Refinery29’s Search For The Next Big Style Blogger

We love a little friendly competition over here at IFB, especially when it means that members of our fabulous fashion blogging community could win big. Our friends at Refinery29 are hosting a pretty amazing contest that begins today!

We can't wait to see what members of our community enter the contest, last year's winner was one of our favorites, Anna of See Jane. The details are below, so get to styling, writing and photographing!


About the Competition

Refinery29’s style-savvy readers can nominate themselves in this inspiring contest by simply submitting a photo and blog entry showcasing their original work. Refinery29’s top editors will narrow the field to five finalists who will compete against each other over the coming weeks in a series of challenges testing their skills in breaking fashion news, whipping up unique looks, street-style stalking, and more.


Grand Prize: $1,000, a week-long trip to New York City, and a guest blogger role with Refinery29

First Prize: One individual, chosen by the team at Bar III, the high-profile fashion brand sold only at Macy's —will represent the brand in a nationwide tour of America’s best flea markets for summer shopping

People’s Choice Award: The contestant with the most votes from Refinery29’s readers


The contest goes live today at, so be sure to enter, and good luck!



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14 Responses

  1. Kirstin Marie

    Ah how exciting!! The link isn’t working right now, and Refinery’s website says nothing about the contest, so I hope something goes up soon!

  2. Amy Tee

    Aww sounds like a good idea to get to find out some new awesome blogs and give a platform to those hat need more exposure… y’know the whole silent but amazing blogs that no one hears about!

  3. Tam

    Thanks for posting about this! It’s been fun going through the entries and discovering new blogs–whether already popular or still waiting to be discovered.

  4. Laura

    This is such a great contest, but unfortunately it’s quite limiting, as only residents of the US can enter. Is it not a little conceited to assume that the ‘Next big Style Blogger’ comes from America? So many good blogs from Europe, Australia, New Zealand! Such a pity all these fantastic bloggers are missing out

  5. Jennifer Malcriada

    Eeek! Does anyone know who at refinery29 to contact about fixing a broken link on the entry page? When I submitted my URL, it wouldn’t let me type the colon…I didn’t think it would matter, but it resulted in a dead link. WAAHHH!!! Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!

  6. ThirdWorldFabi

    I’m with Laura!
    I was excited about entering a competition for the first time but then realized it’s only opened for US residents. Oh, well. 🙁

  7. Laura

    So it appears no one is paying much attention to your entry, I accidentely entered my blog before realizing it was for US citizens only, but my entry is still up and people are voting for it 😛

  8. Elodie

    I had actually entered even before reading this article! This is such a good opportunity!

    If any of you fancy voting for me. My name’s Elodie and I’m the girl wearing a snakeskin print dress. I shall be forever grateful if you do. ; )

    Elodie x