forms to the side of my body but is capable of standing on its own
    3) Large but not bulky, so that it fits all of my gadgets but can still fit underneath the seat of a plane
    4) Compartmentalized, so that everything belongs to a specific place
    5) MADE BY LO & Sons

    I just stumbled across this site and was thrilled to see the Chic Geek category! I write a blog called “Chic+Geek” and I actually wrote a post about Lo&Sons myself. You can check it out here:

  10. Aramide

    My ideal laptop bag would be something that doesn’t necessarily “scream” laptop bag. A chic, lightweight and stylish bag that would of course protect my laptop and be versatile to go from a meeting, to running around the city and if need be to after-work drinks.

  11. Shalini Sabarwal

    My ideal laptop bag is one that is stylish but not overly bulky. I need to carry a laptop everyday and therefore would like a bag that is easy enough to hold my purse contents plus laptop. I love the fact that this bag attaches to any suitcase (as one who travels for work a lot) it is so convenient as well as the small compartments for wallet, passport, water, etc!! It’s great!! Even if I don’t win one.. I will definitely invest in one once more colors are available.

  12. Amy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE a bag with compartments – hate feeling my stuff goes into a black hole! Hate a bog that looks liek I am carrying my computer. Stylish is a MUST when your out after work!

  13. abby

    i’m kind of obsessed with the omg, actually. it looks super functional/practical + stylish.

  14. Meagan

    Ideal laptop bag: black, profesh to death, not heavy (that’s what the laptop is for), strap that can go over my shoulder BUT ALSO short enough to be carried by hand and not drag on the ground.

  15. jack

    My ideal bag would be: clean lines, with functional pockets for power cords, pens, paper, laptop and sunnies. It also must be roomy enough that I can fit my purse and lunch in it as well. Can’t look like i’m being weighed down by a million bags!

  16. MJ

    My ideal laptop would definitely be a really loud color, like a hot pink or purple, maybe even a cool design on the outside. It would also look like a chic briefcase or purse so you can’t tell from looking at it it’s a laptop bag.

  17. Erin

    My dream laptop bag would be strong! I’m still lugging my old mac book around. Also, neutral colors for versatility, and pockets for cords and cables. Fingers crossed!

  18. nicole

    Sleek, water-resistent with a messenger strap and suitcase handles… and lined in a funky printed fabric (like leopard!). Thanks for the chance to win!

    [email protected]

  19. Rabia Koc

    My ideal laptop bag would be a mix between classic and modern. It would fit my personal style and from time to time I probably would use it as a big tote bag. It would preferably be made out of strong, sexy black leather (à la Alexander Wang), so my mac would be safe in it. It should definitely have personality, even though it’s a laptop bag. It would have probably enough pockets, but because it’s my bag, it would still be “messy-organized”. It would also protect my Mac from rainy weather (yes I live in Belgium). It also should stand out from other laptop bags, but in it’s simplicity and style, so without being over the top obviously
    (OMG I think I need a new laptop bag now :D!!)
    Endimanché – xoxo

  20. Neetika kapur

    Well my laptop bag would have a earthy finish.. maybe leather looks, but made of rubber, so it stays waterproof and light plus gives formal look too
    Must have just the right amount of space for my laptop and keys and wallet, without them scraping aganist each other. Something that separates them by a thin, quilted section in between.
    Plus shoulder strap to sling it across as a cross body whenever i need to walk with it a bit. Must have wide mouth, that retracts quickly and is easy to put lappy in.

  21. Any Second Now

    My ideal laptop bag would be similar to the Lo & Sons one: sleek, classic with lots of cool little compartments. I would want a ciuple padded compartments in case I bring more than one tech goodie. I also would like the choice to hand carry, carry it on the shoulder or crossbody.


  22. ENV

    My ideal laptop bag would be durable, have lots of compartments, be water-resistant, come in a dark neutral color, and be classy enough to be mistaken for a purse.

    The OMG fits this description perfectly!

  23. Charnel Graham

    My ideal laptop bag would be very roomy. It would also be simple, but would have something different that comes to it (like a symbol) to make it stand out. For example triangular pockets. Anything to represent true individuality.

