Digital Is Where It’s At

When it comes to the battle between print and digital, it looks like more and more advertising executives and marketers are shifting to the online space, which doesn't bode well for the print industry. According to a study by eMarketer, online advertising is outperforming print sales by $5.7 million. That's a 23.3% increase from 2010, which is a pretty big leap! Why has the online advertising industry seen such success? From smartphones to tablets, more consumers are spending more of their time online, creating an opportunity for ad executives and marketers that simply cannot be missed.  Who can blame them? Everyone is talking about digital advertising and so many companies are reaping the benefits as they become more comfortable with ad networks and digital ad spends. If your consumer is spending more time on Facebook and Twitter, it makes sense that you would shift your advertising to fit your consumer's lifestyle.

What does this mean for you, the blogger?

First, it means that more and more companies will be looking at you as a potential advertiser. Your blog and your reader are exactly who they want to target so be prepared for more and more pitches and affiliate requests. It might be a good idea to start whipping out advertising guidelines and hashing out what kind of sponsors you want. Think about your readers and your point-of-view and put a page up dedicated to your advertising policies. This will prevent you from dealing with sponsors who don't make the cut.

Second, this shift in sales reaffirms the legitimacy of the digital space. For so long, many discounted the value of the world wide web. But as print sales decline, companies are recognizing that digital is where it is at. The amount of Internet users keeps growing and there really is no stopping it – whereas the print industry is struggling to survive. What makes the Internet an even greater landscape for advertisers is that it is constantly growing, evolving. More updates, and more movement means more opportunities!

In addition to digital advertising,, many are predicting that mobile advertising will continue to grow, possibly generating more sales as tablet smartphone use increases. No doubt, digital will be a huge moneymaker for those who use it to their advantage.


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  1. Katarina

    Lovely article Amanda and sooo true! I work for a big global consumer goods company and I do agree that digital is where it’s at being blogger myself however I feel like it is still so hard to move the big giant so the % of investing in online advertising is still up to 7% of the total budgets with TV and print taking up the rest. Hopefully his FY it will change 🙂

    I will definitely try to do my part to ensure it does.

    La Kat

  2. style-delights

    Internet advertising is the brander’s dream come true because the ads can be customized and even targeted at the best time – for example, if you are surfing a particular content (say latest handbags trends) and in the side bar is an ad for Marc Jacobs bag, you are more likely to click or/and buy it than say, seeing that ad in a glossy mag when the article you are reading has a different content!
    Great post Amanda!

  3. BeLighter

    Fantastic post! Totally agree!!!

    Hope this wake up from brands and marketing companies, means that bloggers will start to be treated better and the void existing in terms of conditions/terms/ads/payment, and so on, will be filled with respect for our passion, our vision, our work and the people that come to our digital space simply because they share our vision and inspiration!

    Because I read the articles and the comments also, I realise that there’s a lot of unclear stuff out there, and probably (most likely) unfairness towards bloggers, and I feel that business “sharks” are taking advantage of that void for themselves, and small digital owners (most bloggers) don’t always know who to turn to, to get some protection and fairness!

    I’d love to see more articles on this subject, in fact, because I truly think that it’s a huge issue, that has been kind of overlooked. Nobody likes to talk publicly about figures, and most of us simply do not know what “fair” means in practice, and since this is a new “thing” (the bloggosphere), you simply don’t know who to turn to…

    Again thanks IFB!!!

  4. stylifiq

    This is so true. I just started a new website, a fashion community and I hope it grows like my blog has
    . Sponsors are moving more and more of their campaigns online..

  5. nubry

    Hi Amanda – thanks for covering this subject as it is definitely an area of great interest for most/all fashion bloggers right now! For many bloggers, digital advertising and all that is involved is still pretty hazy. Questions like: How do you get ads? How much do you charge for ads? What results are the advertisers expecting and what is it worth? It is my thoughts that these are very beneficial questions to be answered and using a fashion blogger as an example in a future post would make this subject matter much less hazy 😉
    Thanks again
    – Gretchen

  6. Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog

    Of course internet advertising (and media in general) could suffer if new internet censorship laws such as SOPA, PIPA, (and whatever else they’re trying to name it nowadays) passes. Those laws give a lot of power to big press and tv media and can help them squash the little internet ads.

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