  24. Michelle Lee

    my ideal laptop bag would have to be big enough for spaces to hold my laptop, some notes, pens all neatly packed. It has to be black so it can be matchy with just about any outfit 🙂

  25. Michelle

    My ideal laptop bag would be leather. It would be big enough to fil all the essentials but not be big and bulky. it should be chic and functional, but sturdy.

  26. kfloveinme

    It would have to be sleek, fashionable and in a cool color like orange or fuschia. I don’t mind black at all but maybe I would get one in black and one in a loud color…you know to change it up a bit. It also have to have other compartments. Looks like Lo & Son’s is the winner to me! 🙂 BTW, been stalking Lo & Son’s website since I discovered it a few months ago. LOVE THEM!

    kfloveinme at gmail dot com

  27. kfloveinme

    Forgot to mention that I liked IFB on Facebook…Kenya G.

    kfloveinme at gmail dot com

  28. cashmeredreams

    My laptop bag is the leather Mulberry Bayswater. It has a padded section for my laptop and it is my favorite thing I own! I have in a warm brown and it goes with everything!

  29. Monique

    My perfect laptop bag would be pink leather and leopard with lots of little pockets for my things. I am loving you on FB as Monique Jones Thanks for the giveaway

  30. Hilary Mae

    My idea laptop bag would be black, like everything else in my closet. Something sleek and functional but classy and elegant, not some corny regular laptop bag. Right now I just use my Longchamp but its getting old carrying that around, the straps hurt with books in it. I already follow IFB on Facebook and my e-mail address is valid!

  31. Nanci Mackey

    My dream laptop bag would have a wide base but a compartment to keep my laptop from flopping around. Needs a small zipper pocket (for the multiple lip glosses and pens)and to be able to be carried cross-body or on the shoulder.

  32. Lauren S

    i’ve been eyeing the bags at lo&sons for months, but have never had the extra cash to splurge and purchase one. (i prefer the red crimson version of this bag with the camel interior. that’d be heaven!) but this bag is a dream. my laptop is tired of being knocked around in my tote purse.

    winning would be too good to be true!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Maren

    My ideal bag would be leather and men’s-briefcase inspired — something like the classic mulberry and coach shapes. i like the one above a lot as well though!

  34. Vanessa P. Grannis

    Straight up, I’ll be thrilled with any bag that’s stylish and roomy BUT one I don’t LITERALLY have to hold in the air, upside down and aggressively shake until ALL the contents are surrounding me in a merry mess on the floor! LoL! I just need to carry my basics…my berry, my wallet, my lipstick, my laptop and my camera. =)

  35. Karen Allen

    My ideal laptop bag is the one that can be stylish, something with enough space to keep everything in place..I think this bag have all what I’m looking for…Love at first sight.

  36. anne the SpyGirl

    I recently returned from a NYC trip with my shoulder + arm STILL sore (3 days later) from lugging my laptop. My current travel bag situation is dire and must be addressed before I fly to Austin for TxSC in March.
    I need zippered compartments!
    I need a cross-body strap!
    It has to be lightweight!
    Black is fine — won’t show the dirt.
    This bag here looks pretty darn good to me — I could road test it on the March trip.

    FB like as Anne M Bray

    [email protected]

  37. Janine

    My ideal laptop bag would be light so it’s easy to carry! Also, easy zip or snap and well padded to protect my laptop 🙂

  38. A

    My perfect laptop bag would be sleek and simple, with multiple compartments inside so that I can attempt (emphasis on attempt) to stay organized. It would come in a neutral shade (maybe gray?) and not look like other laptop bags. Ideally, the bag would look like a Celine bag 🙂 But I would love that Lo&Son bag! It looks super cute and sounds super functional!

    Thank you guys sooooo much for having this great giveaway!!

    [email protected]

  39. Stephanie

    My ideal laptop bag would have enough room to store my laptop and accessories, but not be bulky. I like long strap, and a girlie design.

  40. Michelle

    My laptop bag should be as covetable as a designer purse. When I’m hopping off the plane and into a meeting or a conference, I should be thrilled it’s stylish enough that I don’t have to transfer things into a different purse. When I unzip the bag, I should delight at the unexpected luxury of its interior details. Rain or snow, I should be relieved everything inside stays dry. And it should be built like a magician’s hat, designed to carry everything you’d need on a plane or exploring a new city.

  41. Elisabeth

    I would definitely want my laptop bag to be sleek! I would also appreciate luxurious touches. 🙂

    I like your FB page as Elisabeth Good.

  42. Sarah

    My ideal laptop case would be something that is fashionable but classic looking, no color –just black and white, maybe gray. Something versatile that I can carry with anything. I also want it to be big enough to carry my laptop and important papers and accessories, but not big and bulky.
    Just followed you on FB 🙂

  43. Jillian

    My ideal bag would be large enough to fit a 15 inch laptop with a battery, but still sleek & stylish. It would be able to be carried as a tote, but also with a larger strap for cross body. It would be black, with a fun print inside (who doesn’t love those?!). Zipper closed. Have multiple pockets and separate compartments to keep things organized!
    Thanks for the opportunity, xx.

  44. Bobbie Jackson

    An ideal bag for me consists of two words “understated and chic”. I have a tendency to wear loud outfits and carry simple structred bags. But I have yet to find a bag that I can basically carry my whole life in and still have room. This is going on a 3 year + search for the “holy grail of bags”. If a bag can’t meet a simple tri-fold criteria, then it’s a dilema.

    1. Contain my day to day tech (laptop, smartphone,camera and Ipod)

    2. Have lots of compartments to store snacks, my sketch book, sketch pencils, makeup bag and reading material.

    3. Enough to carry a small umbrella and then some. Especially without weighing me down because I’m tiny. The last thing anyone wants to see is a twiglet (like me) teter-totering like a tree in the wind because her bag is too heavy.

  45. Evelyn

    My ideal bag would be black, not too big, but big enough too fit al the neccesary stuff. Also should it be classic, to fit in every season!

    xoxo Evelyn from The Netherlands

  46. Sydney Lester

    My ultimate ideal laptop bag would be a tough durable canvas, something that is thick and sturdy enough for me to tote my laptop, books, notes, and of course magazines! But it would also be chic with pockets and hardware to keep it looking fancy.

    I’ve liked IFB on Facebook!

    My email is: [email protected]. I love Lo&Sons and would LOVE to review this bag. I recently purchased one from Forever 21 that I had hoped to use as a work tote, but it ended up not being thick and sturdy enough. Hope to give this one a try.

  47. Lynn

    My ideal bag would be yellow and would protect my laptop without being too bulky or heavy.

  48. Courtney

    My ideal laptop bag would have…
    1) a bold, quirky pattern that stands out
    2) enough cushion for computer not be in danger
    3) hidden compartments for chargers, usb, etc

    But the perfect bag would be from Lo&Sons!

  49. Tiffany Davis Olson

    The perfect laptop bag for me would basically just look more like a purse instead of a business like tote. I really like the gold hardware on the OMG and the fact that it’s nylon is great because I know all my laptop bags always get so beat up from traveling!! I’d LOVE to take this with me to NY and London fashion week!!!!!!!!!!!

    I “liked” IFB on facebook, and my email is [email protected]

  50. Eboné Smiley

    My ideal laptop bag is leek and multifunctional. Not to brown-nose but I actually like the look and design of the Lo & Sons bags because they don’t scream “I’ve got expensive technology in me come and steal me!” In a perfect world the color would be a beautiful royal purple and be monogrammed with my initials, have several pockets and hidden compartments for my accessories, a spare pair of shoes and even space for a wardrobe change in case I have to run to an event.

  51. Kara

    My perfect bag would be bright and colorful maybe hot pink, royal purple, peacock blue (or all three in great print/ stripes) with space for laptop, iPad, and dslr and more! Lightweight liked coated canvas.

  52. Nicole G

    I love these bags! I like kara’s comment about a coated canvas bag. My ideal bag holds all the goods and gadgets and leaves me carrying only one bag and leaves my hands free.

  53. Sherrell

    My ideal bag would be a classic tote with a pop of color. Something out of the ordinary but nothing too crazy with LOTS of pockets and very functional.

  54. Miss ED

    My ideal bag would have lots of little compartments, and would be in a nice wine or blush color to contrast with my consistently dark wardrobe 🙂